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Vampires and witches unite; you’ve got a city to take over. The popular Vampire Diaries spin-off series The Originals is on Netflix but is currently only available in certain countries.

To unblock The Originals on Netflix, you’ll need some help, and that’s why I’m here.

In this article, I’ll show you everything you need to stream The Originals on Netflix without needing to leave your country. So if you’ve been searching for the series but have been unable to find it, this is the guide for you.

Below I’ve put together a quick step-by-step guide so if you’re eager to get watching, you can be set-up in minutes. Let’s get to it.

Can I watch The Originals on Netflix?

You sure can, but there’s a catch, The Originals is only available on a handful of regional Netflix libraries such as the United States.

So, if you’re outside this region, e.g. in the UK, you’ll be unable to watch The Originals on Netflix without some help.

Luckily, in the next section, I’ll show you how to unblock The Originals from anywhere in the world so that you can binge-watch all five seasons over the next few weeks.

How to watch The Originals where I am?

Now that you know you can watch The Originals on Netflix, you’re probably wondering how you can access the show from your country.

What you need is a VPN app.

A VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network, is an online security tool that businesses worldwide have been using for years to protect their private data from leaking online.

It’s only in the last decade that people have realised its true potential… unblocking Netflix content.

With a VPN, you’ll be able to mask your current location and set up a “virtual” location (such as the US). This will make websites and apps think you’re in another country.

In other words, you can use your VPN to give you access to The Originals with your regular Netflix account.

Where to get a VPN?

Finding a fast and reliable VPN is crucial for streaming content on Netflix. The last thing you want is a poor quality VPN service that rarely works, and when it does, produces poor quality streams.

This is why I highly recommend you use ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is the world’s leading VPN service that offers outstanding connection speeds that are perfect for streaming high definition video on Netflix. They have servers worldwide, so you’ll always find a connection.

They offer excellent VPN apps that cover most devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and more.

ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try their VPN out virtually risk-free and they’ve got a 49% off deal on their 12 month package right now, which is worth checking out.

But, if you want to shop around for a VPN service, be sure to check out NordVPN and Surfshark VPN. They’re good too but they don’t have the 49% off promo, which makes ExpressVPN my favourite.

30-day money back guarantee

How to watch The Originals on Netflix

If you want to unblock The Originals on your Netflix account, you’ll need to use a VPN to access a US location.

Follow the steps below, and you’ll be set up and watching in minutes.

Step 1

Head over to the ExpressVPN website and sign up for one of the three VPN packages. I highly recommend their 12-month package as it comes with three free months and 49% off.

Step 2

Download the ExpressVPN app to your chosen device and log in using your username and password. You’ll find the app either on your device’s app store or the ExpressVPN website.

Step 3

Click ‘Selected Location‘ and choose the United States from the list. Then hit the Connect button.

ExpressVPN desktop app showing United States

Watch The Originals anywhere with ExpressVPN.

Step 4

Open the Netflix app (or visit the website) and log into your Netflix account. Search for The Originals and press play.

You can now watch The Originals from anywhere in the world without any restrictions.

30-day money back guarantee

What is The Originals all about?

The Originals is a spin-off Television series based on The Vampire Diaries.

It follows a family of the oldest vampires in existence, the Mikaelsons, as they move to New Orleans to form an alliance with a group of local witches in a bid to take control of the city once more.

Unfortunately, they are being hunted by their father who is trying to put an end to them as he was responsible for their creation.

Will the Mikaelsons manage to take over New Orleans, or will their attempts be thwarted?

Who stars in The Originals?

  • Joseph Morgan – This actor is best known for his roles in Brave New World, Immortals, The Vampire Diaries, Animal Kingdom, Gone Baby Gone, Carousel, 500 Miles North, The Grind, Desiree, Open Grave, and Silent Witness.
  • Daniel Gillies – He’s starred in Spider-Man 2, Bride & Prejudice, Captivity, Coming Home In The Dark, Broken Kingdoms, Saving Hope, SEAL Team, Occupation: Rainfall, NCIS, and Virgin River.
  • Claire Holt – This actress is known for her roles in H20: Just Add Water, Blue Like Jazz, 47 Meters Down, Legacies, Doomsday, Aquarius, The Divorce Party, A Violent Separation, Pretty Little Liars, and Mean Girls 2.
  • Phoebe Tonkin – She’s starred in H20: Just Add Water, The Affair, Safe Harbour, Pillow Talk, Clu-De-Sac, The Place Of No Words, Westworld, Bloom, Bait, Tomorrow When The War Began, and Home And Away.
  • Charles Michael Davis – This actor is best known for starring in NCIS: New Orleans, The Vampire Diaries, The Game, Grey’s Anatomy, Z Nation, Chicago PD, For The People, and Younger.


While The Originals is only available on Netflix in a handful of regions, I have a simple trick you can use to unblock the show from anywhere in the world.

All you need is a VPN such as the highly-rated ExpressVPN, which is not only one of the fastest VPNs around, but they’re super reliable too.

Sign up for ExpressVPN now, and you’ll be watching The Originals on Netflix from anywhere that you want. Be sure to follow the step by step guide in this article carefully, and you’ll be set up in minutes.

And remember… Always and forever.


Quick to set up

Money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

ExpressVPN interface with offer


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  1. Nicky says:

    Hi, I was watching the originals yesterday with Express VPN on the USA Netflix, but I just tried to continue watching, and it’s gone?
    I have tried all the USA servers. And restarted my laptop. Nothing is working? It’s not there. 🙁

  2. Danielle Dorney says:

    Is this still possible?? I did all the steps but cannot find the originals 😥

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