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We all have that one crazy neighbour. The weird old man always talking to his parrot or the lady who sits on her front wall smoking and feeding the pigeons for hours at a time.

Two Doors Down brings the crazy neighbour relationships to our screens in a hilarious, understated sitcom in the mould of the Royle Family.

It is a gem of the BBC’s extremely hit-and-miss comedy output and has proved a smash hit in the UK. But what to do if you find yourself overseas for business or pleasure, or perhaps you have moved abroad permanently?

In this guide, we will show you how to watch Two Doors Down anywhere, so you never again have to miss the latest episode.

Where is Two Doors Down being shown?

Two Doors Down is broadcast on BBC 2 in the UK.

You can also watch it live or on-demand on the BBC’s streaming service, the BBC iPlayer.

For UK viewers, that means you can watch Two Doors Down whenever you want. But if you are overseas, you will find that the BBC iPlayer is not available outside the UK.

That means if you’re abroad right now and you want to watch Two Doors Down overseas, you will need a bit of extra help.

How do I watch Two Doors Down where I am?

If you want to watch Two Doors Down outside the UK on the BBC iPlayer, you will need to use an app called a ‘VPN‘.

Bare with me, they sound more complicated than they are.

A VPN is mostly thought of as an online privacy and security tool. However, because of how VPNs work, they are also ideal for unblocking the BBC iPlayer to watch Two Doors Down, and any other BBC programme you might want to watch too.

This is because a VPN lets you connect to an external server to help protect your privacy. This server can be located anywhere, and this is the clever bit for streaming fans.

If you connect to a server in another country, you will find you can access streaming services from that place. So, by choosing a UK-based server, you can access British streaming platforms like the BBC iPlayer from anywhere.

That means you can watch Two Doors Down from anywhere too.

Where to get a VPN?

It is important to choose the right VPN as not every VPN is able to unblock the BBC iPlayer overseas.

ExpressVPN is the best one to go for. It has lightning-fast speeds, apps for just about any device you can think of the stream on, and a lot of UK-based servers in its network to choose from. There is even a 30-day money-back guarantee on offer too.

Two other possible providers you could go with are NordVPN and Surfshark VPN. But for our money, ExpressVPN is the best choice for Two Doors Down fans.

The choice is over to you.

30-day money back guarantee

How to stream Two Doors Down in any country

Once you have chosen your VPN, the hard part is behind you. All that’s left is to set things up, which is really easy to do. Just follow our simple step-by-step guide below:

Step 1

Visit the ExpressVPN website and sign up.

It’s best to take their 12-month package as it works out a lot cheaper on a month by month basis.

Step 2

Next, download the ExpressVPN app.

You can grab this from the ExpressVPN website or search your regular app store.

Step 3

Now open the ExpressVPN app and log in to your new account with the details you were given in step one.

Step 4

Next, you need to connect to a UK-based server. You can do this by clicking Selected Location, choosing the United Kingdom, and then pressing the Connect button.

ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Stream the show anywhere with ExpressVPN.

Step 5

Open the BBC iPlayer, log in to your free account, and enjoy every episode of Two Doors Down.

30-day money back guarantee

What is Two Doors Down all about?

Two Doors Down is set in suburban Glasgow and is about a series of neighbours who find themselves living side by side.

Their lives are, for better or worse, permanently intertwined. They are forever visiting each other, usually overstaying their welcome, resulting in forced hospitality and some extremely awkward and quite hilarious conversations.

Some characters try, and usually fail, to avoid their neighbours, some take advantage of the situation, some get exploited, and some just sit back and let it all wash over them.

The characters and the ridiculousness of the conversations and the situations make this a big laughs sitcom, but one with heart and one in which every viewer has a character they can relate to.

Guardian reviewer Zoe Williams said of Two Doors Down, “this endearing ensemble BBC Comedy about a sort of Scottish neighbours has something-for-everyone humour.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Who stars in Two Doors Down?

The ensemble of actors that make up the Two Doors Down community are an impressive mix.

The series stars Arabella Weir (The Fast Show, Posh Nosh) as Beth Baird, while her husband Eric is played by Alex Norton (Braveheart, Waterloo Road).

For the first five series, Doon Mackichan (Smack the Pony, Knowing Me, Knowing You… with Alan Partridge) played Cathy Whyte before she left the series with her character supposedly leaving husband Colin, played by Jonathan Watson (Bob Servant Independent, Only an Excuse).

Elaine C. Smith (Rab C. Nesbit, City Lights), Sharon Rooney (My Mad Fat Diary, Brief Encounters), Jamie Quinn (Still Game, Bluestone 42), Kieran Hodgson (Siblings, Count Arthur Strong), and newcomer Siobhan Redmond (The High Life, Unforgotten) also all have regular roles.


Two Doors Down is a gentle yet sharp comedy and one of the best sitcoms on the BBC right now.

You can watch on BBC iPlayer, but if you live overseas or are on holiday or business, you will need a VPN to tune in.

ExpressVPN is the one to go for. All you have to do is sign up, download the app, log in, connect to a UK-based server, and then log into the BBC iPlayer as usual.

Every previous episode is there to be enjoyed, and you will also find new episodes available live and then on-demand shortly after broadcast too.


Quick to set up

Money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

ExpressVPN interface with offer

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