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Astro Go is one of the best online streaming services in Malaysia but if you try to watch outside the country you’re blocked.

In this guide I’ll show you the quick steps which will allow you to unblock Astro Go and watch outside Malaysia from any country in the world.

If you’ve already visited the Astro Go website or used their app outside Malaysia then you’ll know you can’t watch any of the shows apart from ones you’ve previously downloaded.

However, by using a VPN app you can pretend you’re in Malaysia and watch Astro Go in any country. I’ve been using Surfshark because I find them to work the best but there are others.

Below I’ll show you where to get a VPN and how to use it to watch Astro Go outside Malaysia.

What you’ll need to watch Astro Go overseas

To watch Astro Go outside Malaysia you’ll need to get yourself a VPN app. Otherwise, you’ll see a message like this:

“You seem to be in a location where Astro GO is not available. You can still, however, watch all your downloaded content.”

VPN apps are sold by hundreds of different companies around the world and all do much the same thing. They first protect your privacy but second allow you to disguise your location.

So if you’re in Indonesia, for example, you can use a VPN app to pretend you’re in Malaysia. This will allow you to unblock Astro Go.

The best feature of all is it works in any country. So it doesn’t matter if you’re in Australia, Thailand, America or anywhere else as it’ll still work.

I’ve been using Surfshark to unblock Astro Go because they’re actually the only service that works these days.

There are other providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN but these no longer work.

They’ve also got a 30-day money back guarantee just in case you can’t get it working and they offer some of the cheapest prices around.

It’s well worth considering the 12-month package if you’re going to be out of Malaysia for over 6 months as you’ll make the largest savings.

When you’ve signed up to one of the above providers follow the steps below to watch Astro Go.

30-day money back guarantee

How to watch Astro Go outside Malaysia

By now you should have signed up to one of the three providers above.

Now you’re signed up you’ll need to get their app for your device which will let you watch Astro Go outside Malaysia. Follow the steps below to do just this.

Oh, and if you’ve already signed up, skip step 1.

How to watch Astro Go outside Malaysia:

  1. Visit Surfshark by clicking here, choose a subscription length and sign up for their service.
  2. Go to the ‘Apps’ section of their website and download their app for your device. They support Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS and others.
  3. Open the app and when it requests login or activate it.
  4. Then press Locations.
  5. Search for Malaysia.
  6. Click on Malaysia to get connected.
Surfshark Malaysia

Unblock Astro Go with Surfshark.

Now you’re connected to Surfshark all you need to do is visit the Astro Go website or open their app.

Rather than being blocked from watching videos you’ll be able to watch them as if you were in Malaysia.

When you finish watching Astro Go you can disconnect from the VPN app and everything returns to normal. There are no limits or restrictions on how much you can watch or how many times you can connect during your subscription period.

30-day money back guarantee

How does the VPN even work?

You may be surprised how easy it is to watch Astro Go outside Malaysia so are wondering how the VPN even works?

It’s actually a really simple process.

A VPN is intended to protect your online privacy and one of the features is by letting you disguise your location. This lets you pretend you’re in another country.

Usually when you visit the Astro Go website or use their app your request goes straight to their service and it’s easy for them to block you for being outside the country.

With a VPN your request is first sent to Malaysia and then on to the Astro Go service. Astro Go see a request from Malaysia only so don’t block you. The VPN then pass the videos and data back to you wherever you are in the world.

All this sounds complicated but the VPN app handles it all and you won’t even notice it happening.

Recap: How to watch Astro Go outside Malaysia

So you want to watch Astro Go outside Malaysia? For this you’ll need 2 things:

1) A VPN from Surfshark.

2) A computer, laptop, tablet or phone to watch on.

You can get Surfshark by clicking the button below and sign up for their service.

Once you’ve signed up download their app and connect to Malaysia as detailed in the steps above. Now you’re connected you can watch Astro Go outside Malaysia from anywhere in the world.

Watch Astro Go with Surfshark

Easy set up 30-day money back guarantee Save 49%

93% of readers chose this option

Where have you been watching Astro Go from and what’s your favourite show? I would love to know so why not let me know in the comments section below.

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38 Responses

  1. Avatar MF says:

    Hi Chris, my VPN is still having disconnection. May I know where to change the VPN protocol in the Settings -> Advanced area? Seems cant find it

  2. Avatar MF says:

    Thanks Chris for the update. Is the Surfshark VPN quite stable to access Astro Go? Since I’ve subscribed to Express VPN & they cant resolve the issue, I hope will get refund.

    • Chris Chris says:

      Hi MF!

      They’re a stable service, streaming seems good. However, how this will be into the future, it’s impossible to say.

