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Netflix is the best streaming platform and if you’re like me, you probably watch more regularly than you would like to admit.

The problem is, sometimes you can sit there for hours on end looking for something to watch, especially if, like me, you have binged almost all of the best TV shows and movies available on there.

One of the best Netflix libraries out there is Netflix Germany, however as you may have guessed it’s only available to those living in Germany.

What would you say if I had a way you could watch Netflix Germany from wherever you are in the world, no matter what country you’re currently in? – sounds great, doesn’t it?

In this article, I’ll be showing you exactly how to unlock Netflix Germany and any other Netflix region giving you access to thousands of hours of extra movies and TV shows all available with your regular Netflix account.

For this, you’ll need a ‘VPN app‘. We’ll be taking a closer look at ExpressVPN, the world’s leading VPN app for use with Netflix that brings you crystal clear 4K streams straight to your devices.

Make sure you read through the entire article so that you know precisely what Netflix Germany has to offer you, and how to get yourself set up.

Let’s dive straight in though and get to the good bit.

How to unlock German Netflix

Setting up ExpressVPN is relatively straight forward, follow these 5 steps and you’ll be set up before you can say “Guten tag”.

  1. Start by visiting the ExpressVPN website followed by clicking “Get ExpressVPN“. Select a VPN package such as their 12 month VPN package that comes with 3 free months (talk about a bargain).
  2. Enter your email address and select a payment method followed by entering your payment information. Complete your VPN purchase by clicking “Join Now“.
  3. Download the ExpressVPN app from your app store or from the ExpressVPN site, then log in using your email address and password or activation code. You can find the activation in your account area.
  4. Select Germany from the country select list and tap Connect.
  5. Head over to the Netflix app or website and you’ll not have access to the exclusive German content.

ExpressVPN Germany

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How a VPN works

A VPN is an app that you can download to your device to encrypt all of your private internet data. It can also be used to unblock restricted content too, which is why it works so well to unblock Netflix regions.

Without getting too technical, a VPN works by sending your internet connection to another country and back again.

Doing so virtually changes your location and tricks websites such as Netflix into thinking you are in another country.

In this instance, by connecting to a German server, you’ll have unrestricted access to any German content that was previously restricted to you. This little trick works with pretty much any region around the world, who doesn’t want more content at their fingertips?

As we previously mentioned, ExpressVPN is leading the way when it comes to VPN technology. They are secure, reliable, ultra-fast, and have a great price point. But there are alternatives which we’ll cover below.

Alternative VPN services

If you want to have a look around the VPN market, then I highly recommend that you take a look at NordVPN or Surfshark.

These VPN services are up at the top with ExpressVPN when it comes to accessing regionally blocked streaming platforms, especially Netflix.

It’s worth noting that not all VPNs work with Netflix, but ExpressVPN, Surfshark VPN, and NordVPN have passed our tests every time.

Which you choose is entirely your decision.

What is on Netflix Germany?

Netflix Germany has a large selection of excellent exclusive content that is a must-watch. Some of these at the moment are:

Movies: Official Secret, Judy, The House That Jack Built, Super Mario Bros, Kiss The Dragon, A Fist Full Of Dollars, Supersize Me, Lammbock, Babel, and many others.

TV shows: Spotlight, Like a Stranger, Dead End, Into The Wild: Luke In Canada, Tornado, Hindenburg, Lone Wolf, The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and lots more.

Whatever your taste there will be something that you will enjoy watching on Netflix Germany.

There is also a huge selection of German content which you can add subtitles to if you don’t speak German.

Overall, I’ve found Netflix Germany to be very entertaining and is a great addition to my repertoire. Best of all you can always change what region you’re connected to so that you can access even more content.


Netflix is a brilliant online streaming platform full of movies and TV shows to watch at the click of a button.

However, Netflix often holds back so much content from you due to regional restrictions. Netflix Germany offers a library packed full of top quality video content that you’re missing out on.

To unlock Netflix Germany, you need to use a VPN from ExpressVPN.

By using ExpressVPN, you’ll be able to access the German Netflix library and many other regional libraries from across the globe, giving you access to tens of thousands of hours worth of additional content.

What have you been watching on German Netflix? I would love to know so drop me a comment below.

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