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Weathering With You, or Tenki no Ko by its original Japanese title, is the latest film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai (Your Name).

The movie was initially released in theatres in Japan on July 19, 2019, and also in selected countries worldwide.

But, if you have a Netflix account, can you find it there?

Keep reading this article to find out!

Where is Weathering With You available on Netflix?

Weathering With You is on Netflix but only in three countries: Australia, the Philippines, and South Korea. Both Australia and the Philippines have English subs, South Korea only Korean subs.

If you don’t live in any of these three countries then you’ll need some help to watch this film on Netflix and below I’ll show you precisely how.

What do you need to watch the movie?

A VPN app is the solution to this. By using this app, you can access Netflix’s catalogues worldwide as if you were there.

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What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network meant to protect your privacy online by changing your location with another one.

To accomplish this, the VPN connects you to the internet through several servers located in different countries worldwide.

You just have to choose the server according to your preferences.

As a side benefit, a VPN also allows you to skip the regional blocking many streaming services and websites have. That’s why this is the solution when a movie or TV series you want to watch on Netflix is not available in your country.

You can access other regions of Netflix with your regular account details.

What’s the best VPN?

There are many VPN services on the market, but only a few are qualified as the best.

Many factors influence why we choose a VPN over another. And one of the main reasons is the type of use.

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Surfshark, a newcomer that lately has been gaining popularity due to its great service, has announced that with the latest update, they’re unblocking 30 Netflix countries.

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How to watch Weathering With You

Regardless of the VPN service you may end choosing, they’re pretty similar in their configuration. Following these easy steps will allow you to be enjoying Weathering With You in a few minutes!

Step 1

Go to the ExpressVPN website and hit the Get ExpressVPN button.

Step 2

Select the plan that best fits your budget. Anyway, keep in mind that both VPN services offer longer plans that are the best value in the long run.

Step 3

Create your account by providing your email address and choosing the payment method of your preference.

Step 4

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Step 5

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Step 6

From the list of countries, find Australia and click on it. Then tap the Connect button.

ExpressVPN app connecting to Australia

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Now, you’re ready to enjoy Netflix Australia from the comfort of your home and watch Weathering With You!

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What’s Weathering With You about?

Hodaka Morishima is a 16-year-old high school student who runs away from his home in the country and goes to Tokyo in the middle of the rainy season.

While struggling to eat and find a job in Tokyo, he meets a girl, Hina Amano, and their lives will change forever.

Hina has a secret: she can clear the sky when she prays. Then, Hodaka convinces her to start a business using her powers by offering people the service to clear the sky when they need it since the rainy season seems not to end.

But being a sunshine girl comes with a price, and Hina should accept her fate for manipulating the weather.

The movie touches on several topics like climate change and how our individual and sometimes selfish decisions have decisive consequences in our world, society, and environment.

Cast and Crew

The film was written and directed by Makoto Shikai, who has gained popularity through the years due to his beautiful animated movies.

Sometimes called by critics and audiences alike as the “The New Miyazaki”, his filmography is composed of incredible movies whose stories revolve around touching topics of love, friendship, and coming of age.

Some of Shinkai’s famous movies include Voices of a Distant Star (Hoshi No Koe), The Place Promised in Our Early Days (Kumo no Mukō, Yakusoku no Basho), 5 Centimeters per Second, and Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa).

The main characters are voiced by Kotarō Daigo (Hodaka Morishima) and Nana Mori (Hina Amano), both in their debut roles.

The music was in charge of the Japanese rock band RADWIMPS, who wrote and composed the soundtrack and score for the film.

They released their eleventh studio album, Weathering with You, which also works as the movie soundtrack. This band has previously cooperated with Shinkai, composing the soundtrack and score of Your Name.

Is Weathering With You available on other streaming platforms around the world?

Weathering With You is available on HBO Max in the US.


Weathering With You, the latest Makoto Shinkai’s film, is available for streaming on Netflix, but only in Australia, the Philippines, and South Korea.

If you have a Netflix account, and you want to enjoy this beautiful movie, you need the help of a VPN like ExpressVPN or Surfshark.

Besides unblocking Netflix and other streaming services, a VPN is a powerful and necessary tool to protect your privacy and devices online.

Grab a VPN and start enjoying this and more content with your standard Netflix account.

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