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If you are a fan of Japanese animation, manga, anime, or almost any other type of media coming out of East Asia, you are most likely already a big fan of Crunchyroll. The premier English-language streaming service for Asian entertainment on the web right now.

But if you have ever tried to stream your favourite shows or movies overseas, you may well have been frustrated to find it unavailable. Don’t fret. There is a way around this issue and in this guide, we will explain How to watch Crunchyroll in any country using a ‘VPN’ app and how you can get more content on your Crunchyroll account.

How to watch Crunchyroll in any country

Crunchyroll is a US-based website and the majority of their users are from the US too. That means that, by their own admission, their main focus is securing licenses to stream content to the US market.

But what happens if you are a US subscriber who is travelling overseas for business or pleasure? Or if you happen to live abroad but still want to stream many of the great shows Crunchyroll has to offer?

Well, you have two options. Either, you can log into Crunchyroll and limit your viewing to the handful of shows that are available in whichever country you are located. Or you can use a VPN to access the US version of Crunchyroll and watch all of your favourite shows no matter where you are.

A VPN is a privacy app that lets you change your online location to appear elsewhere.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer really and fortunately, it is really easy to use a VPN to watch the US Crunchyroll anywhere too. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to do it using our recommended VPN provider, IPVanish:

  1. Visit the IPVanish website by clicking here or on one of the links in this article and sign up for the subscription package which best suits your needs.
  2. Once you have signed up, visit the ‘Apps‘ section of the website and download the right app for your device. Alternatively, visit your app store and seek out the ‘IPVanish’ app from there.
  3. Once you have downloaded the IPVanish app, open it up and log in using the account details you were given in step one.
  4. Click on a US-based server using the ‘United States‘ option and press Connect. Now wait a few moments while IPVanish connects your device to it.
  5. Now, head over to the Crunchyroll website. You should find yourself on the US-based site and find that when you log into your Crunchyroll account, you can access all of the content usually available in the USA.

Below you can see an example of the IPVanish app and how simple it is to connect with just two clicks.

IPVanish v3 US

How to watch Crunchyroll region blocked content

Because the focus of the Crunchyroll developers is on its US market, that is where it buys licenses for the majority of its content. This means that while its US-based subscribers can enjoy a huge selection of Anime and other East-Asian content, users elsewhere in the world have a smaller selection to choose from.

This is because Crunchyroll is obliged to stop users from accessing content if they are based in a country the site doesn’t hold the rights for. And they do this using a technique known as geo-blocking.

Geo-blocking works by looking at the IP Address of every user. Your IP Address tells the site where you are connecting to the internet from. If you are located in the UK rather than the US, Crunchyroll will only let you access content they hold the UK rights for.

An IP Address is a set of numbers unique to your internet connection that gives away your location. It’s a little bit like a phone number.

How to hide your IP Address

But by using a VPN, it is possible to change your IP Address and so fool Crunchyroll into thinking you are in the USA even when you are not.

When you connect to a VPN server, all of your internet data passes through it and is tagged with the IP Address of that server rather than your own internet connection.

If that server is based in the USA, that means your internet data is given a US IP Address. So, when Crunchyroll looks at your data, it thinks you are in the USA and so lets you access its full range of content.

Simply use the IPVanish app to connect to the United States. Now, instead of getting the Crunchyroll content for your own country, you’ll be able to watch the content from the US.

Recap: How to watch Crunchyroll anywhere and get more content

Crunchyroll is the best resource for East-Asian entertainment, but like streaming services such as Netflix it only makes its content available in certain countries. As it is focused on the USA, that means users anywhere else in the world get access to much less content than US subscribers.

But by using a VPN, you don’t have to miss out. By connecting to a VPN server based in the USA, it is possible to fool Crunchyroll to think you are located in the US even when you aren’t and so access their full range of content from anywhere.

The majority of VPNs offer US-based servers, but our recommended VPN provider for streaming content on Crunchyroll is IPVanish. Sign up with them today by clicking on one of the links in this article and enjoy everything that Crunchyroll has to offer from anywhere in the world.

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