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The X-Files has become a classic of the sci-fi and horror genres in television. The adventures of FBI agents Mulder and Scully are part of popular culture.

So, what happens if you’re nostalgic about this gem from the 90s and want to binge all 11 seasons?

If you have a subscription to Disney+, you have a chance to watch The X-Files, but depending on where you live, you might not find the series in your D+ catalogue.

Stay tuned with me and keep reading this guide where you find everything you need to enjoy The X-Files on Disney+ regardless of what country you’re in.

Where is The X-Files available on Disney+?

At this moment, The X-Files is only available on Disney+ in Canada as part of the Star catalogue.

It’s possible in the next few months the series will appear in other countries where the Star hub is present.

What will happen with Disney+ in the US and Latin America?

In the US, Star hub is not available on Disney+. Most of the Star content is on Hulu, but it means paying for another service.

Something similar happens in Latin America, where recently Star+ was launched. This new service is independent of Disney+, and although there are subscription combos to access both services, it’s something extra you need to pay.

The X-Files is available on Hulu and Star+, respectively. But, if you already have a Disney+ subscription, you can watch The X-Files.

I’ll tell you how in the next section.

What you need to watch The X-Files on Disney+

To access the countries where the Star hub is available on Disney+, you’ll need to use an app called a VPN.

There are lots to choose from but ExpressVPN is my favourite. I’ll cover more on them soon.

What is a VPN, and how does it work?

A VPN is a useful and powerful tool meant to protect your activity online. Everything you do on the internet is at risk of being tracked, hacked or exposed.

The VPN app keeps your activity mostly anonymous by connecting you to the internet through servers located in different countries.

This way, your IP address is concealed by the one belonging to the server. Please bare with me, even though it sounds complicated!

As an extra benefit, a VPN allows you to use it to access multimedia content such as streaming platforms, YouTube videos, or websites that are blocked in certain countries due to geo-restrictions.

How to choose the best VPN?

This is the big question of all. The VPN market is full of choices, but that doesn’t mean that all are good ones.

The VPN conjuring the best features is ExpressVPN.

In my tests I found it has the fastest connection speeds, its app is user-friendly and available for all devices and OS, and it offers a guarantee of giving you your money back after 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with its service.

As runners up, I recommend NordVPN and Surfshark. They have similar features to ExpressVPN and cost approximately the same.

Whichever you choose, you’ll have a great service!

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How to watch The X-Files on Disney+

Regardless of the VPN you end up choosing, the configuration is straightforward. Most VPNs share similar settings.

So, by following these easy steps, you’ll be ready to binge The X-Files on Disney+ in a few minutes.

Step 1

Pay a visit to the ExpressVPN website and hit the Get ExpressVPN button.

Step 2

Choose a plan according to your budget. Keep in mind that the annual package is cheaper than a monthly subscription in the long run.

Step 3

Create your account by providing a valid email address and a payment method.

Step 4

To get the app, check the Products section to find all apps for most devices and OS.

If you are using an Android or iOS mobile device, you can get the app directly from Google Play or App Store. The same applies if you’re on Android TV or a Fire TV.

Step 5

Log in to your account with the credentials you created in step 3.

Step 5

Go to VPN locations and search for Canada. You’ll get a couple of Canadian cities, choose one, and hit Connect.

ExpressVPN app connecting to Canada

Binge the X-Files using ExpressVPN.

Now you’re ready to binge The X-Files on Disney+ in your country.

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What’s The X-Files about?

Created by Chris Carter in 1993 for Fox, The X-Files became an instant success. The series launched David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson into stardom.

The story follows FBI special agents Fox Mulder (Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Anderson) as they investigate and try to solve cases mostly involving paranormal activity.

Besides the monster of the week episodes, the series follows a subplot that develops through the seasons about a conspiracy from the government to hide the presence of aliens on earth.

A Google reviewer said, “Carter created arguably the best science fiction series in television history. The entire production is superbly crafted.”


Fox Mulder (David Duchovny): An FBI special agent assigned to the X-Files because of his conviction of the existence of extraterrestrials and a government conspiracy to deny them.

He’s treated by other FBI agents as a weirdo and most of them don’t take him seriously. He has devoted his life to the X-Files, trying to solve some mysteries from his past.

Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson): An FBI special agent and medical doctor who joins Mulder in search of solving X-Files cases.

She’s the sceptical one in the team, not believing in paranormal activity or extraterrestrial existence even when she has proof in front of her.

John Doggett (Robert Patrick): an ex-marine and ex-police detective who after the death of his son became an FBI special agent. He’s assigned to the X-Files to be Scully’s partner while Mulder is on the run.

Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish): an FBI special agent born and raised in Mexico who becomes Dogget’s partner after Scully’s departure. She specializes in religious studies.

Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi): he’s Mulder and Scully’s direct supervisor and has the same role for Doggett and Reyes. Through the series, Skinner proves to be a close friend to Mulder and Scully.

Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis): an enigmatic character who is the main villain in the series. He seems to be involved in the big conspiracy Mulder is trying to reveal.

Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea): a Russian-American undercover agent who presents as an FBI special agent assigned to work with Mulder. He’s an antagonist working for the Cigarette Smoking Man.

Seasons and movies

The main series was aired between 1993 and 2002, spawning 9 seasons. In January 2016 a tenth season consisting of 6 episodes was aired over a month. And in January 2018, an eleventh season was aired with a total of 10 episodes.

All 11 seasons are available on Disney+ Canada.

Two feature films were released. The 1998 movie The X-Files Fight the Future is set inside the series continuity, and it’s available on Disney+ Canada, Germany and the Netherlands. The 2008 standalone movie The X-Files I Want to Believe, which was released six years after the series’ conclusion, is available on Disney+ Canada.


Is the X-Files on Netflix?

Unfortunately not.

According to Giant Freaking Robot, X-Files left Netflix some seven years ago and for the most part has been available on Hulu until recently where it’s now available on Disney+ too.

So if you’ve searched Netflix in the UK, US, Australia, Canada or anywhere else, sadly, you won’t be able to find it.


The X-Files is an icon from the TV of the 90s, becoming a pop culture landmark. Back in the day, it was a great hit for Fox Channel around the world.

Since Disney has bought Fox, The X-Files can be found on Disney+. The series is also available on Hulu in the US and in Star+ in Latin America.

On Disney+ for the moment, The X-Files are only available in Canada. Very soon, the series will be landing in the rest of the countries where the Star hub is part of Disney+.

So, if you have a Disney+ subscription but you don’t live in Canada, you still can binge the X-Files by using a VPN like ExpressVPN.

With ExpressVPN you can access Disney+ Canada as if you were there. You also can unblock other streaming services, and the most important: you protect your online activity.

Give yourself a great combo by subscribing to ExpressVPN and start getting the most of Disney+ while you keep your online life safe.

Ready to get watching?

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