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David has been watching TV outside of his home country for over 12 years. In addition to his streaming expertise, he has a wealth of experience in watching sports and documentaries, having spent many years following these genres. He is an avid fan of The Detectorists and Blue Planet, and also has a keen interest in English football.

No one does dark psychological drama’s better than the Brits, and in The Couple Next Door, it looks like we have another classic series on our hands.

Set in a stifling suburban backdrop, The Couple Next Door sees a newly arrived couple befriend the pair next door before their darkest desires see their lives upended in a way they could never have believed.

With powerful and penetrating writing, a stellar cast, and some US money behind it, The Couple Next Door looks set to be a must-watch series as the winter nights draw in for folks in the UK.

But if, like me, you are overseas, The Couple Next Door would be just as much fun in the tropical sunshine or the arctic cold if you were able to watch it. But, for now, the show is only being broadcast in the UK and the USA.

If you live elsewhere and want to tune in, you will need some help. And this is where I come in.

A VPN app can be used to unblock and watch The Couple Next Door from anywhere in the world. After countless nights testing loads of VPN apps, I’ve settled on ExpressVPN.

Simply sign up for ExpressVPN, download their app and click the United Kingdom. Once it’s connected head over to Channel 4 and enjoy watching it wherever you are.

If you want to know a bit more in-depth detail about how it all works, make your way through the article. Let’s get to it.

What is The Couple Next Door all about?

The premise of The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door is a powerful psychological drama that explores suburban claustrophobia and what happens when boredom kicks in and people start exploring their darkest desires.

It is set in the UK and tells the story of Evie and Pete, a couple who move into an upmarket neighbourhood and quickly build a strong connection with their neighbours Danny and Becka.

Then, the two couples become sexually entangled in a way that will change their lives and their friendship, as well as the community, forever.

The Cast of The Couple Next Door

Eleanor Tomlinson – Evie

Eleanor Tomlinson

Eleanor Tomlinson is best known for her role as Demelza in Poldark alongside Aidan Turner.

She has also played Tess in A Small Light, a drama about the family who hid Anne Frank and her family and had roles in The Outlaws, Jack the Giant Slayer, The White Queen and The Nevers, among other shows.

Alfred Enoch – Pete

Alfred Enoch

Alfred is best known for his role as Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter franchise and as Wes Gibbins in the ABC legal thriller television series How to Get Away with Murder.

He has also had roles in The Fall Of Troy, The Critic, A Picture of Dorian Gray, This Christmas, and Foundation.

Sam Heughan – Danny

Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan is best known as Jamie Fraser in the series Outlander. Other credits include Island at War, Suspect, To Olivia, Love Again, Doctors and A Very British Scandal.

Jessica De Gouw – Becka

Jessica De Gouw best known role was in the series Arrow, but you may also have seen her in The Crown, The Secrets She Keeps, Pennyworth, The Portable Door, Dracula, and The Hunting.

Critical reception of The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door has been described by Channel 4 as being “a deliciously dark, psychological drama,” and everything I have read about it so far suggests that assessment is bang on the money.

Reviews are yet to be released, but co-star Sam Heughan has told the Radio Times a little bit more saying, “It’s called The Couple Next Door, based on a Dutch book and TV show about a couple that move to a new neighbourhood and meet their neighbours… who happen to be swingers! And everything that ensues there.”

How do I watch The Couple Next Door where I am?

If you are not lucky enough to be in the UK or the USA, you will need to use a VPN app to watch The Couple Next Door.

VPNs are usually used to protect your online security and privacy, and I would recommend you use one for that reason alone.

But they are also perfect for unblocking streaming services because of a quirk in how they work. Let me explain.

When you connect to a VPN, you are redirecting your internet data through one of the VPN’s servers. These servers can be based literally anywhere in the world, and when you connect to one, doing so makes it look as if all your internet traffic originates from that server’s location.

So, if you connect to a VPN server in the UK, you can make British streaming services, like the Channel 4 one, unblock and let you watch shows that are usually unavailable outside the UK.

It’s a neat trick that I have been using for a long time to unblock British shows abroad. And as long as you choose the right VPN, I can assure you that it is as simple as anything to do.

What’s the best VPN for streaming The Couple Next Door?

Choosing the right VPN is key and in my tests, the best VPN to use with the Channel 4 streaming service is ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is the perfect choice for a number of different reasons. It offers unrivalled connection speeds, which are ideal for streaming.

It has a massive network of UK-based servers and, crucially, all of them work perfectly with the Channel 4 every time. There is also a wide range of apps available to use on all the top streaming devices, so no matter what you want to use to watch The Couple Next Door on ExpressVPN can help.

Prices are very reasonable too, with their best value deal being the one-year offer that comes with a 49% discount, a three-month extra for free offer, and a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN are two other VPNs that can help you watch The Couple Next Door outside the UK too.

They tick all the right boxes perfectly well. But neither quite hits the heights of ExpressVPN, which is why it is my number one recommendation.

30-day money back guarantee

How to watch The Couple Next Door outside the UK

Once you have chosen to use ExpressVPN, the next step is to get everything set up for you to enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience of The Couple Next Door where you are.

To do this, all you need to do is follow this simple step-by-step guide that I have pulled together for you:

Step 1

Sign up for ExpressVPN. Their one-year deal offers the best value for money, and you can access it via the links on this page.

Step 2

From either the ExpressVPN website or your official app store, download the ExpressVPN app onto any devices you want to watch on.

Step 3

Open this new app and log into your new ExpressVPN account using the details you were given in step one.

Step 4

Connect ExpressVPN to a UK server by following the simple onscreen instructions.

ExpressVPN connecting to the UK

Watch the show anywhere using ExpressVPN.

Step 5

Open the Channel 4 streaming service app or website, log into your account (or set one up for free if you need to) and start watching The Couple Next Door either live or on-demand as you prefer.

30-day money back guarantee

What channel is The Couple Next Door on?

The Couple Next Door is being shown in the UK on Channel 4 and on the Channel 4 streaming service.

It is also being aired on STARZ in the USA.

But, if you want to tune in from any other country in the world, you will need the help of a VPN to do so. And as I have already explained, the best VPN to use is ExpressVPN.


The Couple Next Door is a dark and powerful new psychological drama series that looks set to grip viewers in the UK when it is broadcast on Channel 4.

Unfortunately, unless you are in the UK or US, you will have to find a way around the geo-blocking used by most streaming services if you want to tune in from any other country.

This is where my expert advice comes in handy because, as I have explained in this guide, with a VPN, this is easy, and it is ExpressVPN that does the best job.

Why? Because it offers fast speeds, a huge range of apps, and the UK-based servers you need to enjoy The Couple Next Door without interruptions.

You can sign up and download the ExpressVPN app by following the simple step-by-step guide I have written for you. Just log in and connect to a UK-based server, and you are away.

You won’t regret it because The Couple Next Door looks set to be another brilliant must-watch UK drama series. So, take my advice and sign up for ExpressVPN to enjoy The Couple Next Door right now.


Quick to set up

Works Internationally

30-day money back guarantee

ExpressVPN interface with offer

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