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Shetland is a classic of the British crime drama genre. Based on the characters and books of crime writing luminary Ann Cleves, it is set in the most picturesque surrounding of the Shetland Islands, off the coast of northern Scotland.

It followed Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez, a Scottish Police Officer based in the Shetland capital Lerwick, who is tasked with investigating some seriously unpleasant crimes. The role has now been taken over by DI Ruth Calder.

Quick Guide: How to watch Shetland anywhere

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app, sign in, and select ‘United Kingdom‘.
  3. Go to BBC iPlayer.
  4. Start watching Shetland.

Each new series of Shetland is welcomed with huge anticipation by its legions of fans, but if you are abroad, you may find it tough to watch the show as it is only broadcast on British TV to start with.

But there is a useful tool you can use to unblock and watch Shetland wherever you are outside the UK, and in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know.

Where is Shetland being shown?

Shetland is broadcast on BBC 1 in the UK. Its six episodes are broadcast weekly, usually on a Sunday night, although this can vary.

It is also streamed both live and on-demand on the BBC iPlayer.

But if you try to log in and watch outside the UK, you will find that the iPlayer is blocked for users outside the UK.

How can I watch Shetland where I am?

To watch Shetland on the BBC iPlayer outside the UK, you will need to use a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network (or VPN for short) is an online privacy and security app that works by sending your internet traffic through an external server. When this happens, your real location is hidden, and the data appears to come from wherever the server is located.

So, if you choose a server based in the UK, it looks to the BBC iPlayer like you are in the UK, and so it lets you stream shows like Shetland.

Sounds easy? Well, that’s because it is.

Where to get a VPN?

There are loads of VPNs, but to watch Shetland abroad, you need to find one that has fast enough speeds, is reliable, has the apps you need, and works with the BBC iPlayer.

ExpressVPN is the best choice. It ticks all these boxes with super-fast speeds, an extensive range of apps, and a massive selection of UK-based servers.

You can install ExpressVPN on just about any streaming device you can think of, and it comes with an excellent 30-day money-back guarantee that means you have lots of time to try before you commit.

Other options that will do the job include NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN, which also tick all the right boxes and offer good money-back guarantees. The choice is yours!

30-day money back guarantee

How to stream Shetland in any country

Choosing your VPN is the hard part. Using it to unblock Shetland abroad is simple. Just follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Go to the ExpressVPN website, choose a subscription package, and follow their easy onscreen instructions to sign up.

Step 2

Download the ExpressVPN app onto the devices you use to watch Shetland. Be sure to do this from their website or your app store.

Step 3

Open the app and log into your ExpressVPN account.

Step 4

Click Selected Location and choose the United Kingdom from the list. Now tap the Connect button if it hasn’t automatically started connecting for you.

ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Enjoy the show in any country with ExpressVPN.

Step 5

Open BBC iPlayer, log in to your account or create one, and start to enjoy Shetland.

30-day money back guarantee

What is Shetland all about?

Shetland is about crime in one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom.

Set on the stunning Shetland Islands, where most of the show is filmed, each series follows a single case being investigated by the local police force led by DI Jimmy Perez.

He is ably assisted by Detective Sergeant Alison “Tosh” McIntosh and Detective Constable Sandy Wilson and frequently interfered with by police officials from mainland Scotland who have no understanding of life on Shetland.

The series dips into their personal lives too, highlighting relationships, children, and personal scandals.

Given that Shetland is a small community, it will come as no surprise to learn that these personal issues frequently bleed through into the case being investigated too.

Over the years, DI Perez has investigated political scandals, human trafficking cases, and no shortage of murders. Doubtless, there are many more grizzly crimes for him to solve.

Who stars in Shetland?

The role of DI Jimmy Perez was played with aplomb by Douglas Henshall, who keen-eyed viewers will also recognise from Primeval and Outlander.

Henshall announced that series seven would be his last. Henshall is a big loss, with critics united in saying he is “terrific” and acts with “acute poignancy”.

Taking over from Henshall is Ashley Jensen who will take on the new role of DI Ruth Calder.

Henshall was ably supported by Alison O’Donnell as Tosh and will continue to support Calder. Steven Robertson as Sandy and Mark Bonner are regulars and I would expect them to continue.

The show has also boasted an impressive array of guest stars over the years, including Gemma Chan, Julie Graham, Brian Cox, Ciarán Hinds, Anna Chancellor, and Titana Muthui.


If you don’t want to miss out on a moment of action in Shetland when you are overseas, you will need to use a VPN app.

ExpressVPN is your best bet. It has super-fast speeds, apps for any device, tons of UK servers, and works well with the BBC iPlayer.

To use ExpressVPN to unblock Shetland while you are abroad, just sign up, download the app, log in to your account, and connect to a UK server.

Then watch Shetland live or on-demand on the BBC iPlayer just as you would at home.


Quick to set up

Money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

ExpressVPN interface with offer

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