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On November 22nd, The Dragon Prince Season 3 was released on Netflix.

If it has been a while since you watched the previous seasons or you simply need a refresher, this is the article for you.

Inside I’ll get you up to speed so you can get about binge-watching Season 3,

Season 3 is going to be the second season released this year. Season 2 premiered back on February 15th.

Whether you have kids who follow this series, or you’re an animation adult fan like me, I’m going to show you everything you need to know to be ready for season 3.

So, keep reading and enjoy this trip through this magical world! And don’t worry, if you still haven’t watched the series, I promise you this article is spoiler-free!

What’s The Dragon Prince About?

The Dragon Prince is a Netflix Original Series co-created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond.

Ehasz is famous for having been the writer and story editor of Futurama episodes and for being the head writer and co-executive producer of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Richmond comes from the video game industry, and he’s known for having co-directed Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

Both Ehasz and Richmond created Wonderstorm, the studio where The Dragon Prince is developing along with a related video game.

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The Dragon Prince follows the story of two children princes, Callum and Ezran, Rayla, a Moonshadow elf, and a newborn dragon, the last prince of his species.

In the fantasy continent of Xadia, magic mainly comes from six primary elements such as the Moon, the Sun, the Earth, the Sky, and the Ocean.

Since humans are forbidden to use primal magic, they discover the dark magic which uses the energy and essence of animals and magical creatures.

As a consequence, dragons and elves expel humans from Xadia to the other end of the continent where they create five human kingdoms.

1200 years later, humans kill the King of the Dragons and supposedly destroy the egg containing his only heir. This leads to a war between humans and magical creatures where the Moonshadow elves make an attempt in killing King Harrow and his heir, young prince Ezran.

The Characters

The protagonists are Callum, prince Ezran’s 14 years old half-brother and King Harrow’s stepson; Rayla, a 15 years old Moonshadow elf who decides to leave her people and sides with the two princes; and Ezran, the 10 years old crown prince of Katolis and Callum’s young half-brother whose ability is to speak to animals.

Characters in this series aren’t totally bad or good, they walk in the thin grey line of sometimes being heroes or villains. But if we need to mention a true villain, that would be Viren, King Harrow’s advisor and a dark magic practitioner.

He has been behind most of the important conflicts through the series and caused several intriguing events.

Claudia and Soren, Viren’s two children, are antagonists too, but more lightly, and sometimes they act as the comic relief in the story.

Season 1

Season 1 premiered on September 14th, 2018, on Netflix. The name of this season is Book One: Moon, and it has a total of 9 episodes.

This first arc mostly explains what had happened in Xadia, and the war between humans and magical creatures.

The Moonshadow elves make an attempt at killing King Harrow of Katolis and his heir Prince Ezran.

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Callum and Ezran discover the dragon egg wasn’t destroyed and it has been there in the castle all the time.

With the help of Rayla, the Moonshadow elf, they decided to return the egg to the dragons where it belongs, and stop the war.

Season 2

Season 2 was released on February 15th, 2019, on Netflix. This season is Book Two: The Sun.

Viren summons the other four monarchs to get support in a war against the Moonshadow elves. Meanwhile, he interrogates his magic mirror without success, until he starts seeing a room belonging to a dark elf.

Ezran decides to assume his duties as the crown prince while Callum begins his journey into the primal magic.

What to expect in season 3?

Season 3 is going to be intense because all the information and events that have been happening so far will reach their climax in this season.

The mysterious dark elf that Viren watches through his mirror is Aaravos, a master of both primal and dark magic who is using Viren to accomplish his goals. He’s going to be one of the main antagonists of the story and his role will be much more important than in season 2.

Probably, we’ll finally see the dragons and the Dragon Queen will make an appearance.

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And of course, we’ll see more about Callum’s journey and how he will become a powerful primal magic-user.

As Season 3 is out now you can head right over to Netflix and start finding out.


The Dragon Prince 3rd season premier was on November 22nd on Netflix.

As you can see, although is an animated series aimed for kids, it’s complex enough to be enjoyed by adults as well.

If you like high fantasy stories with dragons, elves, magic, and evil humans, this series is for you.

If you haven’t watched the series before then you can now binge the first two seasons, whether you want to watch it again to refresh everything, or you haven’t watched it yet and want to jump into the wagon before starting the third season.

All three seasons of The Dragon Prince are available on Netflix in all regions with multiple language audio and subtitles.

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