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Bloom is the brand new series from Australia’s homegrown Netflix-style service, Stan. If you’re eager to watch this brand new Aussie drama then you’re not alone.

Bloom has been making waves across Australia and from early reports the hype around it is real.

Unfortunately, for as good as the service is, you can’t watch Stan outside Australia. So if you’re an Aussie abroad or you just can’t wait to watch Bloom you’re probably disappointed right about now.

But don’t worry my Bloom-eager friend, there’s a super simple way you can watch Bloom outside Australia and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do it. Below I’ll show you how.

How to watch Bloom outside Australia

To watch Bloom outside Australia you’ll need to get a VPN app.

It’s a simple app that lets you change your online location.

I recommend using ExpressVPN but there are loads of choices and some others worth checking out are NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN and a few others.

You first need to sign up for the VPN app and then Stan if you don’t already have an account. Here’s how to do just that.

Watch Bloom outside Australia Steps:

  1. Visit ExpressVPN by clicking here and sign up for their VPN service.
  2. Download their app from the ‘Products’ section of their website.
  3. Open the app and login with the account details you created when signing up.
  4. Press the ‘Choose Location‘ (1) button.
  5. Then press ‘All‘ (2), ‘Asia Pacific‘ (3) and ‘Australia‘ (4).
  6. Press ‘Connect‘ (5) or wait for the app to connect.
ExpressVPN Australia

Watch Bloom outside Australia using ExpressVPN.

If you’ve already got a Stan account then you can head over to the Stan website or use their app to watch.

If you don’t have a Stan account then you’ll need to sign up for one.

How to sign up for Stan outside Australia:

  1. Visit the Stan’s Bloom page while connected to the VPN app as detailed above.
  2. Press ‘Start your free trial‘.
  3. Choose one of the Stan packages and press ‘Continue‘.
  4. Enter some payment details or choose Paypal as a payment method, then press ‘Start watching‘.
  5. Once sign up is complete navigate back to the Bloom page to watch or download the Stan app to watch on a mobile device.

You can now watch Bloom and other shows on Stan outside Australia.

If you’re going to binge-watch Bloom don’t forget to cancel your Stan package before the 7-day trial expires and then you won’t be charged anything.

Although there’s loads of great content on Stan that you can watch so it’s worth keeping in my opinion.

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What’s Bloom all about?

If you’ve heard some rumblings about Bloom but you don’t know exactly what it’s about then you’re in for a treat.

The new 6 part drama was hyped all through the end of 2018 and early indications are that Bloom is living up to the hype.

Set 5 years after a devastating flood killed 5 locals in a small town a plant is discovered that allows those who eat it to have their youth restored.

If you’re a fan of the HBO series ‘The Leftovers’ then Bloom will be right up your street.

While being sent back to your youth may sound like a great idea it disturbs the town in ways that couldn’t have been foreseen.

Bloom is a tense drama with strong characters and one you’ll be ‘just watching one more episode of’ until you’ve binge-watched your way through all 6 1-hour episodes.

How does a VPN even work?

A VPN works by allowing you to change your location.

Stan is only available in Australia and it determines your location based on your internet connection. By using a VPN you appear as if you are in Australia.

In reality, you can be in any other country in the world so basically, a VPN allows you to watch Bloom in Bali, Thailand, America, the UK, Japan, South Africa, Brazil or anywhere else in the world really.

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Are VPN apps legal?

VPN apps are completely legal privacy tools. They stop companies and others from tracking what you do online.

Part of how they do this is by disguising your location and it’s this that lets you watch Bloom on Stan outside Australia.

Recap: How to watch Bloom outside Australia

To watch Bloom outside Australia you’ll need two things:

  1. A VPN from ExpressVPN.
  2. A Stan subscription or free-trial.

Sign up for ExpressVPN and download their app. It’s well worth taking their 12-month package because it’s 49% cheaper than paying monthly and you can watch loads of content on Stan and other networks.

Then connect to Australia on their app.

Once connected visit the Stan website or use their app either to login or sign-up if you don’t have an account. You can now watch the entire series of Bloom outside Australia.

Watch Bloom with ExpressVPN

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