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The Wandering Earth is a new Chinese science fiction film that has exploded in popularity in China, but if you’re trying to watch outside China, it can be more difficult. I’ll be showing you where and how you can watch it.

The movie is, however, lesser-known outside of the country. Even so, those who have already watched it outside China are raving about its quality.

If you are interested as well, you should know that it is not so easy to find a place to view it outside of China.

The good news is, Netflix has just picked up the rights, but it’s not available in every country so I’ll show you how you can unlock it.

Where can I watch The Wandering Earth?

As mentioned, the film can be quite challenging to find on a streaming service if you don’t know exactly what to do.

Luckily, it is available on Netflix, although not in every country. For example, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to watch it from Australia, or many other locations as what Netflix allows you to view varies by region.

If you have already checked your Netflix and found that the film is not available, the only option you have is to use a VPN. This allows you to unblock the movie from another Netflix region.

ExpressVPN works well for this purpose, it’s the service I used to watch the film, and I found the speeds slightly better than the competition which meant I could stream in high quality.

Earth globe

NordVPN and CyberGhost should work just as well, so you could consider using one of those also and the choice is yours.

Once you pick a VPN, the process is simple, and here is what you need to do.

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How to watch The Wandering Earth: Step-by-Step guide

As mentioned, the most important step is picking which VPN you plan to use.

You need to make sure that your VPN will have servers in countries in which Netflix offers the movie, such as the US. After that, follow the steps below to start watching.

  1. Visit ExpressVPN or your chosen VPN service.
  2. Choose a subscription plan and complete sign up.
  3. Download their app for the device you plan to watch on.
  4. Install the app, open it and then login with your account details from Step 1.
  5. Locate the list of servers (1) and connect to the one in the United States (2).
  6. Once connected, go to Netflix or use their app and enjoy the film.
ExpressVPN desktop app showing United States

Watch the movie using ExpressVPN.

What’s The Wandering Earth about?

Without spoiling too much, The Wandering Earth is a movie set in a distant future, where the planet is in danger.

The Sun is about to expand, and the only working solution that humanity managed to come up with is to move the entire world to a different solar system.

However, there is another danger – the collision with Jupiter.

Humanity seems to have its hands full with these two problems, as well as multiple smaller ones, and it is interesting to see how they deal with them.

It’s a Chinese made movie full of special effects which puts an entirely different spin on the genre that usually comes out of big budget Hollywood.

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Who stars in The Wandering Earth?

The Wandering Earth has quite a few Chinese stars, including Qu Chuxiao, Li Guangjie, Ng Man-tat, Zhao Jinmai, Wu Jing, Qu Jingjing, and others.

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The actor choice is excellent, and they truly managed to bring life to their characters and make the film that much more vibrant and more exciting.

For most, the actors and actresses will be mainly unknown, which adds to the novelty.

Is ‘the wandering earth’ a good sci-fi movie to watch?

The Wandering Earth is believed to be one of the highest-grossing movies of the year, and one of the best that China has produced in recent years.

The movie was a sensation from day one, with a 74% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Interestingly enough, it only got 6.1 stars on IMDb, but you can’t please everyone.

Even so, the film is casually breaking box office records, and it is the third highest-grossing film around the world in 2019, beaten only by Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

In the movie they move Earth, is this possible?

The obvious question is whether or not it would be possible to do what humanity does in the film.

The idea of moving the Earth has intrigued many, and there is speculation about it all over the internet.

The concept of a wandering planet is more than possible in space, and planets that accidentally get kicked out of their orbit and escape their sun, only to be left wandering space is something that can and does happen.

However, when it comes to humans, causing this with the technology we have today – no, it is entirely impossible.

Which is a good thing, as the Earth’s surface, would likely be destroyed in the process, and pretty much nobody could survive such an event.

A recap of what you need

The Wandering Earth is one of the most popular films in 2019, set in a distant future, where humanity needs to deal with a unique problem – the expansion of the Sun.

The Chinese film got an extreme amount of attention, but unfortunately, it is not so easy to find it outside of China.

Luckily, you can still watch it on Netflix if you have a VPN, or you are in a handful of countries that have access to it.

If your region of Netflix doesn’t show it sign up for ExpressVPN, download their app and connect to the United States.

You can then search Netflix and watch the movie in any country.

Stream The Wandering Earth

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