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A three-part TV drama about an actress being sacked from a long-cancelled soap opera may not sound hugely appealing. But when you learn about the team behind Nolly, you quickly realise that this show is going to be one of the must-see TV events of the year.

It’s a three-part drama with a Hollywood star in the leading role and one of TV’s biggest creative forces at the helm.

The problem for fans is that Nolly is only available on TV in the UK. This means that if you live or work abroad, or are travelling for any reason, you will have to miss out.

Or will you? Because in this guide, we are going to show you how to stream Nolly from absolutely anywhere live or on-demand.

All you need is a bit of help, and we are going to tell you everything you need to know.

Where is Nolly being shown?

Nolly is being broadcast on ITV in the UK and it will also be streamed on the newly rebranded ITV X streaming platform too.

For overseas viewers, ITV X is, unfortunately, blocked. So that means if you’re off on holiday for 2 weeks you would ordinarily miss out.

But there is a clever little tool that you can use to unblock ITVX and watch Nolly, and indeed any other ITV show you are interested in, from absolutely anywhere.

How do I watch Nolly where I am?

If you are outside the UK for any reason and want to stream Nolly live or on-demand on ITV, you can do so with the help of a VPN.

A VPN, or virtual private network to give it its full name, is primarily an online security and privacy app. But a quirk of how it works means that it is also able to unblock streaming services like ITV X too.

A VPN works by redirecting your data via an external server which can be located anywhere in the world. When you connect to a server in a certain country, a side effect of this is that it makes websites and services in that country think you are based there even when you aren’t.

So, if you connect to a VPN server located in the UK, you can make streaming services like ITV X think you are in the United Kingdom even when you aren’t.

Where to get a VPN?

Choosing a VPN is tough because there are hundreds of VPNs available, and it is important to choose the right one.

To stream Nolly and other shows on ITV X overseas, you will need a VPN provider that offers;

  • Plenty of UK-based ‘servers’
  • Fast connection speeds
  • Apps that will work on all the devices you might use to watch

The best VPN to choose for this is ExpressVPN.

It ticks all of these boxes and also comes with an impressive 30-day money-back guarantee, which gives you loads of time to try before you commit your money.

If, for any reason, you want to shop around, two alternative VPN services you might want to consider are NordVPN and Surfshark VPN.

They do everything we have detailed above too and also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. The choice is yours!

30-day money back guarantee

How to stream Nolly in any country

Once you have chosen your VPN, all you have to do is set things up to stream Nolly on ITV X where you are.

This is a much easier process than you might think. To help, we have compiled this simple step-by-step guide for you to follow:

Step 1

Visit the ExpressVPN website and sign up for your preferred package. Take the 12-month deal, which will save you 49% and give you an extra three months for free.

Step 2

Download the ExpressVPN app. Be sure to do this from either the ExpressVPN website or your device’s official app store for security reasons.

Step 3

Open the app and log in to your ExpressVPN account using the details given to you at the end of step 1.

Step 4

Connect to a server located in the UK. You can do this by clicking Selected Location and then choosing the United Kingdom.

Press the Connect button and then just wait a few seconds for ExpressVPN to get you connected.

ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Stream the show anywhere with ExpressVPN.

Step 5

Open the ITV X website or app, search for Nolly, and enjoy this curiously compelling drama.

30-day money back guarantee

What is Nolly all about?

Nolly is the story of Noele Gordon, who you probably have never heard of. But she was one of the stars of the soap opera Crossroads, which was a big deal back in the 1970s and 1980s.

But her career was brought to an unceremonious end when she was sacked from Crossroads at the very height of its fame. The reasons for her sacking are complicated but there are hints here that she was taken down because she was a woman who refused to go along with the establishment rules.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Nolly was a force of nature as seen in her press conference announcing her departure in which she was told to say she had quit, but went out and told the exact truth instead.

Nolly has been created by British TV behemoth Russell T Davies (It’s a Sin, Doctor Who).

He said of the show to the Radio Times, “It’s quite an extraordinary story, and quite an eccentric story… It’s very mad in places… It’s also genuinely about the hard work of making a soap opera… Those actors work so phenomenally hard and never get appreciated for it, so I hope it’s waving a flag for all of them.”

This is a truly special show about a remarkable woman and fans of all soaps, not just Crossroads, will be fascinated by the insight it provides.

Who stars in Nolly?

The title role in Nolly, that of Noele Gordon, is played by Hollywood star and British acting royalty, Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter; The Crown).

While there is no denying that this is a Bonham Carter vehicle (and she does excel in the role), there is also a superb ensemble cast behind her as well.

This includes Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, The League of Gentlemen) as Larry Grayson, Con O’Neill (Chernobyl; The Batman), Max Brown (Downton Abbey; The Tudors), Bethany Antonia (Get Even; House of the Dragon), and Antonia Bernath (Elvis; The Astronaut Wives Club).


Nolly tells the story of a legend of the soap opera world and a true force of nature being driven out of her job by forces beyond her control and for reasons that these days would result in a high-profile employment tribunal.

It’s a must watch for fans of all soaps and for those who love Russel T Davies and Helena Bonham Carter too, as both are in sparkling form here.

It is being streamed on ITV X, but if you are outside the UK you will find this service blocked and will need a VPN to unblock it.

To do this, just sign up for ExpressVPN, download the app, log in, connect to a UK-based server, and then enjoy this terrific three-part drama.


Quick to set up

Money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

ExpressVPN interface with offer

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