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TV3 is one of the best TV services in Ireland and with their TV3 Player it means you can watch all your favourite shows both on catch-up and live online.

Unfortunately though if you’re abroad outside Ireland then TV3 Player is blocked. If you want to watch TV abroad from TV3 then this can be annoying, especially if you’re away from Ireland for a long period of time.

The great news is, it’s really easy to watch TV3 outside Ireland from any country in the world and in this guide I’m going to show you how.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world because this solution works everywhere from the USA to Australia. So if you’re outside Ireland and you want to watch TV3 then read on.

Watch TV3 Player outside Ireland

If you didn’t already know TV3 has an online streaming service called TV3 Player that lets you watch live TV and catch-up TV.

When you’re outside Ireland and you try to access this you’re blocked from watching. The reason is obvious, you’re not in Ireland.

TV3 Player Blocked

TV3 Player blocks you based on something known as your IP Address. An IP address is a set of numbers unique to you that helps the internet know where to send bits of information. Unfortunately, it also gives away your physical location.

To watch TV3 Player outside Ireland you’ll need to get yourself a VPN app which allows you to get an IP Address from Ireland so you’re not blocked.

A VPN is a security tool for protecting your privacy. As well as protecting your privacy it can also be used to change your location so you appear in another country. In this case, appear in Ireland.

VPN apps are available for Android and Apple mobile and tablets and also computers running Windows or MacOS.

It will cost you a couple of Euro per month and are usually charged in US Dollars. However, the longer you sign up for the cheaper it becomes. A year package can be 50% cheaper than paying monthly for example. If you’re an expat or want to watch TV3 Player outside Ireland for a long time then it’s worth considering a longer subscription to save money.

How to watch TV3 Player outside Ireland

Just follow the instructions below to get started and watch TV3 Player outside Ireland from any country in the world.

  1. Visit the VPN service provider IPVanish by clicking here and click Start Now to sign up for their service.
  2. Once you’ve signed up go to the Apps section of the IPVanish website and download the app for your device. You can also install the mobile app from your regular app store by searching for ‘IPVanish’.
  3. Once the app is installed login with the account details you created when you signed up.
  4. From the country selection list choose Ireland and press Connect.
  5. Once the app has connected which should take about 20 seconds, visit the TV3 Player website.

You’ll now be able to watch any of the catch-up shows or Live TV as if you were in Ireland.

When you’ve finished watching TV3 Player just press the Disconnect button on the IPVanish app and everything returns to normal. When you want to watch TV3 Player again simply reconnect.

You can use the app as much as you want and there are no limits on how much you watch or how many times you connect or disconnect.

As well as watching Tv3 Player you can also use the same service to watch other Irish networks like RTE Player and more.

See our example video

If you’re a little sceptical or worried it’ll be too difficult for you to do just take a look at my example video below.

I used a Windows computer with the IPVanish VPN to watch TV3 Player in Thailand but it’ll work the same regardless of what country you’re in.

Are VPNs legal and how do they work?

VPN apps are pretty magical. Basically they can allow you to watch TV3 and other Irish TV services anywhere in the world, even though they’re officially blocked.

You may be wondering if VPN apps are therefore legal. The good news is VPN apps are 100% legal. Their main purpose is to protect your privacy online and with online privacy being a big issue these days it means VPN services have got popular.

Part of the privacy protection is allowing you to disguise where you are so websites and anyone else can’t track you and your online activity. It’s this that lets you pretend you’re in Ireland allowing you to watch TV3 Player anywhere in the world.

A VPN works by passing your data to a third party in Ireland and then onto the TV3 Player website. This puts an Irish identity cloak over your request so the site thinks you’re in Ireland.

Recap How to watch TV3 outside Ireland

To watch TV3 Player outside Ireland you need to get yourself a VPN app. Not all VPN apps are suitable for watching Tv3 but our recommended app IPVanish works well.

You can get a VPN app for all types of devices. Just click the button below to get our recommended VPN app and then visit the TV3 Player website to watch outside Ireland.

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