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In this guide I’m going to show you the easiest way to watch ITV abroad. If you’re not in the UK and you want to watch ITV then this guide is for you.

ITV is one of the better channels in the UK and shows some top programmes. It has something for everyone from Loose Women and Coronation Street through to documentaries about Heathrow airport and reality TV shows like the Real Housewives of Cheshire.

If you’re an ITV fan and you’re not in the UK then you’ll be disappointed to discover it’s not available and their online services are blocked.

Below I’ll show you the easiest and most reliable way to watch ITV abroad on any type of device.

Watch ITV abroad

Without question, the easiest way to watch ITV abroad is using their online player called ITV Hub. This was formally known as ITV Player.

Getting the ITV channel live on your TV through a subscription package in most countries is impossible so you’ll need to stick with the internet service ITV Hub.

It’s not a big issue because ITV Hub shows both live and catch-up TV for all the ITV channels 1 – 4 and the kids channels too.

If you’ve already visited ITV Hub then you’ll know you’re blocked from viewing. To avoid this block you’ll need to get yourself a VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

VPN is a legal privacy tool that lets you change the location your internet connection reports it’s in. If for example you’re in Australia, you can make it appear as if you’re in the UK.

VPN services provide simple apps for computers, laptops, tablets, phones and even the Amazon Fire TV and Firestick and within just a few clicks you can be watching ITV abroad anywhere in the world.

How to watch ITV abroad Step-by-Step

You’ll first need to choose a VPN service. There are hundreds out there and the amount of choice can be confusing. Not all work with ITV either.

Three I’ve tested and find the best for watching ITV abroad are:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN

In the example below I’m using ExpressVPN because they work with a larger range of devices but you can choose any of the three above.

How to watch ITV abroad Step-by-Step:

  1. Visit your chosen VPN service for example ExpressVPN by clicking here and sign up for their service.
  2. Once you’ve signed up go to the Products or My Account section and download and install the correct app for your type of device.
  3. Open the app and login when required. You’ll either need your email and password or the activation code which you can find in the My Account section of the ExpressVPN website.
  4. Press Selected Location and then press on United Kingdom.
  5. The app will automatically connect for you but if it doesn’t click the large Connect button.
  6. Once the app has connected visit the ITV Hub website or open the ITV app and you’ll be able to watch live or on catch-up.
ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Stream ITV anywhere in the world.

The ITV website or app will now think you’re in the UK even though you could be in France, Spain, America, Australia or anywhere else in the world.

If you’ve got an ITV account you can simply login. If you don’t have an ITV account then you’ll need to create one and supply a UK Post Code.

You can use any UK Post Code. You can use any of the following : PH1 2DP, OL4 4LG, S33 6RW or OX28 1FX

When you’ve finished watching ITV you can simply disconnect and your connection returns to normal.

How to download the ITV app outside the UK

If you’re outside the UK and you want to watch ITV on a mobile or tablet device then you’ll need to install their app.

The best course of action is to try to install ITV Hub from your regular app store.

In many cases this won’t be possible because you’re outside the UK.

In that case you’ll need to install the ITV Hub app via a different method. On an Android device this is simple. Open your web-browser and visit:

You can download the ITV Hub app directly for your Android device.

If you’ve got an Apple iPhone or iPad then the process is a little more complicated. You’ll need to refer to a guide such as this one.

How to watch ITV on my Smart TV or ‘Other Device’

If you’ve got a device that doesn’t accept VPN apps such as a Smart TV then you’ll need to look into a hardware solution.

Possibly the easiest option is to buy an Amazon Fire TV or Firestick and install the ExpressVPN app on it. That way you can unblock the ITV app available for it and watch on your TV. It’s a hassle-free and cheap solution to watch ITV abroad on your TV.

For this you’ll need to buy an Amazon Fire TV or Firestick and install the free ITV app and sign-up for ExpressVPN who offer an Amazon app for both devices.

If that’s not a viable solution then the alternative is to buy a hardware VPN router which means your TV or other device doesn’t need to be compatible with VPN because the hardware router takes care of it.

For this I recommend you buy an InvizBox 2 which will create a new Wi-Fi or Wired hotspot for you to connect to that will unblock ITV on your Smart TV or other device.

Recap How to watch ITV Abroad

To watch ITV Abroad you’ll need to get yourself a VPN app. VPN apps work for nearly all types of devices which will enable you to watch ITV abroad from any country.

My recommended VPN service is ExpressVPN because they support a larger range of devices. You can get ExpressVPN by clicking the button below.

Once you’ve signed up for their service download and install the correct app for your type of device. On the app connect to the United Kingdom.

You’re now able to watch ITV abroad on their website or on one of the ITV apps.

What’s your favourite programme on ITV? I would love to know why you want to watch ITV abroad, why not let me know in the comments section below?


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  1. Over the last few months I have tries 3 different VPN providers and ITVHub still refuses to allow me to watch Live Tv in Spain. What can i do now?

    • Chris Chris says:

      Hi David,

      Just double-checked using ExpressVPN and their ‘East London’ server. Working fine for ITV Hub ‘Live’. What type of device are you using? You could also try using ExpressVPN and watching via as that will also allow you to watch ‘live’ TV.

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