How to watch Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse on Netflix

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Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse is easily one of the best-animated movies of 2018, and if you did not watch it yet, you missed out on an instant classic.

In this guide I’ll be showing you how you can watch this classic on Netflix.

The movie saw huge popularity, it won six industry awards, and it is great for old and new fans.

Luckily for you, it is available on Netflix, although, depending on your location – you might not be able to watch it without some additional tools.

If you are interested, we are about to show you how to bypass Netflix’s restrictions with ease and watch this movie in only a few minutes.

What is Into the Spider-verse?

Before we delve right into how to watch Spider-verse, let’s explain a bit more about the cult-movie. If you already know, skip to the next section.

As mentioned, Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse is an animated Spider-man movie by Sony Pictures which does not exactly fit in the marvel cinematic universe (MCU) timeline, like Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Instead, it exists as its own film, but that does not make it any less fantastic. It follows Miles Morales, who becomes Spider-Man after Peter Parker’s untimely death. There’s also Spider Ham as you can see above.

He was bitten by a radioactive spider from a different universe, and he became the spiderman of Earth 616, which is the prime universe (the one we live in).

After going through his transformation, he gets to learn from five other versions of spider man from other universes. That’s a lot of spider men I know!

There’s also a ton of easter eggs dotted throughout the movie which are fun spotting.

What do you need to watch on Netflix?

If the film sounds interesting, if a bit complicated, don’t worry, you will catch on quickly.

However, to watch it you will need access to the US version of Netflix, since the service does not offer the same content to every region, and this movie is currently only available in the US.

To reach it, you will need a VPN.

There is a lot of choose from with ExpressVPN being the best due to its high speeds, security features, low price, and 30-day money back guarantee.

Alternatively, NordVPN or CyberGhost plus a few others will also be suitable, and the choice is yours.

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How to watch: Step-by-Step guide

After choosing a VPN, there are a few easy steps left, and you will be able to watch the movie in only a few minutes.

The additional steps are as follows:

  1. Go to your chosen VPN’s website such as ExpressVPN and sign up
  2. Choose one of their subscription packages and complete sign up.
  3. Download their app for your device.
  4. Install the app, and launch it then login with your account details.
  5. Press the ‘‘ next to Selected Location and then choose ‘United States‘.
  6. Press ‘Connect‘ if the app doesn’t start connecting automatically.
  7. Visit Netflix, search ‘Spider-verse’ and enjoy the movie.
ExpressVPN desktop app showing United States

Watch Spider-verse on Netflix with ExpressVPN.

Who stars in Into the Spider-verse?

The star of the show is none other than Shameik Moore, a 24-year-old actor/singer from Atlanta.

He also appeared in The Pretenders, the Incredible Crew TV series, as well as The Get Down TV series, among other shows and movies.

The role of Peter Parker went to Jake Johnson, while Gwen Stacy’s character was brought to life by Hailee Steinfeld.

Other notable characters include Uncle Aaron, voiced by Mahershala Ali, Aunt May (Lily Tomlin), Mary Jane (Zoe Kravitz), Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage), Peni Parker (Kimiko Glenn), Spired-Ham (John Mulaney), another Peter Parker (Chris Pine), and others.

An interesting fact is Tom Holland almost made it into the movie but was cut much to his sadness.

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Is using a VPN to unblock Netflix legal?

First of all, let us point out that we are not lawyers, so don’t take this as legal advice.

However, from all we know right now – yes, unblocking Netflix with a VPN is legal.

Spiderman logo

It might go against some of Netflix’s policies, but it is unlikely that you will suffer any fate worse than finding the VPN service blocked from accessing Netflix one day.

There are no reports of anyone having their Netflix account locked or anything sinister.

The use of a VPN itself is fully legal to use, that much we know for sure. The view of VPNs is as security apps that you can use whenever you like. As for unblocking Netflix, as mentioned – the service might not like it, but we do not know of any law that you’d break if you unblock it anyway.

However, you should consult relevant legal advice in your own country to understand the laws if you’re concerned.


Now you know Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has come to Netflix it’s time to get watching.

It is undoubtedly worth streaming if you like big screen or cult superhero movies or you’re a fan of Stan Lee, and we highly recommend it. With that said, you might not have access to it on your region of Netflix.

This is the situation in which we find ourselves in due to geo-restrictions, and one that can only be bypassed safely through VPN use.

You can use any VPN you want, only keep in mind that a rare few still work with Netflix, as the service tends to block them.

For this reason, we recommend ExpressVPN. Get signed up, grab their app, connect to the United States and enjoy Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse anywhere in the world.

Watch Into the Spider-verse anywhere

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