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Going to Thailand can be very exciting, but if you want to watch UK Netflix, you’ll run out of luck.

Netflix has different content according to the region you’re in. If you’re in Thailand, you can watch Thai Netflix.

Thai Netflix has a very poor catalogue of series and movies, especially in comparison to the UK Netflix service that has one of the most substantial collections.

So if you’re a Thai citizen or someone travelling there hoping to catch a new film or show in your downtime, you’ll be left disappointed.

Luckily, in this guide, I’ll show how to solve this issue and enjoy UK Netflix from Thailand in just a few easy to follow steps.

First, Get yourself a VPN

All you need is to get a VPN.

“What’s one of those?” I hear you ask.

Well, a VPN is going to allow you to access UK Netflix as if you were in the UK, by concealing your true location (Thailand) and choosing a new one (the UK).

Through this method, you can unblock many Netflix regions and access the content from that specific region around the world.

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I’ll be concentrating on UK Netflix in Thailand for this article but you can also access American Netflix and others.

Although there is a lot of choice of VPN companies, ExpressVPN is my strongest recommendation.

It’s easy to use, it has fast speeds which are crucial for streaming video, and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee just in case you can’t get it to work, change your mind or realise you need a couple of Baht for a few Chang beers instead.

But if you want to check other options, CyberGhost VPN and VyprVPN are great choices too and you are free to choose.

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How to watch UK Netflix in Thailand

Once you have decided on the VPN service of your preference, you need to follow these steps to start using it.

I’m providing the examples based on ExpressVPN, but this can be applied to most VPN services since basically, they all work the same.

  1. Subscribe to the ExpressVPN service and create an account.
  2. Download the app according to your device from their Products area.
  3. Open the app and login with the account details you created in step 1.
  4. Press Selected Location (1) and choose the United Kingdom (2).
  5. If the app doesn’t connect automatically, you may need to press Connect (3).

Now you have everything set, and you’re connected to ExpressVPN, all the apps and websites are going to think you’re in the UK instead of Thailand.

To start using Netflix, go to the website or the app, log in with your account, and enjoy watching whatever UK Netflix content you want.

It really is that simple.

ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Watch UK Netflix using ExpressVPN.

Can I watch on a phone or tablet?

Of course!

ExpressVPN is available for both Android and Apple iOS, and you can get the apps from the regular app stores.

Just sign up for their service and then search your usual app store like normal to get the app.

You can also use it on your regular computer or hook up any device to your TV to watch on the big screen.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a media stick like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, then you can install a VPN on there too and watch UK Netflix in Thailand.

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How does a VPN work and is it legal?

A VPN is a ‘virtual private network’ that works as a middleman (or woman) for your devices and your internet connection.

Allowing you to choose the location you want, the VPN conceals your actual location.

It’s a legal service, which the primary purpose is to protect your privacy online. Accessing Netflix from another country is a side benefit.

What else can I do with the VPN?

As I mentioned above, the VPN’s real objective is to protect your privacy online. When you’re travelling or living in Thailand, this is a significant issue.

If you’re going to connect to the internet using public Wi-Fi, a VPN is excellent because public connections aren’t safe at all.

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Besides Netflix, you can also unblock other UK TV services, such as subscription services like Sky or BT Sport, or free to air ones like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub or All 4.

Since the VPN app is available for all types of devices, you can use it in more than one device at the same time. This will allow watching Netflix and other UK content for all the family at the same time with just one VPN account.

In Summary

When you’re visiting or living in Thailand, you can’t access UK Netflix.

Netflix has different content depending on the region, and Thai Netflix has a small catalogue of series and movies.

To access UK Netflix, you need a VPN like ExpressVPN that’s going to allow you to choose the location of your connection and access Netflix and other streaming services as if you still were in the UK.

I recommend ExpressVPN because it’s easy to use, provides fast speeds, and a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like the service, can’t get it to work or change your mind.

Also, if you subscribe for the yearly package, you’ll get 49% off.

You only need to subscribe to their service and download and install the app. Once you get everything ready, choose the location as the UK and connect.

Now, you’ll be able to watch UK Netflix from Thailand!

Watch UK Netflix in Thailand

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