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In this guide, I’ll show you how to watch Discovery Go outside the US so you can watch all your favourite shows wherever you are in the world.

Although Discovery Go is available in most countries and regions around the world, the content for each area changes.

If you want to access the content that Discovery Go offers in the US, you’ll find it’s blocked for the rest of the world. You will automatically be redirected to your region.

But, there is a way to skip this blocking and watch Discovery Go from the US as if you were living there. The benefit to this is, there’s loads of extra content available on the US edition.

Keep reading this guide, and you’ll learn how!

What you need to unblock it

The geo-blocking Discovery Go uses is something widespread nowadays with international streaming services.

Sometimes it is due to licenses and copyrights agreements, and sometimes it’s because they look for more personalized content for each region. Sometimes, it’s a mix of both things.

If you want to access to the American content of Discovery Go outside the US, you can’t do it right away.

You’ll need a VPN like ExpressVPN to avoid the restrictions otherwise you’ll be blocked entirely or served up your local country version of the service.

VPN: A small privacy app used to help people stay safe while using the internet.

A VPN will allow configuring your connection, so the websites and apps you use on the internet will think you’re actually in the US. Even though you could be in any other country.

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ExpressVPN is the best choice among all the offers in the market for accessing Discovery Go. It has fast speeds connection, which is very important when it comes to streaming video.

It’s also straightforward to use and configure, and in the case, the service doesn’t meet your expectations, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There are a couple of other good choices such as NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN and IPVanish, so you’re free to shop around if you have time.

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How to unblock Discovery Go Step-by-step

Unblocking Discovery Go is very easy. You only need to follow these five simple steps, and you’ll be able to watch it without any issues anywhere.

Step 1

Go to the ExpressVPN website and subscribe to their service, creating an account with your details.

Step 2

Provide your payment details and method. It’s 49% cheaper monthly to take their annual package.

Step 3

Now, it’s time to get the app according to your device. Go to the “Products” section on the website, and you’ll find all the versions available for all devices and OS.

If you’re using a tablet or phone with Android or Apple iOS, you can search for the app directly in the app stores.

Step 5

Once you have the app installed on your device, you need to log in to your account with the credentials you created in step 1.

Step 6

Now you’re logged, go to the “Selected location” (1) option and then look for the “United States” (2). Once you find it, select it, and finally press “Connect“.

ExpressVPN desktop app showing United States

Watch US Discover using ExpressVPN.

Once the app has connected, visit the Discovery Go website or use their app, and you’ll now be able to watch Discovery channel in any country.

Where can I watch?

Anywhere in the world!

Are you from Brazil, the UK, Poland, or Japan? You can watch it! From any continent: Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia.

It doesn’t matter if you live elsewhere or are travelling around the world. Rest assured you always will be able to watch Discovery Go US from anywhere with a VPN.

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What devices can I watch on?

Since Discovery Go can be accessed through the website and the app, any device can be used to watch their TV shows.

If you’re on a computer, you can go through the website, but if you’re on a mobile device, whether it’s Android or Apple iOS, you can get the app for comfort viewing.

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It’s even possible to watch on devices like the Amazon Fire TV and others.

Is using a VPN legal?

VPNs are a legal service and app that help you to stay safe while you’re surfing the internet.

Their main goal is to protect your privacy online by concealing your actual location and changing it for another one. This way, you can avoid hackers attacks, scams, and being controlled or spied on by anyone.

VPNs are legal in almost all countries in the world, so you don’t have to worry about this.

As a side benefit, you can stream Discovery Go and other services that are blocked due to the geo-restriction.


If you want to watch the content from Discovery Go US, you’ll find it’s blocked for the rest of the world.

There is however, a simple solution to this: using a VPN like ExpressVPN will allow you to avoid the blocking and watch it as if you were in the US.

VPNs are a legal service meant to protect your privacy online, and as a side benefit, they allow you to access blocked content in your country.

So if you’re a fan of Gold Rush, Dirty Mudder Truckers or Shark Week and want to stream the Discovery channel overseas subscribe to ExpressVPN, get the app, and start enjoying Discovery Go wherever you are in the world.

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