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If you’ve heard the rumours about The Bi Life then you’re probably itching to watch it in America.

Sadly though, the new British dating show is only available in the UK and while it’s pushing the boundaries of TV, for anyone in the States it’s currently unavailable.

In this guide I’ll be showing you the sneaky trick that will let you watch all of the explosive action of The Bi Life in America. You won’t need to miss a moment of this new era in television-dating!

How to watch The Bi Life in America

The Bi Life is being shown in the UK but only on a subscription network. If you’re in America there’s absolutely no chance of you accessing this. It’s not even in the LGBTQ section of Netflix!

That is unless you’ve got a helpful cousin living across the water who has access to E! Entertainment and can ‘lend’ you their login.

For most of us, sadly we don’t have that cousin. This means you need another way to watch.

For this, you’ll need to sign up to HayU. It’s a reality TV subscription service from the UK which is now available in a handful of countries. Again, American’s lose out, it’s not ‘officially’ available here.

So for this you’re going to need a VPN app. This will let you sign up for HayU AND watch The Bi Life in the States.

1) Choose a VPN app

First things first, you need to choose a VPN app.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a city slicker from New York or a country guy/gal from Texas, you can watch The Bi Life using a VPN.

A VPN is going to cost you a couple of dollars per month but I recommend you sign up for a 12-month package as it’ll work out nearly 50% cheaper.

There are loads of VPN apps out there, some of the best include ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN and IPVanish. Although there are others such as NordVPN, VPNHub, VyprVPN and HideMyAss.

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2) Sign up and download it

Pick one of the above VPN services and sign up. I used ExpressVPN and you’ll find their 30-day money back guarantee a good feature just in case it doesn’t work well for you.

Remember, it’s cheaper to take a 12-month package. However, the cheapest and easiest package is all you’ll need so pick the one that will save you the most dollars while allowing you to watch The Bi Life.

You can then download their app from their website or your usual app store by searching ‘ExpressVPN’ or the name of the service you signed up to.

3) Connect to the UK

Using the VPN app is really easy. They’re pretty much similar no matter what type of device you use it on.

The only important thing to remember is you need to connect to the UK. Follow this little image below, it’s just an easy 1, 2, 3 process.

Download UK

4) Get a HayU subscription

You can now watch The Bi Life on any UK streaming service but for most people signing up to HayU (which you can do here) is the best choice and pretty much the only choice.

HayU has a 30-day free trial so if you can binge watch the entire The Bi Life season in a month then you won’t even need to pay for it.

Remember to connect your VPN to the UK BEFORE signing up and you’ll probably need to enter some fake UK details plus your real billing card.

You can grab a real UK address from the Fake Address Generator if needed.

Or if you’ve got that great cousin over in the UK then just borrow their account details for any other service that’s showing The Bi Life and hook up with your VPN to watch in America.

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5) Kick back and enjoy The Bi Life in America

That’s it! You can now watch The Bi Life in America.

That means anywhere. From Florida to Los Angeles and New York to Hawaii.

You can also watch on any kind of device because the VPN app works across all types. So you can watch on your desktop or laptop or if you prefer a more mobile viewing of The Bi Life then install the VPN app on your tablet or phone.

Recap: What you need

To watch The Bi Life in America you need two things.

A VPN app from ExpressVPN to disguise your location and make it appear like you’re really in the UK.

A subscription to a UK service showing The Bi Life, the best being HayU.

Once you’ve got the ExpressVPN app, connect to the UK and then sign up for HayU. You’ll now be able to watch The Bi Life anywhere in America.

Don’t forget taking a 12-month ExpressVPN package is 49% cheaper than paying monthly and HayU has a 30-day trial meaning you can binge watch for free – just remember to cancel!

If you’ve started watching The Bi Life I would love to know who your favorite character is. Why not let me and others know in the comments section below?

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