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This Is Going To Hurt started airing on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on February 8, 2022, and it’s already making headlines and trending on social media due to its realistic portrayal of the experiences of healthcare workers in the UK.

If you enjoy medical TV shows, you may be interested in watching This Is Going To Hurt.

But where can you watch it if you’re outside the UK?

And the most important question: how? Keep scrolling down to find the answer!

Where is This Is Going To Hurt available?

The series started airing on BBC One in the UK on February 8 and one episode is released per week.

Also, the seven episodes are already available on the BBC iPlayer streaming platform.

Although a date hasn’t been confirmed yet, very soon, it will air on AMC in the US.

What do I need to watch This Is Going To Hurt from where I am?

Since the series is only available in the UK, and all the BBC iPlayer content is restricted only to British citizens, you’ll need some help to access the series from any other country.

However, with the help of an app called VPN, you can easily avoid these restrictions and watch This Is Going To Hurt in your country.

A VPN is a tool to protect your online activity by concealing your real location (IP address) with the one from a server located in another country.

This also allows you to access streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney+ and many others.

How to get a VPN?

The VPN market is full of options, sadly not all of them are good.

But, don’t worry, we have already done the research for you, and we came to the conclusion that the best VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer is ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN has servers in the UK and can unblock the BBC iPlayer streaming platform, which not all VPNs can do.

Also, its outstanding features include the fastest connection speeds, which are perfect for streaming HD videos. ExpressVPN comes with dedicated apps for all OS and devices, which are very intuitive and easy to configure.

If you want to have more options to choose from, we recommend checking out NordVPN and Surfshark. Both of them are very similar to ExpressVPN.

These three VPN services come with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with them, so it’s risk-free.

30-day money back guarantee

How to watch This Is Going To Hurt outside the UK

Configuring a VPN is easy. If you follow these steps, you’ll be enjoying This Is Going To Hurt in a few minutes.

I’m going to use ExpressVPN as an example, but these steps are similar to any VPN you choose.

Step 1

Go to the ExpressVPN website and hit the “Get ExpressVPN” button to start.

Step 2

Choose the subscription plan of your preference. I recommend you to go for the annual package that includes 3 free extra months, and it comes with 49% off.

Step 3

Create your account with your email address and choose a payment method.

Step 4

Get the app from the Products section on the ExpressVPN website, or you can download it directly from your regular app store.

The app is available in Google Play (both mobile devices and Android TV), Apple Store, and Fire TV.

Step 5

Once you have the app installed and running, log in to your account with the credentials you created in step 2.

Step 6

Go to Selected Location and search for the United Kingdom. You’ll get a bunch of British locations, choose one and press to Connect.

ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Enjoy the show anywhere using ExpressVPN.

The connection won’t take more than 10 seconds.

Now go to the BBC iPlayer website or the app and look for This Is Going To Hurt. Enjoy your binging!

30-day money back guarantee

What’s This Is Going To Hurt about?

This Is Going To Hurt is based on Adam Kay’s memoir of the same name. The series is an American-British collaboration between the BBC and AMC.

Adam Kay adapted his book for the screen in this story that shows his experiences as a National Health Service junior doctor in the UK.

The series follows Adam, an obstetrics and gynaecology doctor working his way up through the hospital hierarchy. His long hours at work and the stressful decisions he must take affect his almost non-existent personal life.

Shruti is his trainee, who is often in charge of the labour ward by herself, and all the weight on her shoulders may end up in serious consequences.

If you like raw medical drama portrayed with realism with an ounce of British humour, this series is definitely for you.

Who stars in This Is Going To Hurt?

Ben Whishaw as Adam, a junior obstetrics and gynaecology doctor. This critically acclaimed actor is widely known for his roles of Rabbi Milligan in Fargo, Norman Scott in A Very English Scandal, Freddie Lyon in The Hour, and as the voice of Paddington in the Paddington movies and shorts.

Ambika Mod as Shruti, Adam’s trainee and head of the labour ward in his absence.

Michele Austin as Tracy, the head midwife. She’s best known for her role as PC Yvonne Hemmingway on ITV’s The Bill.

Ashley McGuire as Vicky Houghton, consultant. She’s mostly known for her roles of Carol in EastEnders and Ginny Portis in Coronation Street.


This Is Going To Hurt is the newest medical TV mini-series created by the BBC, currently airing on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

As you may know, all the content in BBC iPlayer is only available for the UK, so if you live in another country, you’ll need a VPN to access it.

ExpressVPN is our number one recommendation to watch BBC iPlayer and access all its content.

Protect your online activity while you enjoy the best movies and TV series from the BBC!


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30-day money back guarantee

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