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DC Titans has been taking the United States by storm. It’s the latest series from DC Comics but if you’re a fan in Australia or anywhere else in the world then you’ll be disappointed it isn’t available to you.

You will, however, be pleased to know there’s a sneaky hack that will let you watch DC Titans in Australia and it’s really easy to do.

For this, you’ll need to get an app called a VPN which I’m going to explain below. This will let you watch DC Titans in Australia or in fact in any other country too.

What you need to watch DC Titans in Australia

DC Titans is shown on the DC Universe service exclusively.

It’s like Netflix but for DC content. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the US and if you’re in Australia or any other country then you’ll be blocked.

However, by using a VPN app you can change your location and make it appear to DC Universe that you’re actually in America, rather than Australia.

The result? You can watch DC Titans PLUS all the other cool DC Universe content from home in Australia.

Where to get a VPN to watch DC Titans

VPN apps are sold by hundreds of different companies so it can be difficult to choose one. Simply searching Google will leave you scratching your head.

I’ve been testing a whole load of VPN apps best for watching DC Titans in Australia and my recommendation is, ExpressVPN.

They’re much faster than many of the others which means you won’t get any buffering or stops. It’s really important when you’re streaming from the DC Universe service all the way to Australia.

They’ve also got a 30-day money back guarantee so you can make sure it works without risking any money.

There are a couple of other good services if you want to shop about. My recommendations are:

  1. ExpressVPN – Recommended
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN

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How to use a VPN to watch Titans in Australia

You’ll need to sign up to one of the three providers above.

They all cost a couple of dollars and the longer you subscribe the cheaper they are. It’s worth considering the 12-month package if you plan on watching other things on DC Universe as well as Titans.

ExpressVPN, for example, gives you 3-months free on their 12-month package which makes it 49% cheaper than paying monthly.

Once you’ve decided on one of the VPN services follow the steps below to get watching.

How to watch DC Titans in Australia:

  1. Visit your chosen VPN service, such as ExpressVPN by clicking here and sign up for their service.
  2. Download their app and open it.
  3. Login when required.
  4. Press Choose Location (1).
  5. Then press United States (2).
  6. Press Connect (3) or wait if the app is automatically connecting for you.
    ExpressVPN USA

    Watch DC Universe outside the US.


  7. Once the app has connected visit DC Universe.
  8. Click to sign-up.
  9. Enter your email address and create a password.
  10. Then choose either their ‘Monthly’ or ‘Annual’ subscription.
  11. Press the ‘Start 7 day free trial’ option.
  12. Then use Paypal to make payment. You won’t be able to use a credit or debit card from outside America.
  13. Complete the sign up process.

Once sign-up is complete you have a 7-day trial before you’re charged. You can now login and watch DC Titans from Australia.

If you choose to keep the service then you’ll be charged after 7 days to your Paypal account.

30-day money back guarantee

Is using a VPN app legal?

VPN apps are completely legal in Australia.

In fact, they’re completely legal in most countries around the world.

Their purpose is to help you stay secure online and they do this by helping you protect your privacy. One of the best features is letting you disguise your location.

It’s this location disguising that lets you pretend you’re in the United States which enables you to watch DC Titans in Australia.

What’s DC Titans all about?

DC Titans or simply ‘Titans’ as it is also known is centred on the young heroes of the DC Universe.

It follows the young teens as they become of age trying to get to grips with their superpowers.

Characters include Dick Grayson, Rachel Roth, Starfire and Beast Boy.

The series has scored a massive 8.3 / 10 on IMDB with viewers raving about the latest DC release.

Conclusion: How to watch DC Titans in Australia

To watch DC Titans in Australia you’ll need to sign up for the American service, DC Universe.

However, to do this and to watch Titans on DC Universe you’ll need a VPN app. This allows you to disguise your location and pretend you are in America.

After extensive testing I recommend ExpressVPN. You should sign up to their service by clicking the link below and then download their app.

Connect to the United States on the app and you’ll then be able to watch DC Titans and other shows on DC Universe in Australia or anywhere else.

Have you started watching DC Titans? I would love to know what you think so why not pop a comment in the section below?

Watch DC Titans in Australia with ExpressVPN

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