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Could this be the year that Liverpool finally end their 28 year league winning drought and take the title or will Man City reign supreme?

Well, who knows, but what we do know is the Man City v Liverpool match is one of the most crucial of the season.

While Liverpool currently sits 10 points ahead of City before they face Southampton the winner of the City v Liverpool match could determine the season’s champion.

So with such an important game at stake lets turn our attention to where you’re going to watch the showdown. Depending on what country you’re in will depend what kind of access you get to watch the Man City v Liverpool game.

In most countries, it’s only available on cable networks that you may not subscribe to. In other countries it’s not shown at all.

You’ll be pleased to know there’s a way you can watch the entire match for free anywhere in the world and it doesn’t require you to visit any sketchy websites or download any dodgy apps. Below I’ll show you how.

What you need to watch the match

To watch the Man City v Liverpool match you’ll need to download a VPN app. There are loads available but I recommend using ExpressVPN.

A VPN is an app that helps you protect your online privacy and it does this by disguising your real location. They’re also completely legal if you’re wondering.

There are few other good VPN apps out there and my top 3 recommendations are:

  1. ExpressVPN – Other readers recommend
  2. NordVPN
  3. IPVanish

Your first job is to sign up for one of the above providers. They each cost a couple of dollars but they have up to 30-day money back guarantees allowing you to test the service and watch the match without risk.

Best of all the VPN isn’t wasted either because you can watch other EPL matches and games from other leagues for free using the same VPN app.

Next, follow one of the sections below to watch on your favourite type of device.

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Watch on a Computer

To watch Man City take on Liverpool on Thursday on your computer or laptop follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for one of the VPN apps above, for example, ExpressVPN by clicking here.
  2. Go to the ‘Products’ section of their website and download their Windows or Mac OS app.
  3. Open it and login.
  4. Press ‘Choose Location‘ then ‘All‘, ‘Europe‘ and then ‘Russia‘.
  5. Press ‘Connect‘.
  6. Once the app has connected open a web-browser at the time of the match and visit MatchTV.
ExpressVPN Russia

Watch Man City v Liverpool free on your computer.

You can now watch the entire match live and for free.

30-day money back guarantee

Watch on a Tablet or Phone

If you prefer to watch the match on a portable device like a Tablet or Phone then follow the steps below for all Android and Apple iOS devices.

  1. Visit one of the VPN providers from above, such as ExpressVPN by clicking here and sign up.
  2. Then go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search ‘ExpressVPN’.
  3. Download and install the app.
  4. Open it and login.
  5. Press the ‘‘ next to ‘Selected Location’.
  6. Then press ‘All Locations‘, ‘Europe‘ and then ‘Russia‘.
  7. Wait for the app to connect.
  8. Once it’s connected open a web-browser app and visit MatchTV at the time of the game.
Watch Man City v Liverpool on mobile

Watch the match on your tablet or phone.

You can now stream the game live on your tablet or mobile phone.

30-day money back guarantee

Watch on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you want to watch the match in all its glory on your big screen TV then the best way to do so is to watch using an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

After all, who doesn’t want to see the likes of Salah, Firmino, Agüero & Sterling scoring on the big screen?

Just follow the steps to watch on your Amazon device:

  1. Sign up for one of the VPN apps recommend above such as ExpressVPN by clicking here using your computer, tablet or phone.
  2. Go to your Fire TV Stick and use the search icon to search ‘ExpressVPN’.
  3. Press to Get or Download the app.
  4. Press Home and then click on the ExpressVPN app.ExpressVPN Firestick
  5. Press ‘Choose Location‘.
  6. Then press right to ‘All‘ and scroll down to find ‘Russia‘ and click on it.
  7. Once the app has connected press ‘Home‘.
  8. Then open either Silk Browser (Internet) or Firefox and visit the Match TV website by entering this URL:

You can now watch the Man City v Liverpool match live at kick-off.

30-day money back guarantee

When is Man City v Liverpool shown on TV

Man City face Liverpool at home at the City of Manchester stadium on Thursday, 3rd January 2018.

Kick-off will take place at 8 pm GMT (UK Time). Around the world that’s:

  • New York, US – 3 pm
  • Germany – 9 pm
  • Russia – 11 pm
  • Thailand – 3 am (4th)
  • Japan – 5 am (4th)
  • Sydney, Australia – 7 am (4th)
  • New Zealand – 9 am (4th)

For kick-off times in other time zones use a website such as The Time Zone Converter.

Man City v Liverpool predictions

Both Manchester City and Liverpool started the season with one goal in mind and that was to win the Premier League.

Man City was slightly ahead until December looking unstoppable with a huge goal difference. Liverpool, on the other hand, won games more cautiously with lower scorelines.

However, in the past few weeks, Man City have suffered somewhat of a blip allowing Spurs to jump ahead of them after losing to Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Leicester.

Liverpool on the other hand brushed aside Bournemouth, Man United, Wolves, Newcastle and yesterday, Arsenal.

Online statistics still show Man City favourite to win this match with a 45% likely to win, 26% a draw and just 29% for a Liverpool win.

Kevin de Bruyne is questionable to play for Man City leaving them in a weakened state and with Liverpool firing on all guns, it’s going to be a huge showdown.

In Summary: How to watch Man City v Liverpool

You can watch the Man City v Liverpool match completely for free on an official stream.

To do this you’ll need a VPN app from ExpressVPN which lets you watch a free stream from overseas.

Sign up for ExpressVPN and download their app, then connect to Russia. Once you’re connected you can watch all the action live and for free on MatchTV.

Where will you be watching the game from and more importantly, who do you expect to win? I would love to hear your thoughts so drop a comment in the section below.

Watch Man City v Liverpool with ExpressVPN

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