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The World Cup is the biggest football event in the world and quite possibly even the biggest sporting event but your access to watching the matches may be limited. In this guide I’m going to show you how you can watch every match of the Russia World Cup and it doesn’t matter what country you’re in.

In some countries there is wide coverage of the World Cup and in others that have a lesser interest in Football or if your country didn’t qualify then there is less coverage.

As the World Cup only comes around once every 4 years you probably want to watch as many matches as possible.

You’ll be pleased to know that no matter where you are in the world or what kind of football coverage they have in the country you’re in, you can still watch every match of the World Cup live online and below I’ll show you how.

Watch the Russia World Cup online

Some countries have great coverage of the World Cup and one of those countries is the UK. All of the World Cup matches are being split between the two major broadcasters which are the BBC and ITV.

They’re also both showing every match live online which means you can watch anywhere in the world…. But not so fast. If you try and access their websites outside the UK then you’re blocked from viewing and you’ll see a message a little like this:

BBC iPlayer blocked 2017

The kind of block message you’ll see.

To avoid this block and watch the Russia World Cup you’re going to need to get yourself a VPN app. A VPN app allows you to change your location so when you visit the BBC or ITV websites they think you’re in the UK, even though you’re not.

A VPN is a 100% legal privacy tool that protects your online privacy. One of the features is allowing you to disguise your location and appear in another country.

A VPN will cost you a couple of US Dollars and you’ll only need a 1-month package to watch all of the games.

You’ll need to follow the 6 steps below which teach you how to get a VPN and how to use it to watch the Russia World Cup online from anywhere.

How to watch the Russia World Cup Step-by-Step

  1. Go to the website of my recommended VPN service provider NordVPN by clicking here and sign up for their service.
  2. Now go to the ‘VPN Apps‘ section of the NordVPN website and download the correct app type for your device. It works on Android, Apple iOS, Windows and Mac devices.NordVPN Apps Menu
  3. Once the app is downloaded, install it and then open it. You’ll be required to login with the account details you created when you signed up in Step 1.
  4. On the map locate and select the United Kingdom and click on it.
  5. If it doesn’t automatically connect then you’ll need to press the Connect button which looks like a power button.

Once the app has connected then you’ll either need to visit the BBC iPlayer website or the ITV Hub website depending on who is showing the match you want to watch. If you’re using a mobile device then you’ll need to launch the correct TV player app, if you don’t already have this installed read below.

You’ll need to create an account on both sites and may need to enter a UK Post Code, you can use any such as M11 1EQ, GL51 0EX or LS18 4AA.

Watch Football

You can find a full and detailed schedule of matches and which website to watch on further below in this guide.

If you want to shop around for an alternative VPN provider to watch the Russia World Cup then we also recommend ExpressVPN and VyprVPN.

Take a look at our example video below showing you how easy it is.

How to install the BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub apps

You can watch on a computer or laptop without additional apps but if you don’t already have the BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub apps installed on your mobile device then you’ll need to download them. Follow the instructions below for how to download them outside the UK.


  1. Go to the Settings area of your Android device and then Security.
  2. Look for the option ‘install apps from unknown sources’ and enable it. If you don’t have this option you can skip this step.
  3. On the web browser of the Android device download the BBC iPlayer app here and the ITV Hub app here.
  4. Once downloaded you can install both apps from the Downloads area of your device.

Apple iOS:

To install apps outside their intended country on your iPhone or iPad you’ll need to follow this guide.

Russia World Cup Schedule

A full list of the fixtures can be found below along with what TV Channel they’re being shown on. Simply follow the instructions above and then visit the correct channel showing the match you want to watch.

  • Sat June 30: France v Argentina – Kazan, 3 pm
  • Sat June 30: Uruguay v Portugal – Sochi, 7 pm
  • Sun July 1: Spain v Russia – Moscow (Luzhniki), 3 pm
  • Sun July 1: Croatia v Denmark – Nizhny Novgorod, 7 pm
  • Mon July 2: Brazil v Mexico – Samara, 3 pm
  • Mon July 2: Belgium v Japan- Rostov-on-Don, 7 pm
  • Tues July 3: Sweden v Switzerland – St Petersburg 3 pm
  • Tues July 3: Colombia v England – Moscow (Spartak), 7 pm
  • Fri July 6: Uruguay v France, 3 pm
  • Fri July 6: Brazil v Belgium, 7 pm
  • Sat July 7: Sweden v England, 3 pm
  • Sat July 7: Russia v Croatia, 7 pm

You’ll also be able to watch the semi-final and finals using the same method too.

When is the Russia World Cup shown

The World Cup is the biggest football event in the world and for 32 days this year you’ll be able to watch some of the biggest stars from across the world battle it out to be crowned champions of the world.

The event kicks off on June 14th, 2018 and will run right through until July 15th, 2018 giving you a whole month of exciting football action.

Germany is the current World Cup holders after seeing off Argentina in the 2014 final in Brazil. Although Germany has won the World Cup 4 times over the history of the competition this was the first time they had won as a combined country, winning the 3 previous titles playing as West Germany.

All the big teams have won in the past 10 years including Germany, Spain, Brazil, Italy and France meaning literally anyone could win this year’s competition.

It’s no wonder then that this year Brazil and Germany are favourites to win the tournament with France and Spain the other likely contenders.

The least likely teams to win the Russia World Cup are Iran, Tunisia, Panama and Saudi Arabia so if you’re a kamikaze gambler then the favourable odds of them winning would bring huge returns. However, the chances of that happening are almost nil.

Conclusion How to watch the Russia World Cup

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you’re like me then you’ll want to watch the World Cup action. You can watch completely for free without a cable subscription and all you’ll need is an app known as a VPN.

A VPN will cost you a couple of US Dollars but you’ll only need a 1-month package and you can then watch every match. Click the button below to get started, download the app and then connect to the UK.

You can then use the schedule above to see what official channel you can watch the match on.

Where will you be watching the World Cup from and more importantly, who do you think will win the World Cup? Let me know in the comments section as I would love to know. I’ll be supporting England, but I don’t expect them to get very far!

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