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The UEFA Nations League is the newest international football competition and I’ll be showing you how you can watch from anywhere in the world.

The UEFA Nations League is a brand new competition from UEFA that replaces the boring old friendlies that no-one cared about.

In an effort to give some life to international competition outside of the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship the football association has introduced the Nations League.

The Nations League sees all members of the European football association pitted against each other. It runs from September until June.

If you’ve been trying to find a reliable way to watch the competition then you’re probably out of luck. Especially if you’re trying to watch outside Europe where there is little coverage.

Below I’ll be showing you the really simple method which will let you watch the UEFA Nations League in any country in the world.

What you need to watch the Nations League

To watch the UEFA Nations League you’ll need to get yourself a VPN app from a provider like CyberGhost VPN.

A VPN is a small app that allows you to change your location.

In some countries the UEFA Nations League is shown for free online. This is on completely legitimate streams so there are no sketchy websites involved.

Russia is one such example. They show a selection of the Nations League matches live on the MatchTV network and you can watch these anywhere in the world. You will however need a VPN app otherwise you’ll be blocked.

If you’re a football fan then this is great because it not only means you can watch your home nation, but you can also watch all the other nations too.

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Where to get a VPN to watch the Nations League

There are quite a few VPN services out there, in fact, there are more than 600 at current count. I’ve been testing quite a few of them and found some just too slow for video.

The last thing you want as someone is about to score a goal is buffering. That’s why I recommend CyberGhost. They’re fast and you won’t experience any buffering.

There are a couple of other good VPN services out there too so if you want to have a look around first then check out these three:

  1. CyberGhost VPN
  2. VyprVPN
  3. Surfshark

You can choose any of the above but I recommend CyberGhost.

How to watch the UEFA Nations League online

Hopefully by now you’ve decided on one of the three providers above.

Now you’ll be ready to get their VPN app and watch the UEFA Nations League.

This is a really simple process and one I’ve summarised below. I’ve been using my recommended provider CyberGhost but you’ll be able to adapt these steps to any of the three from above.

Don’t forget to skip the first step if you’ve already signed up.

  1. Visit the CyberGhost website by clicking here and sign up for one of their subscription packages. Skip this step if you’ve already signed up.
  2. Grab their app from the ‘VPN apps’ section of their website or your usual app store by searching ‘CyberGhost’.
  3. Open the app and login when needed.
  4. Press the arrow next to ‘Best Server Location‘.
  5. From ‘All Servers’ locate and click on Russia.
  6. Press ‘Connect‘ if the app doesn’t automatically connect for you.
  7. Visit the MatchTV Live stream page to watch live.
CyberGhost VPN connecting to Russia

Watch the UEFA Nations League free using CyberGhost.

You can now watch most UEFA Nations League game live and online in your country.

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UEFA Nations League Fixtures

  • Sep – Nov: Group Stages
  • 5-6 Jun: Semi-Final
  • 9 Jun: Final

In Summary

Football fans can watch the UEFA Nations League simply by getting a VPN service.

Sign up for the CyberGhost service and download their app. Then connect to Russia.

Now head over to the MatchTV streaming page to watch an official, live stream.

Ready to watch the UEFA Nations League

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