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So you want to watch the Tour de France 2015 online? We’ve put together this handy article to show you exactly where and when you can watch the cycling and what to do if it isn’t available in your country.

The Tour de France is the crème de la crème of cycling fixtures. No other bike racing event even comes close to Le Tour. If you’re a long-term cycling enthusiast or just got into the sport as it has exploded in recent years you’re unlikely to not have heard of the Tour de France. With the past six years winners coming from 5 different nations there is huge interest in the sport and many of you will be cheering on fellow countrymen.

So keep reading and we’ll show you just how to watch the Tour de France 2015 online from any country in the world!

Watch the Tour de France 2015 online

Who will take the yellow jersey in 2015?

Where is the Tour de France shown online

There are two main TV stations showing the Tour de France online which are ITV in the UK and SBS in Australia. Both offer majority coverage of the tour fully in English and are available to be watched on their respective websites.

British viewers can visit ITV Player and select Watch Live then ITV 4 with Australians simply being able to visit Cycling Central from SBS to view.

If you’re not in the UK or Australia you should check on your local TV station to see if it’s being aired free. Unfortunately in many countries the Tour de France is either not being shown at all or only on TV stations that require an expensive subscription such as cable TV.

How you can watch in any country in the world

Although ITV in the UK and SBS in Australia are restricted it is possible to watch on both with our simple solution. If you visit either site directly you’ll be blocked because the websites know you’re not in either country and you’ll be hit with a message similar to the one below.

Blocked ITV Player

The websites know what country you’re in based off your internet connection. To bypass this, a product called a VPN or Virtual Private Network exists that allows you to virtually reside in another country. To watch the Tour De France you want to virtually reside in either the United Kingdom to watch on ITV Player or Australia to watch on SBS.

VPN services are sold by many different VPN providers around the world and cost about US$5-10 per month or less if you take a longer subscription length. As video requires quite a lot of bandwidth you need to ensure you use a good VPN provider and not one of the many bad ones that exist.

We recommend signing up to one of the three providers below as each is suitable and will be fast enough to view the tour.

  1. IPVanish
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. HideMyAss

How do I use the VPN to watch the Tour de France 2015 online

1. First you need to sign up to one of the VPN providers listed above.

2. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be given options to download their software either for PC or Mac or apps for your mobile device such as a tablet or phone. All three providers support Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad with HideMyAss also supporting Linux systems.

3. Download the software or app for your system or device and install.

4. Once installed connect to the United Kingdom simply by pressing on the name and then visit ITV Player. You can also connect to Australia and visit SBS if you wish. You’re free to alternate between both to find out which is best for yourself, although usually the location closer to you would be the better option.

There is nothing more to it! The software is really simple to use, check out the screenshot below of the IPVanish software. All you have to do on this is press UK Media or Gaming, wait for it to connect and then visit ITV Player, you’ll then be able to watch the Tour de France 2015 online in any country in the world.

IPVanish UK Server

One click gets you connected.

Although it is extremely easy to use if you have questions or get stuck feel free to post in the comments section and we’ll do our best to help you out. Or why not watch our simple video below?

Happy cycling watching!

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