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Imagine working in a stressful, fast-paced environment like an emergency dispatch’s control room… talk about high pressure.

The Control Room is a dramatised story of one of Glasgow’s busiest emergency call handling services, and it’s a nail-biter.

The BBC is well known for its excellent TV dramas, but the problem is they’re regionally locked to the UK.

If you’re outside of the UK, you’ll need to use a VPN app to unblock the show in your country. VPNs allow you to avoid regional blocks with the click of a button, giving you unrestricted access to the BBC and its online streaming platform BBC iPlayer.

Ready to join The Control Room? Best keep reading this article to find out how.

How to watch The Control Room on iPlayer

To unblock The Control Room in your region, follow these five easy steps:

Step 1

Visit ExpressVPN and sign up for their VPN services. They offer three packages. While each package is excellent, you get the best deal with their 12-month package, and you get 49% off and 3 additional months for FREE.

Step 2

Open your device’s app store and search for ExpressVPN. Download the app and log in using your email and password. Sometimes ExpressVPN will email you an activation code or link to log in, so keep a close eye on your emails.

Step 3

Click on Selected Location on the ExpressVPN app screen and choose the United Kingdom from the list. Hit the Connect button and wait for your connection to establish (10 seconds or less).

ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Use ExpressVPN to watch the show anywhere.

Step 4

Open the BBC iPlayer app or website and log in using your BBC iPlayer account details.

Step 5

Put your phones down, grab a strong drink, and get ready to watch this gripping drama.

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How does a VPN work to unlock the show?

You might be wondering how a VPN works? Don’t worry; it’s not overly complicated.

VPNs work by allowing you to send your internet connection through another location of your choosing. By doing so, you can trick apps and websites into thinking you’re in whatever country you’ve connected your VPN to.

In this instance, you can connect your VPN to the UK, and it’ll give you a virtual UK location, making the BBC think you’re in the UK… sneaky, eh?

You can use this handy trick to unblock other online services and websites such as ITV Hub, All 4, Peacock TV, Disney Plus, and even additional Netflix libraries.

You’ll have unlimited access to some of the world’s best TV networks. It’s a game-changer.

To give you an upper hand, I’ve tested some of the top VPNs around and found the following to be your best choices:

  1. ExpressVPNOur #1 Recommendation!
  2. NordVPN
  3. Surfshark VPN

ExpressVPN has lightning-fast connections perfect for streaming HD TV abroad. They even have a fantastic app available on most devices.

All three services work with BBC iPlayer (as many VPNs don’t), and they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

30-day money back guarantee

What is The Control Room about?

BAFTA award-winning writer Nick Leather brings you this hard-hitting drama set in Strathclyde, the heart of Glasgow.

The Control Room tells the story of Gabe, an ordinary emergency call handler working for the local ambulance service. His life is turned upside down when he gets a phone call from a distressed woman in a life-and-death situation.

To make matters worse, the woman appears to know Gabe, but he isn’t entirely sure who she is. Under immense pressure, Gabe must act fast to figure out who she is. Every decision he makes during the call threatens to have disastrous consequences.

While the premise of the show sounds promising, it has left audiences split on whether the show is worth watching or not.

Glasgow Live said, “The first episode of BBC’s The Control Room dropped on Sunday evening, and viewers have remained split in their opinions – with some praising the ‘incredible acting’, and others slamming the ‘drivel’ plotline.”

Meanwhile, The Independent said the show was “let down by too many flashbacks and disjointed storytelling”, then went on to give the show 3/5 stars.

However, don’t let these reviews put you off. If you enjoy a good mystery thriller, you’ll no doubt enjoy watching The Control Room.

Who stars in The Control Room?

Ian De Caestecker leads the show and does an excellent job of it. He’s been acting on our screens since 1999 and slowly moved up the ranks.

Some of his best work includes Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Not Another Happy Ending, Overlord, Lost River, Roadkill, Us, Ultimate Spider-Man, Young James Herriot, and The Fades.

He’s joined by another Scottish native, Joanna Vanderham, best known for her roles in movies and shows such as Warrior, The Runaway, Retribution, What Maisie Knew, and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, The Tanner, Blackwood, Paradise, Marple, and Dancing On The Edge.

Actress Taj Atwal joins the pair, her career has recently taken a major turn, and she’s landed some pretty big roles. One of her latest movies is with Liam Neeson in Memory, and she’s starred in hit shows such as Line Of Duty and Truth Seekers.

There are many other cast members, but too many to mention in this article.


If you’re looking to unblock The Control Room outside the UK, you’ll need to use a VPN app.

The best VPN app for the job is ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN comes out on top for many reasons, such as connection speeds, excellent apps, and reliability. However, all three mentioned earlier will do the job.

Follow the step-by-step guide in this article and get ExpressVPN right away. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s risk-free.


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