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Are you a fan of Love Island? If you are, you’ll love Heartbreak Island Australia. It promises to be one of the raunchiest TV shows on air and won’t be short of drama.

However, if you’re hoping to watch the show, you’ll need to be in Australia. If you’re outside, it’s blocked.

Seems unfair, right?

  • Missing out on the latest celeb gossip
  • Not being able to keep up with your friends’ group chat
  • Having the show ruined by spoilers

Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be like this and I can help you out. What I’m about to show you will have you streaming the show in minutes from anywhere worldwide.

Get that group chat gossip ready because you’ll be watching in minutes.

Where is Heartbreak Island Australia being shown?

Heartbreak Island Australia is available to watch on Australian TV Channel 7 and its online platform 7Plus.

Unfortunately, if you’re not down under, you won’t have access to the channel due to regional restrictions.

In the next section, you’ll discover a way around these annoying blocks.

How do I watch Heartbreak Island Australia where I am?

To unblock Heartbreak Island Australia, you need a VPN app.

VPN apps mask your current location and trick websites into thinking you’re in another country. In this instance, you can fool 7Plus into thinking you’re in Australia when you’re not.

The best part is, VPNs are incredibly easy to use and will have you unblocking and streaming the show with one click.

Where to get a VPN?

A quick Google search will show you hundreds of VPNs you can choose from. But which one is the best for unblocking Heartbreak Island Australia?

After testing the top VPNs, I found ExpressVPN to be your best option.

ExpressVPN is one of the few VPNs that work to unblock Australian TV channels (as most won’t). They have incredible connection speeds and excellent VPN apps covering the most popular devices.

What’s more, they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So your investment is risk-free.

Alternatively, you can check out NordVPN or Surfshark VPN, so you have many choices if you want to shop about.

The choice is yours; pick whichever suits your needs best.

30-day money back guarantee

How to stream Heartbreak Island Australia outside Oz

To stream Heartbreak Island Australia in your country, follow these steps:

Step 1

Head to ExpessVPN and sign up for one of their packages. I recommend their 12-month package, which comes with 3 free months and 49% off.

Step 2

Download the ExpressVPN app and log in using your details.

Step 3

Click ‘Selected Location‘ and from the country list, choose ‘Australia‘, then press ‘Connect‘.

ExpressVPN app connecting to Australia

Watch anywhere using ExpressVPN.

Step 4

Pop over to 7Plus and search for Heartbreak Island Australia.

Step 5

Put your sun lotion on, swimwear, and shades, then start streaming the show.

30-day money back guarantee

What’s Heartbreak Island Australia all about?

Heartbreak Island Australia is basically Love Island on steroids.

It places a group of single guys and girls on an island where they put everything on the line to find true love… Oh, and to win a $100,000 cash prize, but I’m sure they’re all in it for finding their true soul mate.

While the groups are on the island, they face numerous challenges that are thrown their way in a bid to not only test the contestants but to test their newly formed relationships with other members of the groups.

TVblackbox called the show “Too hot for TV”, so you know it’s going to be good.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail shared a similar sentiment for the show saying, “things are about to get saucy.”

If you enjoy watching Love Island and can’t get enough of the show, Heartbreak Island Australia should fill the gap in your heart.

Who stars in Heartbreak Island Australia?


Each season of Heartbreak Island Australia has a new cast, so it’s always fresh and exciting. However, some of the most notable characters from the international versions so far are:

Harry Jowsey

This contestant went on to win the first season and has also starred on the Netflix dating show “Too Hot To Handle”. He’s even started his own OnlyFans account… Need I say more?

Georgia Bryers

This 23-year-old graphic design student went on to win the show alongside Harry. They were the first season’s “golden couple”.

Some other contestants to keep an eye out for are:

  • Amber Yee – 25-year-old bar Australian bar manager.
  • Kacey Watson – 23-year-old social media manager and personal trainer.
  • Maiata Boxer – New Zealand-born professional dancer.
  • Chris Burgoon – A real estate agent from the United States.
  • Shamar Sinegal – 21-year-old Chiropractic student and security guard.
  • Kieran Hickey – UK postman.

Plus many others, far too many to list here.


Looking for a TV show to fill the gap while Love Island isn’t on the air? Heartbreak Island Australia is the show for you.

The show is top-rated as it follows a similar format to Love Island. But, it isn’t easy to find online.

It’s currently restricted to Australian viewers only, so if you want to unblock the show, you need to use a VPN app.

ExpressVPN is your best choice.

Sign up for their service, grab their app, connect to Australia and enjoy binging the show wherever you are in the world.


Quick to set up

Money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

ExpressVPN interface with offer

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