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The FIFA Club World Cup hasn’t received all that much coverage but the final is upon us and if you’re interested in tuning in to watch it then I’ve got the details you need.

The final will take place between footballing giants Real Madrid from Spain and less well known Al Ain from the United Arab Emirates.

Now, you may think this will be a one-sided affair and perhaps it will but with Al Ain progressing through the admittedly short competition they’ve earned their place in the final.

Watching the FIFA Club World Cup can be a little difficult because it’s not shown by many broadcasters but below I’ll show you how to watch in any country.

What you’ll need to watch the final

The final of the Club World Cup is being broadcast officially on the Russian network MatchTV. They’ve got an online service showing it live at the same time.

If you’re not in Russia then you’ll be blocked from watching but with a VPN app you can unblock the stream and watch the Club World Cup final anywhere in the world.

Where to get a VPN app?

VPN apps are sold by hundreds of different companies around the world and while they’re much the same there are some subtle differences.

When looking for a VPN app to watch the FIFA Club World Cup final you’ll need to ensure it’s got what is known as a ‘Russian’ VPN server. This is what allows you to watch the official stream on the MatchTV website.

I recommend using ExpressVPN. They’re one of the leading VPN services and they work extremely for watching the football.

There are a couple of others which work well including NordVPN and VyprVPN so if you’ve got some time spare and you want to check out the competition then they’re worth a look too.

In Summary: A VPN app allows you to watch an official stream of the final live from another country.

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How to watch FIFA Club World Cup Final

Once you’ve decided on one of the three providers above you’ll need to download their app and connect to their Russian server.

Follow the steps below to get signed up and watching the final in your country.

  1. First visit the VPN provider of your choice, I selected ExpressVPN by clicking here.
  2. Once you’ve signed up download their app from your app store or the ‘Products’ section of their website.
  3. Open the app and login when required.
  4. Press the ‘Choose Location‘ button.
  5. Then press ‘All‘, ‘Europe‘ and then select ‘Russia‘.
  6. Press the ‘Connect‘ button if the app doesn’t automatically connect for you.
  7. Once connected visit the MatchTV Live Stream page to watch the Fifa Club World Cup final live.
ExpressVPN Russia

Watch the Fifa Club World Cup Final anywhere.

When is the FIFA Club World Cup final taking place

The final of the FIFA Club World Cup final takes place on Saturday, 22nd December 2018.

Kick-off is expected to be at 4:30 pm GMT which is 5:30 pm in central Europe.

If you need to find out the time in your country then use The Time Zone Converter.

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What is the FIFA Club World Cup

You can be let off for not really knowing what the FIFA Club World Cup is because like the International friendlies tournament which has been turned into a ‘competition’ it is essentially just for show.

The competition is made up of 6 teams from across the globe who each won their respective region’s highest club tournament.

For example, Real Madrid who won the 2018 UEFA Champion’s League earned their place in the FIFA Club World Cup.

Other teams who took part in the tournament include finalists Al-Ain plus River Plate, Kashima Antlers, Espérance de Tunis, Guadalajara and Team Wellington.

Who’s in the final this year

This year Real Madrid who won the tournament the past two years will face Al-Ain from the United Arab Emirates.

Al-Ain progressed to the final after knocking out Argentina’s River Plate in a penalty shootout.

Real Madrid enters their third final in a row after beating the Kashima Antlers 3-1 in which Gareth Bale scored a hat-trick.

In Summary: How to watch the final

If you’re interested in watching the FIFA Club World Cup final then you’re going to need to get yourself a VPN app.

This will allow you to watch an official stream of the final from another country.

I recommend using ExpressVPN because they’re really easy to use. Once you’ve signed up for their service simply download their app and connect to Russia.

You’ll now be able to watch the entire final live in your country by watching the official stream on MatchTV.

Watch the final using ExpressVPN

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