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If you’re an Aussie football fan but you’re outside the country then your options for watching the A League matches are really limited.

Unlike some of the more popular leagues like the EPL or La Liga, it’s really difficult to find good quality streams of the A League games.

In this guide I’ll be showing you the best and most reliable way to watch A League overseas outside Australia. Best of all it doesn’t involve heading to any of those sketchy websites that leave you desperately trying to close those questionable porn pop-ups.

For this you’ll need just a few minutes of your time and a completely beginner-friendly app called a ‘VPN’. So let’s find out how you can watch A League overseas.

Where can I watch A-League

The best way to watch A League matches without paying is on the TenPlay website.

Although they don’t show all the games they do show a good selection of the best which means you can watch for free without paying a cent.

You’ll need a VPN app to unblock the TenPlay website and watch A League overseas so let’s find out where you can get one of those.

If you’ve got a subscription to a service that shows the rest of the games like Fox Sports, Telstra or the MyFootball Live app you can use the same VPN to unblock these too and watch outside Australia.

Where to get a VPN app

VPN apps are sold by a whole host of different companies and will set you back a couple of dollars per month.

Not all work with TenPlay and if you’re like me you haven’t got hours to be searching through 100’s.

The good news for you is I’ve tested them for you to save you the trouble. My recommendation is to sign up for ExpressVPN although there are some other good choices that’ll let you watch the football action in the country you’re in.

If you’ve got a few minutes to check out a few different choices then consider these:

  1. ExpressVPN – Recommended
  2. IPVanish
  3. CyberGhost VPN

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How to use the VPN to watch A League overseas

You’ll need to sign up for one of the VPN apps above and download it to unblock and watch A League outside Australia.

Just follow the steps below to do just that and you can be watching the likes of Sydney FC, Melbourne City, Newcastle Jets or whoever your team is in minutes.

I’m using my favourite VPN, ExpressVPN, in this example but you can adapt these steps for most VPN apps.

How to watch A League overseas:

  1. Visit the ExpressVPN website by clicking here and sign up. Their 12-month package works out 49% cheaper so it’s well worth considering.
  2. Once you’ve signed up download their app. You can either search your usual app store for ‘ExpressVPN’ or download it from the Products section of the ExpressVPN website.
  3. Open the app and login. Use the account details you created when you signed up.
  4. Press ‘Choose Location‘ (1).
  5. Next press ‘All‘ (2), ‘Asia Pacific‘ (3) and finally press ‘Australia‘ (4).
  6. Press ‘Connect‘ (5) or wait for the app to connect automatically.
  7. Once connected go to the TenPlay website or use their app to watch A League live.
ExpressVPN Australia

Watch A-League overseas using ExpressVPN.

As you’re connected to the VPN app the TenPlay website or app thinks you’re in Australia which means you can watch the A League matches anywhere in the world.

Don’t forget if you’ve got a subscription to another service showing the games that aren’t on TenPlay then you can also use the VPN to unblock those too.

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What countries can I watch A League in

With a VPN app you can watch A League anywhere in the world.

So that means you can watch A League games in America, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia or anywhere else.

You really aren’t restricted to where you can watch the games from as long as you’ve got an internet connection strong enough to stream video.

What devices can I watch the A League on

ExpressVPN and most other VPN apps from the likes of IPVanish and CyberGhost VPN work on all kinds of devices.

Whatever device you would usually watch TenPlay or your subscription service for A League will be possible to watch when using a VPN overseas.

So if you’re outside Australia you can watch on a tablet, phone, laptop, regular computer and a whole lot of other devices too.

In Summary: How to watch A League overseas

To watch A League outside Australia you’ll need two things:

  1. A VPN from ExpressVPN.
  2. A tablet, phone, laptop, computer or other device to watch on.

The process is easy. Sign up for ExpressVPN and download their app.

Then connect to Australia. Once you’re connected you can watch A League overseas on TenPlay, Telstra, Fox Sports, MyFootball Live app or any other subscription service you have access to.

Who is your favourite A League team and who do you think will win the season this year? I would love to know so drop me a comment in the section below.

Watch A League overseas with ExpressVPN

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