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Viewpoint is the latest crime drama brought to you by the UK TV channel ITV. It’s been very well received by audiences so far and promises to be one of the best TV mini-series of the year.

The problem is that Viewpoint is only available to watch on ITV Hub, which is only accessible to UK residents.

This leaves many of you wondering how you can access the show if you’re overseas. Perhaps you’re a British expat living abroad, travelling, or you just love a bit of British TV?

Luckily, I have a solution for you – You need a VPN app.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can gain access to ITV Hub from any country by using ExpressVPN, our top recommendation for VPN.

But, before we delve into the details of what a VPN is, here’s a quick and easy step by step to get you started and watching right now.

How to stream Viewpoint anywhere in the world

To watch Viewpoint in any country, follow these simple steps to set yourself up with a VPN.

  1. Visit the ExpressVPN site and click “Get ExpressVPN”, then pick a VPN package that suits your needs. You’ll notice that the longer-term VPN packages offer discounted prices, so be sure to take advantage of them (such as ExpressVPN’s 3 FREE months with every 12-month package).
  2. Enter your email address and select a payment method, followed by entering your payment information and clicking “Join Now”.
  3. Congratulations, you now have ExpressVPN. Next, download the app from your device’s app store or via the ExpressVPN site.
  4. Log in to the app using your username and password (sometimes ExpressVPN email you an activation code, so keep an eye out for it).
  5. Click ‘Selected Location‘ and choose the United Kingdom. Then click the Connect button.
  6. Once your connection has been established, visit the ITV Hub site or app and search for “Viewpoint”, now you’ll be able to stream the show from anywhere in the world.
ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Stream Viewpoint in your country with ExpressVPN.

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How a VPN helps you watch Viewpoint

A VPN is a fantastic tool that was initially designed to be an added layer of security for your device(s), protecting your data from any breaches, and helping you bypass any internet censorship.

However, most people use a VPN to unblock overseas TV content that would normally be blocked to them.

A VPN such as ExpressVPN works by allowing you to connect your internet through another location of your choosing. By doing so, it will give you unrestricted access to the content of that region.

You’ll be able to access countless overseas streaming services such as ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, Peacock TV, other Netflix Regions, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and so much more. The best part about it… it can be done with a click of a button.

If ExpressVPN doesn’t take your fancy, then you should check out NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN. They are brilliant alternatives to ExpressVPN and the choice is yours.

30-day money back guarantee

What is Viewpoint about?

Primary school teacher Gemma King mysteriously goes missing and it sparks a large scale investigation into her disappearance.

In a bid to find her, a detective sets himself up in a single mother’s home so he can perform close surveillance on the prime suspect… Gemma’s boyfriend.

The show has been described as a stylish psychological thriller that will have you looking every way for the culprit of the disappearance. It really will keep your mind spinning, trying to guess who’s responsible for Gemma’s disappearance.

If you’re a fan of ITV drama’s, then you’ll love this show.

Who stars in Viewpoint?

  • Dominic Allburn – He is best known for his roles in The Model, Jack Irish: Dead Point, A Place To Call Home, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Between Two Worlds, and Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries.
  • Fehinti Balogun – This actor is best known for acting in Informer, Juliet Naked, The Importance Of Being Ernest, The Gallery, I May Destroy You, and Urban Myths.
  • Phil Davis – He’s best known for his movies Alien 3, Bleak House, Notes On A Scandal, Vera Drake, Trying, Inside No. 9, Juliet Naked, and We Can Be Heroes.
  • Noel Clarke – This popular actor is best known for his roles in SAS: Red Notice, Bulletproof, The Adventures Of Paddington, The Level, Urban Myths, and Fisherman’s Friends.
  • Lucy Chambers – She’s best known for her roles in Nash Bridges, Faith, Off The Lip, Incredible Crew, Batman Begins (Video Game), and Closer Than The Boy Next Door.

How to unlock the show on your TV, Roku, Apple TV, etc

VPN apps like ExpressVPN work on Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Mac, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and many other devices. However, some don’t work with VPN apps.

To unblock and watch Viewpoint in any country on your Smart TV or similar device that’s not supported by an ExpressVPN app, you’ll need to find another solution.

There are two options that you can choose from:

Invizbox 2

The Invizbox 2 is a physical hardware VPN that you plug into your router and connect to it instead of your regular Wi-Fi. It opens up VPN access on devices that don’t support VPN apps.

By doing so helps mask your location and will give you full access to ITV Hub and you’ll be able to stream Viewpoint from anywhere in the world.

With Invizbox 2, you get all of the benefits of a VPN, such as increased security, but it is the slightly more expensive option.


Streamlocator is another hardware device that you plug into your router. However, it unblocks overseas content by using DNS.

Using DNS means you get the fastest speeds, but as the device isn’t a VPN, you don’t get the same level of security.

Either option is suitable for you to access Viewpoint in any country. All you need to do is choose which device suits your needs best.


If you want to watch Viewpoint from another country outside of the UK, then you’ll need to use a VPN such as our number 1 recommendation ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN will give you everything you need to unblock the show in any country, so you can sit back and enjoy the crime drama no matter where you are in the world.

Get ExpressVPN now and enjoy everything ITV Hub and other overseas channels have to offer.

Ready to stream the show?

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