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In this guide I’m going to show you the best and quickest ways to watch UK TV in Germany. So if you’re missing your favourite British programmes and channels, this is the guide for you.

Living or travelling in Germany can be great. The locals are friendly, the beer is good, the food is delicious and there are many other benefits.

It goes without saying that UK TV is some of the best in the world. From channels like the BBC to classic programmes such as Dr Who, Top Gear and Mr Bean.

Unfortunately, Germany like most other countries has a limited selection of UK TV and if you’re a British expat or traveller or you’re just a fan of UK TV then your options are small. Below I’m going to show you how you can expand your options and watch all the UK TV in Germany that you want.

Watch UK TV in Germany

When it comes to TV services there’s a good range of options from the UK. Everything from free-to-air TV like the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 to subscription based services like Sky and BT Sport.

Nearly all good UK TV services now offer online streaming of both their live and catch-up content.

This should be the easy way to watch UK TV in Germany. However, if you’ve already tried to access the likes of BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and others you’ll know you’re blocked from watching in Germany.

Thankfully there’s an app which fixes this and it’s called a VPN. A VPN app allows you to change your online location and make it so you appear in another country.

Below I’m going to show you how.

How to watch UK TV in Germany

Below I’m going to show you how you can watch UK TV in Germany on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Further down in this guide I’ll show you how to do so on an Amazon Fire TV or Firestick which will allow you to watch on your actual TV.

If you want to watch UK TV in Germany on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone then you first need to pick a VPN provider. They’re all much the same but there are many to choose from. Not all work with all the UK TV services but the following three do:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. IPVanish

I’ve been using ExpressVPN but you can use any. Just follow the steps below to watch UK TV in Germany.

  1. Visit your chosen VPN provider, for example, ExpressVPN by clicking here and sign up for their service.
  2. Once signed up go to the Products section of their website and download and install the correct app for your type of device.ExpressVPN Products
  3. Open the app and login when required. Your login will either be your email and password or the activation code which you can get from the My Account section of the ExpressVPN website.
  4. Press Selected Location (1) and then press United Kingdom (2). The app will start connection but if it doesn’t, press Connect.
ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Stream UK TV in Germany.

Once the app has connected all you need to do is visit your favourite online streaming service’s website or launch their app.

For example, you can visit the BBC iPlayer website or open the BBC iPlayer app on your tablet or phone.

I’ve put together a list of some of the more popular services further down in this guide if you’re looking for ideas of what to watch.

How to watch UK TV on your TV

If you want to watch UK TV on your TV then the easiest way is to use an Amazon Fire TV or Firestick.

You can get an Amazon Fire TV or Firestick here but you’ll need to get someone from the UK to send it over to you in Germany or take it with you next time you’re in the UK.

Alternatively, if you’ve got access to the German Amazon website then you can order directly from there. It is however better to order from the UK Amazon site because the UK Amazon Fire TV and Firestick are geared up towards UK TV apps.

Once you’ve got an Amazon Fire TV or Firestick you’ll need to get the ExpressVPN service too to access UK TV. Follow the steps below.

  1. On a computer or tablet visit the ExpressVPN website by clicking here and sign up for their service.
  2. On your Amazon Fire TV or Firestick press the ‘Search’ option, it’s the magnifying glass in the top menu.
  3. Enter ‘ExpressVPN’. When the ExpressVPN app is displayed click to Install or Download it.
  4. Press the ‘Home’ button on your Fire TV or Firestick remote and then click on the ExpressVPN app.
  5. Press Selected Location and then press on United Kingdom.
  6. The app will connect for you but if not press the large Connect button.

Once the app has connected you’re able to use any compatible Amazon apps for UK. Some to check out are BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, TV Player and if you have a subscription Sky Go.

How to watch UK TV on any other type of device

If you want to watch UK TV in Germany on any other type of device that isn’t VPN compatible such as a Smart TV then you’ll need a hardware solution.

The best is the InvizBox 2 (you can get one here) which is a hardware router that creates a VPN connection for you. The InvizBox 2 creates a new Wi-Fi hotspot that you connect your device to and it takes care of everything for you.

Simply connect your Smart TV or other device by Wi-Fi or Wired connection to the InvizBox 2 and you’re able to unblock any UK TV apps that you have.

This solution will work for almost all devices including those that have VPN capability and those that don’t.

UK TV Channels

Most UK TV services both free-to-air and subscription have online streaming services that you’ll be able to watch in Germany using one of the above solutions.

Some of the best are listed below.



You will need a valid subscription to watch the ‘Subscription’ services. A VPN does not allow you to watch paid-TV for free.

Recap How to watch UK TV in Germany

To watch UK TV in Germany you’re going to need to get yourself a VPN app.

VPN apps are available from hundreds of different providers but not all are suitable for watching UK TV. I recommend ExpressVPN because they work with more services than most.

You can get ExpressVPN by clicking the button below. Once you’ve signed up, download the correct app for your device. Then connect to the United Kingdom.

You’ll now be able to watch UK TV in Germany on any device.

Ready to get started?

30-day money back guarantee

What have you been watching on UK TV in Germany recently? I would love to know why you need a VPN and what you’ve been using it to watch. Why not let me and others know in the comments section below?

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