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Barcelona and Juventus are two of the biggest football clubs in Europe. So big in fact they both won their respective leagues this year with Barcelona finishing as champions of Liga BBVA in Spain and Juventus finishing top of the Italian Serie A.

On Saturday, 6th June 2015 both teams will face each other in the final of the UEFA Champions League to decide who is crowned king of Europe. The champions league is the ultimate football tournament in Europe.

With two huge teams taking part it isn’t just Spanish and Italian fans who are interested in watching the UEFA Champions League 2015 live online but fans around the world.

So we’ve put together this simple guide to show you how you can watch live online relatively free no matter what country you’re from or what continent you’re on.

Watch the UEFA Champions League 2015 live online

Watch the UEFA Champions League 2015 live online

Certain countries around the world will be showing the Champions League live on normal everyday TV, others with an expensive cable subscription and some won’t be showing it at all.

So if it’s not on standard TV your option is to try and view the game online. For those who live in the United Kingdom you’ll be able to watch live for free online on ITV Player. Just tune in at 19:45 BST for kick-off.

For those outside the UK you can still watch on ITV Player but you’ll need a small tool called a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that will circumvent the regional restrictions and allow you to watch live from anywhere in the world. Without one you’ll be blocked and receive a message similar to the image below.

Blocked ITV Player

Viewing without a VPN will block you.

What is a VPN and where can I get one?

A VPN is a tool for internet security that encrypts your internet connection to protect your privacy. A by-product of this is it allows you to give the impression or pretend you’re in a different country. It does this by re-routing your internet traffic via another country.

In the case of watching the Champions League on ITV Player a VPN will re-route your traffic via the UK, this way it will bypass any regional restrictions because the site will think you’re in the UK.

VPNs are really simple to use and only require you to download a small piece of software to your computer or app for your tablet or phone.

To get started you need to sign up to a VPN provider, these cost around US$5-10 per month and can be cheaper if you sign up for a longer period. Our top three recommended reliable VPN providers for watching the Champions League 2015 online are given below.

[wp-svg-icons icon="numbered-list" wrap="i"] Rank[wp-svg-icons icon="tree" wrap="i"] Provider[wp-svg-icons icon="tag" wrap="i"] Monthly Price[wp-svg-icons icon="new-tab" wrap="i"] Link
1IPVanish Logo$6.49 p/m
2ExpressVPN Logo$8.32 p/m
3HideMyAss Logo$6.55 p/m

How do I use a VPN to watch the Champions League

Once you’ve signed up to one of the recommended providers you’ll be provided with software for your computer or an app for your mobile device. Install this and then connect to a UK Server.

On the IPVanish Windows software you can do this by going to Server Selection -> List and searching for a United Kingdom connection then pressing Connect or by going to Server Selection and choosing the UK Media or Gaming option which will then automatically connect as shown in the image below.

IPVanish UK Server

Connection is as simple as clicking.

Once connected visit ITV Player and you’ll now be able to watch the Champions League 2015 live from any country in the world! Kick-off is at 19:45 BST or 20:45 CEST.

It really is as amazingly simple as that!

Show me how easy it is in a video!

What about free streams?

Often we all want something totally free even though a VPN is really inexpensive so we go looking for free streams. I’ve done this myself and know the headache it brings. Free streams are usually illegal which means they’re being broadcast from remote locations around the world that usually leads to stuttering, buffering and on occasion the whole match just cuts out and stops.

Bad playback is one problem but the host of viruses and nasties that adorn these sites is more concerning. As the old saying goes, “nothing is free in this world” and those that stream these “free” matches want to make some money somehow. As the streams are illegal they’re often filled with adverts for dubious industries that attempt to download and put malware, spyware and viruses all over your computer.

So while there are “free streams” so to speak the security of your computer and the risk of getting infected with something that could destroy or steal your data just isn’t worth it. We always suggest using a legal and legitimate stream such as ITV Player with a VPN to ensure you don’t end up with a computer full of nasties!

Now you can watch the UEFA Champions League 2015 live online from your home country and not worry about getting infected with virus.

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