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Fedor vs Bader is one of the biggest MMA events of the year so far and if you want to watch all the action live this is the guide for you.

In this guide I’ll be showing you how you can watch the Russian take on the American in this Heavyweight Grand Prix Finale.

If you’re an MMA fan and you like watching the big guys slug it out then this is one not to miss. Bellator 214 will see either Russian Fedor Emelianenko or American Ryan Bader take the vacant heavyweight title.

If you’ve already searched the net to find a place to watch you’ll be inundated with sketchy illegal streams. There’s no need to risk these when you can watch an official stream for free and below I’ll show you how.

Step 1: Choose a VPN app

Although Bellator 214: Fedor vs Bader is being shown on expensive cable networks in most countries there are a few countries showing the event completely for free.

These are restricted to viewing from within their country but by using a VPN app you can unblock these official live streams of Bellator 214 and watch anywhere in the world.

The benefit of this is you get to watch a good quality stream of the fight without buffering and it’s a completely legal stream, not some sketchy website that will fill your device full of viruses.

For this you’ll need a VPN app. I recommend using ExpressVPN but there are a few others that work well. My top 3 VPN choices to watch Bellator 214 are:

  1. ExpressVPN – Highly recommended
  2. NordVPN
  3. VyprVPN

A VPN service will cost you a couple of dollars but it’s still much cheaper than going to Bellator 214 or even the PPV price charged by most networks.

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Step 2: Sign up and download the app

You need to sign up to one of the three VPN services above. It doesn’t matter which.

Follow the steps below to do this and to download their app. In my example, I’m using ExpressVPN.

  1. Visit the ExpressVPN website by clicking here and sign up for their service.
  2. Download their app for your device from the ‘Products’ section of their website.
  3. Open the app and login with the account details you created when signing up.
  4. Press the ‘Choose Location‘ button.
  5. Then press ‘All‘, ‘Europe‘ and then press ‘Russia‘.
  6. Press ‘Connect‘ or wait for the app to connect automatically.
  7. Once connected visit the MatchTV website.
ExpressVPN Russia

Watch Bellator 214 for free anywhere using ExpressVPN.

Step 3: Sit back and enjoy Bellator 214 live

Now you’re connected to the VPN app you can watch the entire Bader vs Fedor fight live.

Boxing Russia Steps

As well as watching the Fedor Emelianenko vs Ryan Bader fight you’ll also be able to watch a selection of the others fights taking place at the event.

Don’t forget MatchTV is a completely legit overseas stream of the fight. You won’t be bombarded with sketchy pop-ups or asked to click any weird links like on those illegal streams.

When is Bellator 214: Bader vs Fedor shown on TV?

Bader vs Fedor takes place on Saturday, 26th January 2019.

Live coverage will start from 6 pm local time in California, United States which is 2 am on Sunday 27th in the UK and 3 am in mainland Europe.

If you need to work out the correct time in your timezone then use a website such as The Time Zone Converter entering California and 6 pm to find out the time near you.

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How did the finalists get here?

Both Bader and Fedor won their Bellator 207 and 208 fights respectively to advance to the heavyweight final.

Bader ripped his opponent apart in his headline fight against Matt Mitrione.

Feder who also headlined his Bellator 208 fight took a first-round TKO against Chael Sonnen to secure his place in the final.

Fighter stats

Russian, Fedor Emelianenko currently has a 38-5-0 record with American, Ryan Bader holding a 26-5-0 record.

Feder stands at 6’0″ tall with Bader slightly taller measuring in at 6’2″.

Fedor is the heavier of the two opponents weighing in at 225 lbs while Bader weighs 205 lbs. Bader is the current light-heavyweight champion and is after adding his second consecutive title.


If you want to watch Bellator 214: Fedor v Bader but you can’t get to the event and you don’t have access to the expensive cable and PPV networks showing it then there is another really cheap way to watch.

The event is being shown free overseas and by using a VPN app from ExpressVPN you can tap into that free stream and watch from anywhere in the world.

This is a completely legitimate stream from another country. Once you’ve signed up to ExpressVPN download their app and connect to Russia.

You can then watch the entire Bellator 214 live on MatchTV in any country.

Watch Bellator 214 with ExpressVPN

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