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The first series of Time was explosive drama at its absolute best. I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

So, I was thrilled to hear that the show is returning for a second series, as I am sure you are.

Even more exciting, the new series will be female led and set in a women’s prison with three new inmates, all struggling with their demons and dealing with the myriad of different challenges life behind bars entails.

It looks to be a compelling shift from the original series, and I, for one, cannot wait to see how the three outstanding actors they have in the lead roles fare.

Quick Guide: How to watch Time

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app, sign in, and select ‘United Kingdom‘.
  3. Go to BBC iPlayer.
  4. Start watching the Time.

If, like me, you are overseas, this could be problematic though, because Time is only slated to be broadcast in the UK at the time of writing. That means if you live abroad or are going to be outside the UK for work or on holiday, you won’t be able to watch.

But there is a neat trick we expats have picked up on which allows you to watch the best UK TV no matter where in the world you are.

And if you want to know how you can do this and enjoy the brand new series of Time, I’ll show you how below.

What channel is Time on?

The new series of Time is being broadcast in the UK on BBC One. It is also being streamed, both live and on-demand, on the BBC iPlayer.

The BBC iPlayer is infamous for not letting people outside the UK stream its shows, which is a real pain for expats like me or travellers.

But all is not lost because there is a clever trick you can use to watch BBC iPlayer wherever you are.

In the next section I’ll show you exactly what you need and provide a simple step-by-step guide so even the most novice of you can achieve it.

How do I watch Time where I am?

If you want to watch the new series of Time on the BBC iPlayer outside the UK, you need to be able to unblock it, and the best way to do that is with an app called a ‘VPN‘.

If you’ve heard of them before you may think of a VPN as a security and privacy app. You aren’t wrong, but a quirk in how it works means it’s great for unblocking streaming sites too.

Your VPN redirects all your internet traffic through an external server. When this happens, your data is stamped with the location of the server instead of your own internet connection.

Now, this is the clever part, because VPN servers can be located anywhere in the world, which means you can fool sites into thinking you are anywhere too.

So, if you connect to a British server, it will look to the BBC iPlayer as if you are in the UK, and so it will let you watch shows like Time no matter where you are.

It’s simple. It’s easy. And it works. I’ve been doing it for years and there is no reason why you can’t too.

Where to get a VPN

If you are a VPN virgin, then the place to start is picking the right VPN provider.

There are lots, but the BBC iPlayer tries to block them all, so be sure to choose one that definitely works with it.

I have tested most of them and am happy to recommend ExpressVPN as the best I have used.

This superb VPN also offers some of the fastest connection speeds you will find with any VPN, a huge selection of apps that are user-friendly and work with almost any device, and an awful lot of UK servers to choose from.

It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and an excellent special offer on a one-year deal that includes a 49% saving and an additional three months for free.

If you do want to look around, NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN both do a good job as well.

But if you are streaming a show as good as Time, you want the best VPN for the best possible service. And my tests show that has to be ExpressVPN.

30-day money back guarantee

How to stream Time outside the UK

Once you have opted for ExpressVPN, you need to get it set up.

It’s pretty simple really. Just follow this step-by-step guide I have created:

Step 1

Visit ExpressVPN’s website and sign up. It’s easy to do. Just follow the onscreen instructions and choose their excellent one-year deal.

Step 2

Download and install ExpressVPN app onto your device. This should be done from the website when prompted, or from your app store.

Step 3

Open the app and log into your new ExpressVPN account using your new account details.

Step 4

Follow the simple onscreen instructions to connect to a UK-based server.

ExpressVPN connecting to the UK

Watch the show anywhere using ExpressVPN.

Step 5

Wait for ExpressVPN to establish a connection and then open the BBC iPlayer app or website. Log in as usual (or set up a new, free account if you need to) and enjoy the brand new series of Time from literally anywhere in the world.

30-day money back guarantee

What is Time all about?

The premise and plot of Time

The highly anticipated (by me, at least) second series of Time is a moving and high-stakes portrayal of life inside a women’s prison, as opposed to the first series, which was set in a male institution.

Arriving at Carlingford Women’s Prison on the same day, three new inmates, Kelsey, Orla, and Abi end up in a small group together and forced to face an unfamiliar world.

They have to cope with their own demons, plus the ever-present threat of violence. But they also discover an unexpected sense of community that might just help them cope with the toughest challenge each of them has faced yet.

The main characters and their roles in the show

The three main characters are Kelsey, Orla, and Abi.

Orla O’Riordan is the new lead character, and the series follows her primarily and her engagement with the two new inmates she enters prison with especially.

These are Kelsey Morgan, a young, pregnant inmate, and Abi Cochrane.

We also meet the prison chaplain from series one again, plus a host of new supporting characters.

Critical reception of Time

Reviews for Time series two are not yet in, but Time series one was lauded by critics.

Writing in Digital Spy, Laura Jane Turner described it as “an acting masterclass” and “a visceral and brutally violent depiction of life on the inside.”

In the Evening Standard, Katie Rosseinsky said it was a “gruelling portrait of life in prison [and] essential viewing.”

Both are spot on, and I am certainly hoping that series two lives up to these heights.

Who stars in Time

Jodie Whittaker – Orla O’Riordan

Jodie Whittaker in a black dress

Jodie Whittaker is best known for her stint as the first female Doctor in Doctor Who. She has also had roles in Venus, Black Mirror, Attack the Block, Broadchurch, Adult Life Skills, Ready, Eddie, Go, and much more.

Bella Ramsey – Kelsey Morgan

Bella Ramsey

Bella Ramsey is best known for the part of Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones, although younger viewers might recognise her as Mildred Hubble in the CBBC Series The Worst Witch.

She has also had roles in Catherine Called Birdy, Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, Requiem, and The Last of Us.

Tamara Lawrance – Abi Cochrane

Tamara Lawrance played Prince Harry’s republican girlfriend in the 2017 BBC television film King Charles III. She has also appeared in The Split, No Offence, The Long Song, On Chesil Beach, and The Silent Twins.

Siobhan Finneran – Prison Chaplain

Siobhan Finneran

The sole remaining actor from season one, Siobhain Finneran can also be seen in Rita, Sue, and Bob Too, Clocking Off, Benidorm, Downton Abbey, The Selfish Giant, and The Reckoning.


The first series of Time was inspired. And I am hugely optimistic that the second series will live up to it. It certainly has the cast for it, while the same creative team as series one should deliver a comparable feast of high-octane and brutally gritty drama.

If you want to see the new series of Time but are abroad, you can still watch, as I have explained, if you use a VPN.

Choose ExpressVPN. I have tested them all, and this is the best by some distance. Just sign up, download the app, log in, connect to a UK server, and you’re away.

It’s quick, easy, affordable, and the rewards are stunning because Time is a series you simply do not want to miss!


Quick to set up

Works Internationally

30-day money back guarantee

ExpressVPN interface with offer

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