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Historical anime is a relatively small niche in the anime market, but it’s quickly growing thanks to shows like Vinland Saga.

Even though the show has a growing popularity worldwide, it’s difficult to watch online, especially if you live in the UK, the US, Canada, or other Western countries.

You’ve probably been wondering, “Is Vinland Saga on Netflix?”

In this article, I’ll answer this question and show you how to watch Vinland Saga on Netflix no matter where you are.

Can I watch Vinland Saga on Netflix?

It sure is, but you’ll need to have access to the Japanese Netflix library.

Usually, you’d have to travel to Japan to access their Netflix content, but fortunately, I can help you out.

How do I watch Vinland Saga anywhere?

To watch Vinland Saga anywhere, you’ll need to use a VPN app.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a simple to use online security tool which can also be used to make websites and apps such as Netflix think you’re in another country, giving you access to regional content.

It does this little trick by allowing you to change your location virtually; this makes websites believe you’re in another country of your choosing, e.g. Japan, so that you can unblock Vinland Saga from anywhere.

Where to get a VPN?

You find many VPNs by having a quick Google search; however, you’ll receive a mix of the good, bad, and the damn right ugly.

To save you the hassle, I’ve tested all of the best VPNs around and have found the three below to be your best options for unblocking Vinland Saga on Netflix.

  1. ExpressVPN – #1 Recommended!
  2. NordVPN
  3. Surfshark VPN

ExpressVPN comes out on top as its connection speeds are unrivalled and give you everything you need to stream Vinland Saga and other video content in high definition.

I love ExpressVPN’s app; it’s simple, intuitive, and requires no complicated setup.

It’s available on almost every device ranging from iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Amazon Firestick, Linux, Routers and more.

All three services mentioned above come with a solid 30-day money-back guarantee which I’ve tested, and each company refunded the cost of the subscription right away. Your investment is virtually risk-free.

I recommend ExpressVPN but you’re free to choose.

30-day money back guarantee

How to watch Vinland Saga on Netflix

In this step by step, you’ll discover how to unblock Vinland Saga on Netflix in under 5 minutes.

I’ve used ExpressVPN for demonstration purposes, but the steps are similar for all VPN providers.

Step 1

Head on over to the ExpressVPN site and sign up for one of their three VPN subscription packages.

I’m a massive fan of their 12-month package as it offers a killer deal giving you three months FREE and a whopping discount of 49% off.

Step 2

Open your device’s app store, download the ExpressVPN app, and log in using your email and password. You can also find the app on the ExpressVPN site.

Step 3

Click ‘Selected Location‘, find and choose Japan, then hit the Connect button.

ExpressVPN connecting to Japan

Watch loads of extra Anime using ExpressVPN.

Step 4

Head to Netflix (either on your web browser or open the app) and log into your Netflix account.

Step 5

Search for Vinland Saga and start watching the show anywhere without restriction.

30-day money back guarantee

What’s Vinland Saga all about?

Set in 1013 AD England, Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard has spent his years conquering most of the country. As he nears death due to old age, his two sons, Prince Harald and Canute, argue over who shall succeed him.

The story combines the dramatic story of King Cnut the Great’s rise to power with a revenge plot of the legendary historical explorer Thorfinn.

However, there’s more to the story than just two princes arguing over power. There’s a whole list of Danes and Viking commanders seeking to claim power.

With plenty of twists, turns, and a hell of a lot of backstabbing, the show leaves you with plenty to think about.

The popular Japanese historical manga series is written and illustrated by the popular Makoto Yukimura and is aimed toward young adult men.

One anime fan gave the show 10/10 and said, “Are you interested in Vikings and Norse mythology? Do you want stunning animated action scenes? Good world-building? Great character development? If so, then wait no more as you are bound to enjoy this series.” (Source).

Who stars in Vinland Saga?

While the original is in Japanese, the following stars have voiced the English dubbed version.

Kellen Goff

Born in California, USA, this young voice actor has the Anime world at his feet. He’s starred in many movies, video games, and TV shows throughout his career which he began at just four years old.

Since then, he’s starred in a ridiculous amount of productions; where does he get the time?

Some of Kellen’s best-known works are League Of Legends, Zombie Viking, Ghost Squad, Silver Crisis, Pokemon The Bridged Series, Berserk, The Break, Black Spot, One Punch Man, No Guns For Life, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, and The Last Of Us: Part II.

Ben Diskin

Diskin has over 30 years of voice acting experience and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. He’s voiced many characters in anime, video games, and western animated shows/movies.

One of his most recognisable roles is that of Eugene in Hey Arnold! And Codname: Kids Next Door’s Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 2.

He’s starred in many other TV shows and movies such as Kindergarten Cop, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Erased, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Young Justice, Record Of Ragnarok, Wasteland 3, Aggretsuko, Ninjala, Beastars, The Seven Deadly Sins, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, Spider-Man, Pokemon Masters, and Code Vein.

Fun fact: He once won a Rizzo award for his role as Gonzo in Disney’s Muppets Babies.

Keith Silverstein

This New Jersey-born actor is best known for his role on Genshin Impact (2020) and 2016’s hit video game Overwatch.

However, he’s also starred in many other TV shows, movies, and video games.

Some of the most popular are Genshin Impact, Hunter x Hunter, Final Faction, Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Shaman King, Pokemon, Nerf: Legends, Lego Friends: Girls On A Mission, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, Star Wars: Squadrons, Wasteland 3, and Dragon’s Dogma.


Vinland Saga is available to watch on the Japanese Netflix library, but you’ll only be able to access the show if you meet one of these requirements:

  1. You’re in Japan.
  2. You are using a VPN such as ExpressVPN.

By using ExpressVPN, you can unblock Vinland Saga on Netflix with the click of a button and watch in any country. It’s super simple and takes no time at all.

No sacrifices to the Norse Gods needed, just a VPN subscription.

Follow the step by step guide above and gain access to Vinland Saga on Netflix.


Quick to set up

Money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

ExpressVPN interface with offer

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