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Fan of Death In Paradise? Who isn’t right? You’ll be pleased to know that the BBC has another hit TV show on their hands, a direct spin-off from the popular Death In Paradise series.

If you want to watch Beyond Paradise outside the UK, you’ll need a VPN app, this lets you virtually change your location, follow these quick steps to get watching:

  1. Sign up for the ExpressVPN app.
  2. Open the app and connect to the United Kingdom.
  3. Now your location is disguised, head over to BBC iPlayer via their app or website.
  4. Enjoy watching the show!

If you need a more in-depth guide we’ll cover that later.

Why is Beyond Paradise blocked outside the UK?

The BBC is well known for its incredible dramas, which leave viewers living outside of the UK somewhat envious, especially with the quality programming on offer.

If you’re living, travelling, or working abroad and are looking for a way to unblock Beyond Paradise and other TV content that the BBC offers, then you’ll be pleased to know I can help.

What I’m going to reveal to you is a little-known secret that most people don’t know. Once revealed, you can unblock all of the BBC’s content with the click of a button, no matter your location.

You could be sat in paradise and still be able to stream your favourite BBC content without restriction.

Keep reading to discover how. Oh, and you won’t need the skills of DI Goodman; what I’m about to show you is effortless.

What channel is Beyond Paradise on?

Beyond Paradise is being shown on the UK TV channel BBC One and its online streaming service BBC iPlayer.

However, both services are blocked to anybody outside the UK, so you’ll need to read the next section to discover how.

How do I watch Beyond Paradise where I am?

Unblocking Beyond Paradise is easy when you use a VPN app.

VPNs are easy-to-use online security apps that help you mask your current location. By doing so, you can trick websites like BBC iPlayer into thinking you’re inside the UK, which gives you complete access to the iPlayer content.

This handy trick can be used to unblock many streaming services, such as Netflix, 10Play, 7Plus, ITVX, All 4, Peacock TV, and more.

Where to get a VPN?

Like murderers in the Death In Paradise TV show, there seem to be endless VPNs knocking around.

However, not all of them are worth your time, effort, and money. In fact, many should be avoided, especially if you want one that works with BBC iPlayer  as not all VPNs do.

To help you avoid the duds, I’ve tested the top VPN services for BBC iPlayer and found the following to be your best choices for watching Beyond Paradise overseas.

  1. ExpressVPN#1 Recommendation!
  2. NordVPN
  3. CyberGhost VPN

ExpressVPN is my number one choice because it offers the fastest connection speeds. Fast connection speeds are crucial for streaming video content in HD quality. Plus, they’ve got an easy-to-use VPN app.

If you don’t want to use ExpressVPN, check out NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN, they’re good alternatives.

All three services come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and you’re free to choose.

30-day money back guarantee

How to stream Beyond Paradise outside the UK

Follow these steps to unblock Beyond Paradise on your devices, no matter what country you’re in:

Step 1

Head to ExpressVPN and sign up for their VPN service. I highly recommend their 12-month package as it offers a discount of 49% and gives you 3 additional months free.

Step 2

Download the ExpressVPN app to your device(s) and log in using your email and password.

Step 3

Click ‘Selected Location‘ on the ExpressVPN app screen and choose a United Kingdom connection to join. Then tap Connect.

ExpressVPN connecting to the UK

Step 4

Once your connection is established (approximately 10 seconds), log in to the BBC iPlayer website or use the app.

Step 5

Grab your detective’s notepad, search for Beyond Paradise and start streaming the show in your region.

30-day money back guarantee

What’s Beyond Paradise all about?

Detective DI Humphrey Goodman decides to leave the luxurious tropical paradise (Saint Marie); we’re used to seeing him with the hope that he’ll finally get a quiet life.

Together with his fiancée, DI Goodman chooses a small sleepy town in Devon called Shipton Abbot

It’s a quaint town with little going on, which seems like the perfect location for the detective and his future wife to get some downtime away from their usually hectic lives.

However, their “happily ever after” quickly comes to an end when an unexpected crime wave descends upon the town. Talk about lousy timing.

The locals turn to him for answers, as Goodman is the newly appointed DI for the town. He uses his formidable investigative skills to crack a wide range of criminal cases in a bid to return to his tranquil and quiet life.

Poor DI Goodman has no luck, does he?

Fancy heading to a quiet town in Devon only to be followed by a range of crimes. It’s a good job he had plenty of experience in the Death In Paradise series to hone his skills.

The series is set to be equally as popular as the original show, and while it’ll share ties to Death In Paradise, it’ll be looking to stand on its own two feet.

When speaking about the show, the writers said;

It’s not just a little off-shoot of Death in Paradise and a little fluffy thing. It’s actually a show with a real integrity to itself.”

“We understand the Death in Paradise audience – we know that they really want to find out what happened to Humphrey and Martha.

While Beyond Paradise might be getting you excited, the episodes will be released weekly, so if you’re looking for something to binge-watch, you could revisit the past seasons of Death In Paradise.

I recently re-watched the first season on BBC iPlayer (which aired in 2011). Even though I’d seen it before, it was like watching a whole new show again, as I’d forgotten many of the episodes.

With currently 12 seasons and 97 episodes, there’s more than enough to keep you entertained while you’re overseas, especially when you combine it with Beyond Paradise.

Who stars in Beyond Paradise?

Kris Marshall

Kris Marshall wearing a black suit and glasses

This English actor will always be best known for his role in the hit Christmas movie Love Actually.

However, since that role, he’s starred in many films and TV shows such as Traffic Light, Death At A Funeral, Sanditon, Promises, A Few Less Men, A Few Best Men, Better Things, and We Hunt Together.

Sally Bretton

This actress is best known for her role in Not Going Out, in which she starred in 86 episodes.

Other than that role, she’s been in Thanks For The Memories, Outlaw, The Office (UK), Green Wing, An Ideal Husband, Casualty, My Family, and Hotel Babylon.

Dylan Llewellyn

Born in Surrey, England, in 1992, this actor has worked in the industry for around 14 years.

His first role was in Travel Bag; since then, he’s been in The Bill, Cubicle Two, Hollyoaks Later, Holby City, Call The Midwife, Derry Girls, Pistol, Big Boys, and Finger Prick.

Felicity Montagu

Montagu has been on our TV screens since 1985 when she starred in Victoria Wood: As Seen On TV.

Since then, she’s starred in Who Dares Wins, Blackball, Skins, Chickens, Suburban Shootout; I Want Candy and more.


If you’ve been looking to watch Beyond Paradise on BBC iPlayer while outside the UK, you need to use a VPN app.

ExpressVPN is your best choice. Get ExpressVPN today and take advantage of their brilliant offers and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Sign up today and join DI Goodman on his investigations from any country.


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