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If you’re Thai and you live in Australia or you have a Thai friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband there’s a good chance you or they miss Thai TV.

In this guide I’m going to show you how you can watch all your favourite Thai TV in Australia without the need for any cable service. In just 6 steps you’ll be able to watch 95% of all Thai TV services in Australia. The process is so easy you don’t even need any technical know-how.

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Watch Thai TV in Australia

Without question, the easiest way to watch Thai TV in Australia is to use the online streaming services of the TV channels from Thailand. Everything from Workpoint to PPTV HD36 offers online access to their channels.

If you’ve already tried to access some of these then you’ll already know that they’re blocked when you’re in Australia.

To unblock these you’ll need to download a VPN app which lets you unblock the Thai TV streams.

A VPN is a security tool that protects your online privacy. It also lets you change your location so even though you’re in Australia you can pretend you’re in Thailand.

To do this just follow the 6 steps below and you can be watching within minutes.

How to watch Thai TV in Australia Step-by-Step:

  1. First you’ll need to sign up for a VPN service from the provider NordVPN, click here to visit their website. – Don’t worry though there’s a huge 30-day refund policy so if you can’t get it working you can easily get your money back.
  2. Once you’ve signed up head over to the VPN Apps section of the NordVPN website where you’ll be able to download the correct app for your type of device. Everything from Windows to macOS and Android to iOS is supported.NordVPN Apps Menu
  3. Install the app and open it. You will then be required to login with the account details you created in Step 1.
  4. On the world map locate Thailand. You can also click Countries and find Thailand in the list.
  5. Click on Thailand and wait for it to connect. If it doesn’t automatically connect then press the large connect button.
  6. After 30 seconds or so the app will connect. You can now visit your favourite Thai TV website where you’ll be able to watch the content without trouble.

This solution works for almost all Thai TV websites. If you need some ideas on what TV channels work then read further down this guide.

Video Guide

If you’re worried that it might be too difficult for you or you want to see how easy it is in action the take a look at our example video below.

Thai TV Networks

The above VPN solution works with almost all Thai TV channel websites that are blocked in Australia. If you need a few ideas of what you can now watch then check out this list:

There are also plenty of other channels you can watch from Thailand, all you need to do is visit their website like you would in Thailand while connected to the VPN and you can watch in Australia.

One of the best networks to watch is True 4U because they have access to a range of live TV networks including CH3 Family, true4U 24, TNN 24, MCOT Kid&Family, NewTV, Spring News 19, BrightTV, VOICE TV, Nation, Workpoint, GMM25, Now 26, CH8, CH3 SD & HD, Mono29, MCOT HD, One 31 HD, Amarin TV 34, 7 HD, PPTV HD plus more.

It is better to watch sites like Mono29, Workpoint and others on their direct website though because the quality is better. You will also have more available options such as changing the audio language on the Mono29 website.

How does a VPN work and is it legal?

VPN apps are 100% legal in both Australia and Thailand. In fact, they’re legal in nearly every country in the world.

A VPN works by taking your internet connection and routing it via a different location. It then picks up the location information of that location.

Let’s say you try to watch Mono29 in Australia. When you visit the Mono29 website it knows you’re in Australia and not in Thailand so it blocks you from viewing.

A VPN app firstly passes your request to a ‘server’ in Thailand and then that server passes it onto the Mono29 website. The website only sees a request from Thailand and so streams the video. The server then passes the video back to you in Australia.

All this is seamless and you don’t even notice it happening, the VPN app takes care of all the hard work.

A VPN will cost from as little as AU $5 per month (a little over 100 baht) and the longer you subscribe for the cheaper it becomes. If you’re in Australia for a while such as a student then signing up for a year or two will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Recap How to watch Thai TV in Australia

Watching your favourite Thai TV in Australia is easier than you would think. All you’ll need is a VPN app. You can get one by clicking the button below.

Once you’ve got the VPN app simply connect to Thailand on it and then you’re free to watch all the Thai TV websites in Thailand without restriction.


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  1. Rudy Grommen says:

    Thanks for the article and would you know if we can watch AIS Play in Australia?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Rudy,

      We’re not entirely sure about AIS Play as it’s a subscription service. It may be best to sign up for a VPN, try it and if it doesn’t work use their 30-day money back guarantee to get a refund.

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