      For the security of your money it’s best to pay on a monthly basis only, although this is an expensive route. The yearly package is very cheap and it has a 30-day money back guarantee, but again, it’s a risk if it stops working after the first month.

      • Avatar MF says:

        Thanks Chris for the update. Will subscribe to Surfshark on monthly basis.

        • Chris Chris says:

          Hi MF,

          Drop us an email using the contact form and I’ll get you a 1-month free trial to test it.

          • Avatar MF says:

            Hi Chris, below is my email address (m**_****@*****.com). Thanks!

          • Chris Chris says:

            Have sent you an email, check your spam also 🙂

          • Avatar MF says:

            Hi Chris, would like to check with you in regards to Surfshark. Do you face connectivity issues when you connect VPN – MY / USA / other countries? Do you faced any disconnection after a few minutes?

          • Chris Chris says:

            No, the connection is quite reliable. Have you tried changing the VPN protocol in the Settings -> Advanced area? Some may work better for your connection.

            Alternatively pop Surfshark a message as it shouldn’t be the case and they should be able to help you fix that.

  3. Avatar MF says:

    I am using Express VPN to access Astro Go until recently unable to. Can suggest/recommend if any other VPN services can access Astro GO? Thanks!

  4. Avatar Schuan says:

    I am using OVPN and set up for Malaysian VPN . However, the Astro apps said “Playback error – You seem to be on a VPN or Proxy. Please disable these and try again.”

  5. Avatar H K Goh says:

    I should have read the comments before I subscribes. Astro can now detect the ExpressVPN and prevent access. Sign needs to ask for my money back? Any other thoughts Chris?

    • Chris Chris says:

      Hi H K,

      Sorry, we’ll make a note in the guide to highlight the fact it’s not working at the moment. Unfortunately we still don’t have access to an account we can test anymore. If we can borrow your account for 24 hours we can test over 20 VPNs to see which work with Astro Go. Get in touch!

  6. Avatar Norah says:

    The VPN is not working. Is there anyway I can get my money back?

  7. Avatar Johnny Depp Chan says:

    Yes Astro Go blocked it since November. They upped their game. I cant watch it anymore. 🙁

    • Chris Chris says:

      We’re still trying to get hold of a test account as we have over 20 different VPN services we can test. If you know someone who can help, drop us a line.

    • Avatar Yee says:

      Can anyone confirm if ExpressVPN work for Astro on The Go before I start to subscribe VPN? Would it mean that having a Android TV Box is better option now?

      • Chris Chris says:

        Hi Yee,

        Unfortunately latest reports suggest it doesn’t work. Although we haven’t been able to test recently because of no account access. ExpressVPN does have a 30-day money back guarantee though if it’s not working. Or if someone can temporarily lend us their account details we can check if it’s working.

        • Avatar Raymondlam says:

          Don’t use NORDVPN it doesn’t work accessing Astro on the go and SlingTv to name a few. I have signed up with them on Jan 24 and when I can’t access it and approached them, they gave the the run-around until my 30 days is up and now they told me I can’t cancel! Paid 107 and subscribed to them for 3 years!! They may be cheap, but ended up costing more and is useless.

          • Chris Chris says:

            Hi Raymond,

            Thanks for the heads-up. We’re going to contact NordVPN on your behalf and see if we can get this resolved.

  8. Avatar jimmy says:

    unfortunately astro has upped its game. I have on subscription 3 vpns and they are all not working. I think the problem is these vpn providers dont have enough servers in Malaysia so Astro can simply block those IP addresses. Even VPN Express which has the most dynamic servers are being blocked.

  9. Avatar Kai Hwai says:

    same thing happened here… Astro on the go stepped up their game and now can detect VPN there any way we can bypass that ? i bought a half year ExpressVPN usage man…

    • Chris Chris says:

      Still trying to get hold of a test account to try a few things if someone can lend us a hand drop us a message via the contact section.

  10. Avatar Marx says:

    I use express vpn. Doesn’t work anymore. Does it work for you?

  11. Avatar Holy fingerer says:

    Vpn is not working for astro on the go anymore, any alternative?

  12. Avatar Tan says:

    Hi Chris,

    I have encountered the same problem as mentioned by Zack recently. It was doing well all this while until last weekend.

    by the way, I am using a Samsung Note 8.


    • Chris Chris says:

      What VPN services are we all using? Also does someone have an account we could borrow for a few hours to try a few different things and different providers.

  13. Avatar zack kasem says:

    hi chris
    thanks for your info
    i have been using express vpn but recently astro detect the vpn setting
    and error message appears – do disable vpn or proxy and try again
    appreciate if you can help …….

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