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Are you a fan of 90’s hip hop? Then you surely know what Friday is, and no, I’m not talking about the day of the week… I’m on about the 1995 comedy movie starring none other than N.W.A’s Ice Cube.

In this article, I’ll be giving you the rundown on how to unblock the movie on Netflix no matter where you are in the world by using ExpressVPN, one of the world’s leading VPN services.

Not only will ExpressVPN allow you to unblock Netflix shows from around the world, but they will also allow you to access other regionally locked services such as BBC iPlayer, Peacock TV, Disney+, and more.

Before we carry on with the article, let’s cut to the chase and show you how to get yourself set up with ExpressVPN.

Can I watch Friday on Netflix?

Yes, Unlocking Friday on Netflix is simple, follow these five steps and you’ll be watching Craig and Smokey make their way through the hood in minutes.

  1. Go to the ExpressVPN site and tap the “Get ExpressVPN” button, then enter your email address (which will be your username) and move on to the next page.
  2. Next, select a VPN package that suits your needs. I always recommend the longer-term packages as they offer a significant discount compared to the smaller term packages.
  3. Select a payment method and enter your payment details in the space provided, clicking on “Join Now” to complete your purchase.
  4. Download the ExpressVPN app to your device, this can be achieved by visiting your device’s app store or by using the ExpressVPN site. Then log in using your username and password.
  5. Now from the list of countries select United Kingdom and then hit Connect.
  6. It will take a few seconds for the app to connect, you can then head over to Netflix and enjoy streaming Friday.
ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Unlock The Big Short using ExpressVPN.

Grab the popcorn and get ready for a brilliant comedy.

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How does a VPN work?

Say that you want to view something that’s only available in the UK (for example Friday on Netflix), then you’d need to either be in the UK or have access to a UK ‘IP address’.

An IP address is a bit like a phone number and every internet connection has one. They just so happen to reveal your location.

The latter is something that a VPN can help you with. By connecting to a UK VPN server, you’ll be sending your web traffic through an encrypted tunnel to a remote UK server and back again.

This will help you trick services like Netflix into thinking that you’re in the UK, and therefore give you access to Netflix UK and all other British streaming services that are normally blocked such as BBC iPlayer.

As I mentioned previously, ExpressVPN is one of the world’s leading VPN services that offers some of the fastest connection speeds around and one of the most reliable server bases.

Streaming in full 4K won’t be a problem with ExpressVPN. They also offer a huge selection of servers located around the globe, there won’t be a region you can’t unblock.

Alternative VPN services

So, we’ve already spoken about my favourite VPN service, ExpressVPN, but what if you want to shop around a bit?

Well, I have two excellent VPNs for you to take a look at.

NordVPN – One of the most famous VPN services around, they work incredibly well with streaming platforms and offer top connection speeds. What more could you want?

Surfshark VPN – One of the cheapest VPNs on the market, it’s not often you’ll find a quality VPN for the prices that Surfshark VPN offer. Cheap, fast, reliable, Surfshark has your back.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice which VPN you go with, but any of the above will be a perfect choice to stream Friday on Netflix.

What is Friday about?

Friday follows two unemployed stoners (Craig and Smokey) as they venture through South Central L.A’s hood to get $200 to pay back their drug dealer.

Their debt needs to be paid by Friday, which is where the movie takes its name from. Oh, and did I mention that their drug dealers threatened to kill them?

As you can imagine, the pair want to get the debt paid so they can be out of harm’s way, but during the day the pair find themselves in some crazy situations that look set to place them in even more trouble.

Who’s in it?

  • Ice Cube – He is best known for his Rap career with N.W.A. but has starred in XXX: State Of The Union, Are We There Yet?, 21 Jump Street, and Anaconda.
  • Chris Tucker – Best known for Fifth Element, Jackie Brown, Rush Hour Trilogy, House Party 3, and Panther.
  • Nia Long – She’s best known for Boyz N The Hood, Big Momma’s House, The Single Moms Club, Keanu, and Are We Done Yet?.
  • Bernie Mac – This comedic legend is known for Booty Call, Mo Money, Oceans Eleven, Bad Santa, Transformers, and The Players Club.


If Friday isn’t available when you search on Netflix then unblocking it will require you to use a VPN such as ExpressVPN.

This is because the movie is only available on Netflix UK, so if you live elsewhere such as the US you’ll need some help accessing it.

Sign up for ExpressVPN, download their app and connect to the UK. You’ll then be able to stream the movie right now.

Don’t wait for Friday to come, use ExpressVPN now and bring Friday to you.

Ready to start watching?

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