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My Kitchen Rules is one of the best cooking shows in Australia but if you’re overseas travelling then watching it is near impossible.

Although MKR is popular in Australia, it’s not shown in most other countries.

This means by the time you’re back on Aussie soil you’ve either missed it, had it spoilt by online spoilers and friends talking about it or you’ve got a backlog of so many 1 hour+ long shows that it’s impossible to find the time to catch up.

However, it doesn’t need to be like that because there’s an effortless way you can watch My Kitchen Rules wherever you are in the world.

For this, you’ll need a ‘VPN’ app. It will allow you to watch on the beach in Bali, the mountains of Chiang Mai, rainy England, sunny California or even after a long day of sightseeing around Paris.

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll be able to watch MKR and this is the guide for you!

What you’ll need to watch MKR outside Australia

Seven Network shows My Kitchen Rules in Australia and they also show it live or on catch-up on their 7Plus service.

When you’re outside Australia, 7Plus will be blocked, both their website and their app. The reason for this is because they know you’re outside Australia and something about “rights”, “regions” and all that legal jargon you probably care less about.

By using a ‘VPN’ app you can change your online location so to 7Plus it appears like you’re in Australia when in reality you can be anywhere in the world.

There are loads of VPN apps out there but the best is ExpressVPN. They work well with 7Plus unlike some of the others and they’re super-easy to use which is a bonus as it will take you hardly any time to set up.

There are a few other good choices too so if you’ve got time to shop around then consider both NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN.

Below I’ve broken it down into steps showing you how you can watch MKR outside Australia. Just follow them and you’ll be watching in no time (well, watching in a couple of minutes anyway!)

Step 1: Sign-up

You first need to sign up for one of the VPN apps described above.

I recommend you sign up to ExpressVPN as that’s the VPN app I’ve been using to watch MKR. However, the other two listed above also work well.

TIP: It’s 49% cheaper to sign up to ExpressVPN for 1-year instead of paying monthly.

Don’t be tempted to sign up to any random VPN app you find on Google because many don’t work or will be blocked from accessing 7Plus. The same with ‘free’ services, they generally don’t work or are just too slow, so you end up with buffering and other issues when trying to watch.

30-day money back guarantee

Step 2: Download VPN app

Now you need to download their VPN app.

If you want to watch on a tablet/phone, then you should visit your usual app store and search ‘ExpressVPN’ or the name of the VPN service you signed up to.

Watching on a computer/laptop is probably the easiest choice and you can download the ExpressVPN app directly from their website. You’ll find it under the ‘Products’ section. For the other services, you’ll find it in a similar area such as ‘Apps’ or ‘VPN Apps’ on their respective sites.

ExpressVPN products menu

Download the VPN app.

Step 3: Install & Login

You now need to install the app if you haven’t already.

The first time you open it, you’ll need to login. Use the account details you created when you signed up for their service.

If you’re using a computer then with ExpressVPN you’ll need to activate it. You can find the activation code in your welcome email or the ‘My Account’ area of the ExpressVPN website.

Step 4: Connect to Australia

Now you’ve got the app open you’ll need to connect to Australia.

Either press ‘Choose Location‘ (1) or the ‘‘ button next to Selected location.

Then press ‘All‘ (2), ‘Asia Pacific‘ and finally press on ‘Australia‘ (3).

You may need to press ‘Connect’ alternatively the app will automatically start to connect for you depending on what device you’re using.

ExpressVPN windows application

Connect to Australia on the ExpressVPN app.

Step 5: Enjoy watching MKR

When the VPN app is connected, you’re almost done.

All that’s left to do now is either visit the 7Plus website and click the ‘My Kitchen Rules’ link or you can watch on the 7Plus app if you’ve got it installed on your tablet or phone.

You can watch MKR either ‘live’ as it’s shown on Network Seven in Australia or if you prefer to watch on ‘catch-up’ then you can find most of the latest season’s episodes available to stream at a time convenient to you.

30-day money back guarantee

How to install the 7Plus app if you don’t have it

Without question, the easiest way to watch My Kitchen Rules outside Australia is to do so on a computer or laptop. You only need the VPN app and nothing more. You can then view on the 7Plus website.

If you prefer to kick back and watch on your tablet or phone then you’re going to need to install 7Plus’ app.

If you’ve got an Aussie registered device then you should be able to install it from your regular app store. If you’ve been outside Australia a long time or you bought your device overseas, then you’ll probably find you’ll be blocked from installing it.

For Android devices this isn’t too much of a problem and you can install the 7Plus app by using your web-browser and downloading the app from:

If you’re using an Apple iOS device such as the iPhone or iPad, then watch this video or follow this guide which shows you how you can install the 7Plus app outside Australia.

What’s My Kitchen Rules all about

If you don’t know what MKR is about or you’ve never heard of My Kitchen Rules then ask yourself if you’re even from ‘straya?

After MasterChef, it’s Australia’s most loved cooking show.

Running for over ten seasons, it kicked off in 2010 and has been aired every year since. Taking cooking teams from each state this Pete Evans and Manu Feildel hosted show pits 2-person teams against each other to discover who’s the crème de la crème.

The show has scored high ratings every year since it’s inception and is one of Australia’s highest rated television shows.

In Summary: What you need

Watching My Kitchen Rules outside Australia couldn’t be simpler.

All you’ll need is a VPN app from ExpressVPN. It costs a couple of US Dollars per month and once you’ve signed up and downloaded their app you should connect to Australia.

You’ll then be able to watch MKR outside Australia on any device in any country.

Watch MKR outside Australia

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