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If you’re hankering for your Three Now fix but you’re outside New Zealand then this guide is for you. In this guide I’m going to show you how you can watch Three Now from anywhere in the world.

Three Now is great, you can keep up with all your favourite shows both from New Zealand and the shows they have from abroad. There’s plenty of Aussie, British, American and other TV on Three Now to keep you entertained.

Unfortunately though if you’re outside New Zealand either living, travelling, working or otherwise then you’re blocked from watching.

A small app called a VPN will help you unblock Three Now outside New Zealand and below I’m going to show you how.

Watch Three Now outside New Zealand

If you’re outside New Zealand and you try to access the Three Now website then you’re blocked from watching.

Instead of seeing the shows you want to watch you’re hit with a message that looks like this.

Three Now Blocked

You don’t need me to tell you the reason, you’re not in New Zealand and the Three Now website knows it.

The reason the Three Now website knows you’re not in New Zealand is because of your internet connection. Every internet connection has something called an ‘IP Address‘ which is unique to you at the time of connection. It’s this that reveals your location.

By using an app known as a ‘VPN‘ you can change your IP Address to one from another country, in this case, an IP Address from New Zealand.

A VPN is an online privacy tool that stops people from snooping on what you’re doing online and tracking you. It also lets you pretend you’re in another country.

Below I’m going to show you where to get the best VPN for watching Three Now outside New Zealand and how easy it is to use.

How to watch Three Now outside New Zealand

To watch Three Now outside New Zealand you’ll need to get a VPN app. These are available for all types of devices from Android and iOS mobiles and tablets to Windows and Mac OS computers.

Choosing a VPN can be difficult and not all are compatible with Three Now. I’ve tested a range of them and my three recommended providers are:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN

In the example below I’m using my favourite provider ExpressVPN but you can use any of the other two above and the process is similar.

How to watch Three Now outside New Zealand:

  1. Visit your chosen VPN provider, such as ExpressVPN by clicking here and sign up for their service. They have a huge 30-day money back guarantee giving you plenty of time to test the service.
  2. Once you’ve signed up go to the ‘Products‘ section of their website and download and install the correct app for your type of device. You can also search your regular app store for ‘ExpressVPN’ and install that way.ExpressVPN Products
  3. Go to the ‘My Account‘ section of the ExpressVPN website and copy the activation code.
  4. Open the ExpressVPN app on your device and when required enter the activation code.
  5. Click ‘Choose Location‘ (1.) press ‘All‘ press ‘Asia Pacific‘ and then double click or press on ‘New Zealand‘ (2.).
  6. The app should automatically start connecting for you but if not press the ‘Connect‘ (3.) button.

ExpressVPN NZ

Once the app has connected all that’s left to do is head over to the Three Now website or launch the Three Now app on your device.

Rather than seeing the block message you saw earlier telling you that it’s “not available in your area” you’ll instead be able to stream any show as if you were in New Zealand.

This solution works anywhere in the world which obviously includes Australia, the United Kingdom, America and any other country you happen to be in.

How does a VPN work and is it legal?

VPN apps seem like magic which might make you think they’re illegal, but you’d be wrong.

In nearly every country in the world VPN services are 100% legal.

Their original usage was by office workers needing to connect remotely to their workplace but these days everyday users use them both to protect their privacy and unblock TV services from around the world.

There is nothing magical about them either, in fact, they’re really simple to understand.

When you connect to the internet normally and request the Three Now website your request goes from you through a route directly to the Three Now website. It’s tagged with your IP Address which if you remember, gives away your location.

When you use a VPN app, your request first goes from you to the VPN company’s computer known as a ‘Server‘. This server is basically a large computer that then passes the request onto Three Now. The difference is Three Now only see the request coming from the VPN server tagged with its location.

As the VPN server is located in New Zealand it sends the video back, the VPN server then passes this on to you.

Basically a VPN acts as a sort of middleman between you and the Three Now website or whatever other website you’re trying to access.

Recap How to watch Three Now outside New Zealand

It’s really easy to watch Three Now outside New Zealand and all you’ll need to do it is to get a VPN app.

There are hundreds of providers of VPN services and you can get my recommended provider by clicking the button below.

Sign up for their service and then download the correct app for your type of device. Once installed, connect to New Zealand and then visit the Three Now website or launch the Three Now app like normal.

You’ll now be able to watch all of your favourite shows as if you were in New Zealand from anywhere in the world.

Where have you been watching Three Now and what’s your favourite show? I would love to know so why not let me and others know in the comments section below.


2 Responses

  1. Jimmy says:

    I’m using nordvpn in Australia. I selected New Zealand to connect to. When I chose the show to watch on the three now app, it started to load but then recognized that I may be using a vpn and wouldn’t load the video

    • Chris says:

      Hi Jimmy,

      This article is quite old so it’s possible Three have blocked VPNs. You can try connecting to a couple of different servers but it may be best using their 30-day money back guarantee and getting a refund.

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