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When you start using Kodi to stream online content, it can at times feel like a closed shop. Lots of Kodi-related web content out there includes unfamiliar terminology and various technical phrases.

But once you get a feel for it you come to realise that Kodi is actually very straightforward to use. But there are still a few terms that fly over many people’s head and one of those is ‘Real Debrid’.

But don’t worry. In this article, we are going to explain exactly what is Real Debrid and why you NEED it for Kodi.

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is what is known as an unrestricted downloader. This means that it is a tool which allows you to download content much faster than regular Kodi addons can. In most instances, Real Debrid allows you to download files at the best internet speed that your connection is able to offer.

It is able to do this because it provides users with additional file hosters. When used with one of the many unofficial addons that support Real Debrid, this means that when you select something to watch, you will find additional links available.

These links come from one of the 56 supported hosts that Real Debrid has available. And they are always faster than regular Kodi addon links. This is because the Real Debrid links are used far less frequently than the regular addon ones.

What are the advantages of using Real Debrid?

There are a number of perks to using Real Debrid alongside the many popular unofficial Kodi addons you probably already have in your library:

Additional and better content links: When used alongside integrated unofficial addons, Real Debrid will see more links being generated for most of their content. This not only gives you a greater chance of finding a working link but often also enables you to stream content in HD or even 4K quality, where it wasn’t available before.

Real Debrid

No buffering: Buffering is the curse of many Kodi addons, but with Real Debrid it is a thing of the past. Using links which are under less demand means that buffering is an almost unheard-of issue with Real Debrid.

Faster Downloads: Real Debrid links will always download faster than regular ones. This means that no matter what you want to watch and how popular it might be, you can download it and begin watching in a matter of seconds.

It’s recommended not to use either Real Debrid or Kodi without the protection of a VPN. A VPN disguises what you’re doing on the internet so no one knows what you’re watching. Check out our Top 7 VPN services for Kodi.

What’s the catch?

Real Debrid is not a free tool. It is a subscription service, and for some Kodi users, that will go against the grain. But actually, when you take a step back, Real Debrid offers tremendous value for money.

Subscriptions start at just €3 for 15 days with a 180-day pass costing just €16. These prices do vary depending on where in the world you are, but rarely get higher than the ones quoted here.

They do also offer a trial account for those who want to test their service, but this is only available between the hours of 6am and 12pm.

Aside from the small subscription fee, there is really no catch or downside to Real Debrid. It enhances the Kodi user experience quite substantially and once they have tried it, few people ever go back to using Kodi without it.


Real Debrid is not absolutely essential for Kodi users. All the best addons will work without it. But they work so much better with it, that Real Debrid is rapidly becoming an essential tool for anyone who regularly uses Kodi.

There is a fee involved, which doesn’t sit well with some. But it is not a figure that is going to break the bank for most people. And even if you just use Real Debrid to stream a few things a month, it still represents terrific value for money when compared to the price of things like movie tickets and cable TV packages.

Real Debrid might sound like a complex term, but it is, in fact, an achingly simple tool, which offers a vastly enhanced Kodi user experience.

Have you used Real Debrid? I would love to hear your experience, why not let me and others know how you found it in the comments section below?

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