How to watch Starstruck outside the UK

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Nothing is better than some home comforts, especially British Saturday night television.

Starstruck reboots a beloved 90’s franchise, “Stars in Their Eyes” and has got fans worldwide excited.

However, what happens if you want to watch Starstruck outside the UK? You can’t.

But don’t panic, I’ve got a quick and easy solution for you, which I’m discussing throughout this article.

Is Starstruck on TV?

It is, but it’s only available on ITV Hub, which is restricted to UK viewers only.

So if you’re outside the UK, you’ll need to find a way to unblock the TV show from your current location.

How do I watch Starstruck anywhere?

To watch Starstruck outside the UK, you need a VPN app.

VPN apps are the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to unblock overseas TV streams.

They work by changing your virtual location, so websites like ITV think you’re in the UK, even though you aren’t. With a VPN, you’ll be able to watch Starstruck on your device while you’re sunbathing on a Spanish beach, or any other country, in fact!

It sounds perfect, right?

Where to get a VPN?

When selecting a VPN, you need to ensure it works with ITV and other British TV channels, as many don’t.

Luckily, I’ve put all of the best VPNs to the test and found the best three VPN services for watching Starstruck outside the UK.

  1. ExpressVPN – Highly recommended!
  2. NordVPN
  3. Surfshark VPN

ExpressVPN came out on top as it’s the fastest and most reliable VPN around. You’ll have crystal clear video streams with zero lag and no buffering.

The ExpressVPN app is super-easy to set up, even for technophobes, and you can connect with one click.

But, if ExpressVPN doesn’t feel like the VPN provider for you, then you should consider looking at NordVPN and Surfshark VPN.

All three services work incredibly well to unblock British TV channels such as BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4, Five, and other streaming services like Netflix.

Plus, they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy, you get your money back.

The choice is yours!

30-day money back guarantee

How to stream Starstruck anywhere

To access Starstruck outside the UK, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Go to ExpressVPN and sign up for their VPN service.

When selecting your VPN package, their longer-term 12-month subscription is the most cost-effective and comes with a significant discount, plus extra months for free.

Step 2

Download the dedicated ExpressVPN app to your device(s) and log in using your username and password.

Step 3

Establish a connection by clicking Selected Location, then choose the United Kingdom. Hit the Connect button.

ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Enjoy the show anywhere using ExpressVPN.

Step 4

Head to the ITV Hub website or open the app. Log into your ITV account and start streaming Starstruck to your devices from anywhere without restriction.

30-day money back guarantee

What’s Starstruck all about?

Do you remember the 90’s TV show Stars in Their Eyes? Well, this is pretty similar, but with a few minor changes.

The British public gets a chance to become their favourite musical icon superstars as they try to impress the judges and leave them “Starstruck”.

With some contestants donning Freddy Mercury’s attire, another as Lady Gaga, you know it’s going to be a fun show.

However, the first episode failed to impress many audiences, as they felt the show was overcomplicated and has ruined a traditional format that didn’t need changing.

The Guardian called it “The bizarre twist on Stars in Their Eyes that will make your soul feel empty”, which is anything but good if you ask me.

Another website, iNews, said the show is “A pale imitation of Stars in Their Eyes” and then gave the show 1/5 stars.

While the future doesn’t look too good for the TV show, there are some aspects you might enjoy. The performances aren’t always bad; it’s mainly the shows attempted effort to be different that’s causing the poor reviews.

It’s still worth watching, and I suppose it can only get better.

Who stars in Starstruck?

Olly Murs (Host)

This English star is a singer, writer, dancer, and TV presenter who found his fame when he came second on the sixth season of the UK talent show The X Factor in 2009.

Since then, he’s released several albums, had hit singles and even went on to host the X Factor for a year.

Sheridan Smith (Judge)

It seems Smith is everywhere at the moment, with her releasing two gripping TV dramas and now a TV show in the last month.

This famous actress began her career aged 14 but has been singing and dancing from a very young age.

One of her first major roles was in the UK TV classic The Royal Family, it was the catalyst her career needed, and since then, she’s starred in many TV shows and movies such as Holby City, Mile High, No Return, Cilla, The Teacher, Funny Girl, and more.

Jason Manford (Judge)

This Salford born British comedian is well known for his stand up comedy performances and has audiences all over the UK holding their sides laughing. But, you might know him from Channel 4’s panel show “8 Out of 10 Cats”, where he captained a team between 2007-2010.

He’s one of the judges on Starstruck and brings some much needed comedic breaks.

Adam Lambert (Judge)

Lambert is an American singer/songwriter who’s sold over 5 million singles worldwide, which is no small feat. He’s well known for his extensive vocal range and blends his theatrical training into his vocal performances, creating some of the best shows you’ll see live.

His wide vocal range and on-stage persona are why the rock band Queen now uses him to take the place of the late Freddy Mercury during their world tours.

Beverly Knight (Judge)

Knight is a popular English recording artist who’s transitioned to theatre as her career progressed.

Her music styling is heavily influenced by American soul, and she takes her inspiration from the likes of Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin. Throughout her career, she’s released eight albums and will no doubt release another in the near future.


If you’ve been looking to stream Starstruck from outside the UK, then you’re in for a shock… you can’t. Not without some help.

Luckily, you can watch Starstruck anywhere without restriction in your country by using a VPN app. I highly recommend ExpressVPN as the best.

Get ExpressVPN now, and you’ll have everything you need to unblock all of your favourite British TV shows, such as Starstruck, from anywhere in the world.


Quick to set up

Money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

ExpressVPN interface with offer

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