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The Pakistan Tour of England 2018 is well underway and in this guide I’m going to show you how you can watch all the cricket action live online without the need for a cable subscription.

If you’re a cricket fan and especially an England cricket fan then you’ll likely be disappointed that Pakistan crushed England in the first test. However, as they say, it’s not over until the fat lady sings and with the second test from Headingley about to take place you can watch all the action.

With there being so much interest in the Pakistan Tour of England it means coverage is reserved for premium rate cable channels. However, in some countries, the matches are shown completely for free and you can tap into these streams to watch for free wherever you are. Below I’m going to show you how.

Watch Pakistan Tour of England 2018

In most countries like the UK and South Africa the Pakistan Tour of England is reserved for premium cable channels such as BT Sport and SuperSports.

If you don’t have cable or you don’t have access to the channel showing the cricket in particular then you can be left out in the cold.

The good news is the entire Pakistan Tour of England 2018 is being shown live online in India channel SonyLiv.

However to watch SonyLiv and the cricket you’re going to need to get an additional app called a VPN that unblocks SonyLiv in your country. If you try to visit without using a VPN then you’ll be blocked because it’s intended for viewing in India only.

VPN is a legal privacy tool that helps protect your online security. Part of this protection is by allowing you to disguise your location. It is this that lets you access SonyLiv and watch the Pakistan Tour of England in any country.

Below I’ll show you where you can get a VPN and how to use it to watch the cricket live.

No thanks, I don’t want to watch the cricket

How to watch Pakistan Tour of England 2018 Steps

Before you start you’ll need to choose a VPN provider. There are hundreds available and if you search Google you’ll be left bemused.

Not all VPN services are suitable for watching the Pakistan Tour of England because they don’t support Indian connections. Three that work well are:

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. IPVanish

All you need to do is choose one of the three providers above. A VPN will cost you a couple of US$ and you’ll only need a 1-month package to watch all the cricket. You won’t need to pay to watch the cricket directly though because it’s free on SonyLiv.

I used NordVPN and will show you the steps below but it’s exactly the same process with the other two providers too.

  1. Visit your chosen provider and sign up for their service, for example, NordVPN by clicking here.
  2. Go to the VPN Apps section of their website and download and install the correct app for the type of device you have.NordVPN Apps Menu
  3. Open the app and when required login with the details you created at sign up.
  4. On the world map locate and select India and click on it.
  5. The app should automatically connect for you but if not press the Connect button.

NordVPN India

Once the app has connected any websites you visit will think you’re in India.

All you need to do now is visit the Pakistan Tour of England page at the SonyLiv website. You’ll now be able to watch all the matches live online from any country.

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So of course this means you can watch the Pakistan Tour of England in England, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia and anywhere else in the world.

When you’ve finished watching simply disconnect. You can then reconnect for free at any point in the future to watch the rest of the matches as they take place.

See how easy it is

If you’re a little bit unsure and think it’ll be too difficult for you then take a look at my example video below showing you how to watch SonyLiv outside India.

Pakistan Tour of England 2018

In the words of the Times of India, “Pakistan crush sorry England” and when an Indian newspaper is writing those types of headlines with the rivalry between Pakistan and India on the cricket ground, then you know it was a huge upset for English cricket.

Not to fear though, the Second Test of the Pakistan Tour of England starts from 1st June 2018 and by following the steps above you’ll be able to watch all the action live in any country, including England. The second test runs until 5th June giving you 5 days of cricket action to watch.

Pakistan have an inexperienced side but they still managed to thump England by nine wickets and if England wants any chance of retaining some glory then they’ll need to up their game for the Second Test.

Coverage is expected to take place from 11 am BST (British Summer Time) which is 12 pm in South Africa, 3 pm in Pakistan, 3:30 pm in India and 8 pm in Sydney, Australia.

Recap How to watch the Pakistan Tour of England 2018 live

You can watch all the Pakistan Tour of England 2018 live online from any country in the world including England and Pakistan without a cable subscription.

You will need to get yourself a VPN app to do this. I recommend using NordVPN but there are a couple of other company suggestions earlier in this guide. Click the button below to get yourself a VPN.

Once you’ve got it, download the correct app for your type of device and install it. Open the app and login and then connect to India. You’ll now be able to watch the Pakistan Tour of England 2018 completely live and for free online.

No thanks, I don’t want to watch the cricket

Do you think England will be able to overcome the thumping from the first test or will Pakistan remain too strong? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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