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If you are a resident of China, or merely visiting for a short break, you will find that certain websites will be unavailable to you.

One of which is the BBC and its online streaming service BBC iPlayer.

In this article, I will be showing you precisely what you need to unlock BBC iPlayer bypassing any regional restrictions that are in place.

You will be streaming all of your favourite BBC shows in a matter of minutes.

The tools you are going to need

Unlocking BBC iPlayer can be achieved by using a simple app called a VPN.

A VPN will allow you to connect to the internet through a server located in another location. By re-routing your internet through another region, you will bypass the restrictions put in place by China.

As it stands, BBC iPlayer is blocked outside of the UK, which is terrible news for those who are abroad wishing to access the BBC’s content.

Not only is the BBC blocked outside of the UK, but western services are blocked all over China, which is far from ideal.

You will find a whole host of websites and services that are available throughout the world will be inaccessible to you without some help. Things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and outside of social media, news sites and much more, the BBC iPlayer included.

In my eyes, there is one VPN that holds its place at the top, that is ExpressVPN and below I’ll show you exactly how to use it.

30-day money back guarantee

Step-by-step to unlock the BBC

To access BBC iPlayer and other blocked content, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the ExpressVPN website, followed by clicking the link “Get ExpressVPN“. Next, select what length of subscription you require and enter your email address.
  2. After this, choose a payment method such as Visa, Debit, PayPal, etc. And then enter your payment details, confirming your purchase by clicking “Join Now“.
  3. Congratulations, you now have access to ExpressVPN. All you need to do now is download the app from the website, or your devices app store and install it.
  4. Once the app is installed, log in using your email address and password or the activation code.
  5. Then from the location list, select United Kingdom and tap Connect.
  6. Lastly, visit the BBC website/open the BBC iPlayer app. You’ll now have access to all of your favourite British content. Enjoy watching.
ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Unlock BBC content in China using ExpressVPN

30-day money back guarantee

Alternative VPN services

While ExpressVPN offers the fastest connection speeds around and has a solid offering of over 3000 servers for you to connect to worldwide, there are other alternatives to using their service that you should check out.

CyberGhost VPN offers an excellent service with fast connection speeds and the ability to connect up to 7 devices simultaneously. They also provide one of the most competitive prices on the market (Check out their 3-year plan, it is staggeringly good).

If that doesn’t float your boat, you can always check out Surfshark VPN.

Not only do Surfshark VPN have a pretty cool name, but their service is pretty cool too.

They have a whitelister feature that will allow you to exclude certain apps from running through the VPN. This is extremely useful when connecting to local banking apps or printers/hardware on your home network.

If that wasn’t enough, you can connect an unlimited amount of devices, so you’ll be able to relax knowing all of your devices are secure.

By picking one of the above VPNs, you really can’t go wrong. But at the end of the day, the choice is yours, I can only give my expert opinion on the matter.

What can I watch on the BBC?

BBC Television service has been around for 84 years and in that time they have produced some brilliant TV content and there is no sign of them slowing down.

BBC iPlayer is a collection of the channels most recent and most popular productions. You will find over 146 programmes available to you from 12 different channels, such as BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3, BBC 4, CBBC, CBeebies, S4C, and several others.

So what kind of TV shows are on iPlayer?

The selection is pretty great in my opinion.

One of the most popular TV series of all time Doctor Who is currently available on iPlayer, and if you are a fan of the time lord himself you will find 167 episodes (and counting) that you can binge-watch at will.

There are also dramas such as Normal People, The Luminaries, and I May Destroy You. Along with Match Of The Day for all of you football fans.

Reality TV shows such as The Great British Sewing Bee and Ru Paul’s Drag Race are also available at the click of a button.


Due to China’s heavy censorship, many websites are unavailable to you unless you find a way to bypass the restrictions.

By using a VPN, you will be able to unblock services such as BBC iPlayer and watch all of your favorite BBC TV shows such as Doctor Who, Eastenders, and Match Of The Day with little to no effort.

One of the best VPNs out there is ExpressVPN, they are very reliable and have an excellent track record. Other services such as CyberGhost VPN and Surfshark VPN are also excellent choices if you want to shop around.

If you are residing in China, then you should seriously consider using a VPN. Not only to access blocked websites and content but for your data’s security. The last thing you need is somebody snooping on your internet activity.

Get your VPN now, they are a commodity in today’s society so don’t miss out.

Let’s get watching!

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