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Getting your Love Island fix in America can be difficult, especially if you’re a massive fan like my wife. It’s why I’ve put this guide together to show you how super easy it is.

If you’ve ever seen the UK’s popular reality show, Love Island or Love Island from one of the other countries – you probably know how interesting and addictive it can be.

The sexy fun summer show became so big that several countries developed versions, including Australia, America, New Zealand, Germany and more.

As usual, all versions of the series are geo-restricted and are only broadcast in their native countries, meaning you can’t watch them in other regions.

However, if you are interested in it, there is a way you can watch it despite restrictions. This guide will work on any country’s show, although we will be focusing on the UK edition.

Tools to watch Love Island in America

As mentioned, the UK’s reality dating show Love Island is only available in the UK.

This is a restriction that the country tends to put on pretty much all of its shows and similar types of content. If you’re in the UK, you can watch it on ITV, or ITV Hub.

If you’re outside of the country, you will not be able to access it anywhere due to geo-restrictions.

To bypass them, you will need a VPN. There are a lot of choices, but I found ExpressVPN to be the best choice.

It is one of the fastest ones, which makes it great for video streaming. You will be able to watch in high quality, avoid buffering, and most importantly — it can unblock the UK’s streaming services, which is a rare ability, even among VPNs.

A string of red love hearts

Alternatively, NordVPN and IPVanish can also do the trick, and the choice is yours.

They’ve also got a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re a little apprehensive so click the button below to get signed up.

30-day money back guarantee

How to watch Love Island in America

Now that you know what you will need, it is time to explain how you can do it.

The process is simple, and all you need to do is follow a few short steps.

  1. Choose a VPN such as our recommendation ExpressVPN.
  2. Go to its website, and sign up for an account.
  3. Download a VPN app for the device and system you plan to use for watching.
  4. Install the app, launch it, and log in.
  5. Press ‘Selected Location‘ and then ‘United Kingdom‘.
  6. Press ‘Connect‘ if needed.
  7. Go to ITV Hub or use their app and create a free account and you will be done.
ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Watch Love Island in America using ExpressVPN.

Of course, if you’re trying to watch another region of Love Island then you would need to select that region and then watch on the appropriate network.

Where can you watch Love Island in America?

A great thing about VPNs is that they can allow you to access anything from any location. Which means there’s plenty more juicy TV content you can be taking advantage of as well as Love Island.

It does not matter in which state, or even in which country you live.

You can be sitting on a beach, or be high up the mountain – as long as you have an internet connection and a VPN, you will be able to unblock anything on the internet including Love Island.

That is the beauty of this technology, it provides you with full online freedom, and removes all of the borders, allowing you to watch anything, at any time, and from any place.

30-day money back guarantee

What is Love Island all about?

Love Island is a rather exciting show which has a goal of connecting the contestants that find each other the most attractive.

As soon as the first ten of them arrive, they get coupled with each other, and as the show progresses, they might even change the partner. The re-coupling occurs once every 4-5 days.

As the show progresses, new contestants may be introduced, as they move into the villa.

Pink love hearts floating

Meanwhile, those who remain single after the recoupling is over have to leave the island. Of course, the public can also affect the outcome through voting.

As you may imagine, the winner of the show is the couple that is the last one to remain in the villa. The winning couple then wins a £50,000 prize with other countries editions offering similar sizeable prizes.

Can I watch Love Island from other countries?

Absolutely. As mentioned, your location in the world does not affect your ability to use a VPN.

This guide would be precisely the same for a person from the US, and a person in Russia, or South Africa, or any other place.

A brief recap

Love Island is the aspirational sexy fun summer show from the UK, and many outside of the country are interested in watching it as well.

Unfortunately, while the show is so popular that it has inspired numerous spin-offs, it is also geo-restricted, so if you’re in America, it can’t be accessed without a VPN.

ExpressVPN is our top choice for this, but you are free to use any VPN you wish. Make sure that it will work with the UK streaming services.

After getting it, the rest is easy, and you will be able to enjoy all the thrills of Love Island in America or wherever you are.

Watch Love Island in America

Beginner-friendly  Watch anywhere Works on all devices

30-day money back guarantee

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