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If you’ve been looking for a blockbuster movie like no other, then Interstellar certainly fits the bill. It’s one of the best looking movies I’ve ever seen and is a feast for the eyes.

The problem is unless you have an expensive cable subscription, it’s difficult to find online. This begs the question, “Is Interstellar on Netflix?“.

In this article, you’ll discover the answer and how to watch Interstellar anywhere.

Where can I find Interstellar?

Unfortunately, Interstellar is only available in a handful of Netflix regions, such as the French and German Netflix catalogues.

If you live outside these countries in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else, you won’t have access to Interstellar on Netflix.

But don’t worry, because there’s a simple way to unblock it and watch where you are.

How do I watch Interstellar anywhere?

Unblocking Interstellar on Netflix in your country is simple; you need a VPN app.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are one of the best ways to unblock regionally locked content such as Netflix movies without any complicated setup.

VPNs are simple to use and unblock restricted websites in a few clicks; it really is that easy.

They work by changing your online location. An example would be using your VPN to connect to a French location to watch Interstellar on French Netflix, even though you’re in the UK.

Where to get a VPN?

The number of VPNs available online is forever increasing; however, many aren’t worth the hassle.

Luckily for you, I’ve tested the top VPNs around and found ExpressVPN to be the best service for unblocking Netflix content such as Interstellar.

ExpressVPN is fast, reliable, and easy to use, with over 3000+ connections available worldwide. Their incredible connection speeds mean no more pixelated images and no annoying buffering during your Netflix binges.

Along with the above, they have excellent deals and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You might want to consider two other VPN services: NordVPN and Surfshark VPN. The choice is entirely yours.

30-day money back guarantee

How to watch Interstellar on Netflix

To unblock this space travelling masterpiece, you need to follow these steps. I’ll be using ExpressVPN as an example in this quick step by step.

Step 1

Head to ExpressVPN and sign up for their VPN service. Currently, they offer an outstanding deal on their 12-month package giving you three additional months free and 49% off.

Step 2

Open your app store, download the ExpressVPN app, and log in. The app is available on the ExpressVPN website too.

Step 3

Choose a location to connect to. To unblock Interstellar, click Selected Location, choose France, and click the Connect button.

ExpressVPN connecting to France

Unlock this movie and more with ExpressVPN.

Step 4

Go to Netflix (either the app or website) and log into your Netflix account.

Step 5

Search for Interstellar and enjoy watching one of the best space-faring movies of all time.

30-day money back guarantee

What’s Interstellar all about?

In 2067 the Earth is entirely uninhabitable due to humanity abusing the planet over the years. Dust storms are the main threat, blocking out the sun, and causing damage to crops worldwide.

Ex-NASA pilot Joseph Cooper is given the task of taking what seems like a one way trip across the galaxy along with a small team of researchers in a bid to find a new planet for humanity.

However, on their journey, they find themselves near a wormhole, and the closer they get to it, the slower time moves for them, meaning years pass on Earth in what’s mere hours for them.

This movie will blow your mind. All of the theories and science mentioned in it are based on real-life scientific findings.

One of the coolest things about this movie is that the simulation of space you see during the film is actually the most high tech simulation ever created. To this day, it’s being used by physicists worldwide to study the effect that black holes have on our universe.

The movie is directed by the brilliant Christopher Nolan, who many have said has redefined what a blockbuster film is. His attention to detail is pretty outstanding and makes the movie one hell of a watch.

If space fascinates you, you NEED to see this movie. The UK’s The Guardian newspaper said, “If it’s spectacle you want, this movie delivers.” (Source)

Check out this trailer to get a taste of what you can be watching.

Who stars in Interstellar?

Matthew McConaughey

This actor has one of the most recognisable voices in all of Hollywood; his Southern drawl is as famous as he is. He’s nothing short of a superstar and has continued to star in hit after hit ever since his acting debut in the ’90s.

His acting style is so versatile it’s impossible to pin him into one type of role. He’s played a massive variety from a fun treasure hunter to a notorious gangster.

Some of his best work is Frailty, The Gentlemen, Sing, Fool’s Gold, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club, The Dark Tower, White Boy Rick, The Lincoln Lawyer, Failure To Launch, and Two For The Money.

Anne Hathaway

This Brooklyn born actress first appeared on our screens during the short-lived TV series Get Real (1999). However, it wasn’t until she starred in The Princess Diaries alongside Julie Andrews that she became a true star in the making.

But, after several years of making “family-friendly” movies, Hathaway moved towards more serious roles wanted to break the good girl image she had portrayed in her previous movies.

Her best movies are The Dark Knight Rises, Love & Other Drugs, Les Miserables, The Witches, Dark Waters, The Hustle, Serenity, Rachel Getting Married, Ocean’s Eight, Rio 2, Brokeback Mountain, Passengers, Valentine’s Day, and Alice In Wonderland.

Jessica Chastain

The North California born actress began her career performing Shakespearean stage productions all over the Californian Bay.

However, after several years she attended Julliard performance school, earning a scholarship from none other than Robin Williams. He saw something in the young actress and invested in her success.

2011 was her breakthrough year; she was nominated for many awards, including an Oscar for her role in The Help.

She’s best known for her roles in Zero Dark Thirty, Molly’s Game, The Tree Of Life, Ava, IT Chapter Two, The 355, The Debt, Lawless, Mama, Miss Julie, and Blackbeard.


If you want to watch humanity’s last hope of survival travel across the universe in a bid to find a new home, you need to use a VPN.

ExpressVPN unblocks Netflix content with ease, giving you unrestricted access to Interstellar and many other restricted movies and shows.

Watch Interstellar on Netflix anywhere by signing up to ExpressVPN. Don’t miss out on their fantastic deals and 30-day money-back guarantee.


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