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Are you a fan of rom-com horrors? If so, you’re in for a treat.

Netflix’s latest original TV show, Let’s Fight Ghost released its first two episodes last week and it went down a treat with the Thai Netflix audience.

You’ve probably been wondering, how can you access the show yourself from outside of Thailand?

Let’s Fight Ghost is currently only on the Netflix Thailand library, so if you’re outside of Thailand, you won’t be able to watch the new show without some help.

Luckily for you, I’m here, and I have an easy way for you to unblock the show on your Netflix account.

You’ll need two things to watch Let’s Fight Ghost in your country.

  1. Your regular Netflix account.
  2. A VPN service such as Surfshark VPN.

Before we delve deeper into Surfshark VPN and how it helps you unblock the show, let me give you a quick and easy guide to get you streaming every episode as soon as they’re released.

Can I watch Let’s Fight Ghost?

Yes, you can watch in any country!

Follow these easy steps to unblock Let’s Fight Ghost in a matter of minutes:

  1. Go to the Surfshark VPN website and click on the “Get Surfshark VPN” button. Then select one of their VPN packages and enter your details such as payment information, etc.
  2. Download the Surfshark VPN app from either the Surfshark website or from your device’s app store.
  3. Log in to the app using your username and password.
  4. From the list of countries, choose Thailand and press the Connect button.
  5. Wait for your connection to be made and then visit the Netflix website or use their app. You’ll notice that you can now access ALL of Netflix Thailand’s content, including Let’s Fight Ghost.
Surfshark Thailand

Connect to Thailand on Surfshark.

Congratulations, you can now watch Let’s Fight Ghost in your country.

If you find you can’t play it, simply disconnect and reconnect, which will connect you to another working server.

Note: You can use Surfshark VPN to connect to other Netflix libraries too, such as Netflix US, Netflix UK, and many more.

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How a VPN helps you watch anywhere

So now that you’re set up with a VPN, how does it work?

Unlike the TV show, a VPN doesn’t use any magic or supernatural powers to work. Sure, it would be cool if it did, but unfortunately, the answer is much simpler than that.

By using a VPN, you’ll be sending your internet connection through a location in another country (Thailand). By doing this you’ll be able to make Netflix believe that you’re actually in that region.

This will give you full unrestricted access to any regions’ content without you needing to leave your sofa – how cool is that?!

You’ll be able to unblock Let’s Fight Ghost and thousands of other TV shows from all around the world with just a click of a button.

My go-to VPN service for Netflix is Surfshark VPN, they work incredibly well with many Netflix libraries from all over the world, including Netflix US, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, and more.

What is Let’s Fight Ghost about?

Let’s Fight Ghost is the adaption of the very popular K-Drama, Bring It On, Ghost.

The show follows a High school student Aof who has the remarkable ability to speak with ghosts. In need of a part-time job, Aof puts an ad in the local newspaper saying that he will perform exorcisms and get rid of people’s ghosts.

It doesn’t take long before he gets his first few jobs dealing with ghosts.

During one of the jobs, he ends up fighting the ghost of a schoolgirl, in the fight, they accidentally kiss, which sets off a romantic journey between the two.

Relationships are hard enough, nevermind being in love with a ghost… surely it can’t work out, can it?

It’s worth noting that the show’s language is Thai, but there are English subtitles available if you don’t speak Thai…or perhaps you want to watch the show with your non-Thai-speaking friends and family.

When is it on Netflix?

Let’s Fight Ghost was released on Netflix on the 3rd March 2021 and will continue to air 2 episodes per week every Wednesday and Thursday.

The show’s season finale will be released on the 6th May 2021 and will be very climatic, so make sure you’ve caught up with them all before then.

It’s unlikely the show will air on international Netflix until well after the last episode has aired on Thai Netflix.

Who stars in Let’s Fight Ghost?

SaintSuppapong Udomkaewkanjana – He is a viral star who is best known for his singing and rapping and has starred in Why R U?, Love By Chance, and My Love From Another Star.

Orn” Patchanan Jiajirachote – She is best known for being a member of the BNK48 T-Pop band, but she has also starred in Love Pharmacy, Look Lek Dek Chop Yok, Where We Belong, and One Take.

Junior” Kornrawich Sungkibool – He’s best known for participating in the Thai singing show The Star, but has also been in many movies and shows such as Girl2k, Slam Dance, The Scar, Hipster Or Loser, and Chai Mai Jing Ying Tae.

Mind” Waratthaya Wongchayaporn – She is the former Miss Universe Thailand 2012 and has starred in shows such as Bangkok Breaking, Unlucky Ploy, Oh My Ghost, and Nang Barb.


To unblock the highly anticipated Thai romantic comedy-drama Let’s Fight Ghost on Netflix, you’ll need to gain access to Netflix Thailand.

Doing so is rather easy if you use a VPN such as Surfshark VPN, which is one of the world’s leading VPNs for unblocking Netflix regions.

Get Surfshark VPN now and you’ll be able to watch Let’s Fight Ghost every Wednesday and Thursday without needing to fly to Thailand to access the show.

Ready to start watching?

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