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In this guide I’ll show you the really easy way you can watch Foxtel now abroad. It’s so easy in fact, all it will take is 6 steps and no matter your skill level you’ll be able to do it with ease.

Foxtel Now is the online streaming service from Foxtel. If you don’t want to be tied into expensive cable packages then Foxtel Now is a ‘cord-cutters’ dream. No more contracts and no expensive cable subscriptions.

However, like most online streaming services Foxtel Now is restricted to viewing within Australia only. So what if you go abroad?

If you go abroad you’ll find yourself blocked from watching Foxtel Now even though you’re still paying for it. The good news is it’s really easy to watch Foxtel Now abroad using an app called a VPN and below I’ll show you how.

Watch Foxtel Now outside Australia

If you’re already outside Australia abroad and you’ve tried to access your Foxtel Now account then you’ll know like me that you’re blocked from watching.

Personally, I don’t understand that as you’re paying for the service so you should be able to watch it anywhere. The good news is you can still watch Foxtel Now abroad but you’ll need the help of an extra app called a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A VPN’s main function is to protect your online privacy and as part of this it allows you to disguise your location and appear elsewhere. For the purpose of watching Foxtel Now, appear in Australia.

A VPN will cost you between AU$8 – 11 per month and the longer you sign-up for the cheaper they get. All you need to do is follow the instructions below which show you where to get a VPN app and how to use it to watch Foxtel Now abroad.

How to watch Foxtel Now abroad Step-by-Step:

  1. Visit the VPN provider NordVPN by clicking here and sign-up to their service. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy or can’t get it working.
  2. Click the VPN Apps section of the website and download the correct app for your device.
  3. Install and run the app and then login with the details you created when you signed up for the NordVPN service.
  4. On the map locate and select Australia.
  5. The app should automatically connect for you but if not flick the Connect power switch.
  6. Once connected visit the Foxtel Now website or launch the Foxtel Now app.

NordVPN Australia

You’re now free to watch any of the Foxtel Now TV shows, movies or sports from any country in the world.

When you’ve finished watching Foxtel Now simply press Disconnect on the NordVPN app which can be done by clicking the power button again.

You can also use the same service to watch other Australia TV like 7Plus, SBS On Demand and more.

Are VPNs legal and how do they work

You’re probably wondering if VPN services are even legal with all this trickery going on.

The good news is VPN services are 100% legal in Australia and with the exception of some repressive regimes, they’re legal in nearly every country in the world.

A VPN works by taking the data on your computer, tablet or mobile and encrypting it so no one can read it. It then sends it to another location securely. From there it is passed on to the service you requested.

In the case of watching Foxtel Now abroad, you type the Foxtel Now website on your computer or open the Foxtel App. The VPN app sends this request to its own ‘servers’ in Australia first. The request is then sent on to the Foxtel Now website.

The Foxtel Now website sees the request coming from the VPN services ‘server’ rather than you in the US, Thailand, Bali, the UK or wherever else you are and thinks you’re in Australia.

The request is then sent back to the VPN services ‘server’ in Australia who then pass it back to you in whatever country you’re in. A VPN acts as like a middle-man putting an Australian cloak over your location so no one knows where you really are.

Alternative VPN services

Our recommended VPN service to watch Foxtel Now abroad is NordVPN. We found them to be one of the better services in terms of speed and quality.

They also have an Australian ‘server’ which is essential for watching Foxtel Now outside Australia.

There are however other VPN services out there and if you’ve got time on your hands then you probably want to do a bit of shopping about before you just plump for the first choice.

It’s important to make sure the service you sign up to has an Australian ‘server’ which our recommended choice NordVPN does. It also needs to be a fast service otherwise you’ll end up with buffering while watching Foxtel Now abroad.

If you want to check out some other services then three more we recommend are:

  1. IPVanish
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. CyberGhost VPN

Simply click on one of their names to visit their site and then sign up. The process is then the same as explained for NordVPN above.

Recap: What you need to watch Foxtel Now abroad

To watch Foxtel Now abroad you’ll need a Foxtel Now account and a VPN service from NordVPN.

You can sign-up outside Australia for Foxtel Now but you’ll need an Australian registered card for payment. You can get a VPN from NordVPN by clicking the orange button below.

Once you’ve signed up, download the NordVPN app, login and then connect to Australia. You’re now free to watch anything on Foxtel Now anywhere in the world as if you were in Australia.


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