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If you’ve ended up on this page because you want to use an Amazon Fire TV Stick (or Fire TV / Fire TV Cube) in France then this is the guide for you.

In this guide I’ll be showing you the super easy (yes, beginner friendly!) way you can use your Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Cube in France.

While the Amazon Fire TV devices are cool and France is beautiful, put them together and they don’t work well at all.

You see, the Fire TV Stick or any of the other Fire TV devices aren’t actually officially available in France which means most of the apps you’ll use on a regular basis are blocked.

The great news is there’s a super simple way to fix that and below I’ll be showing you how.

So if you’re an NBC app watcher from America, an iPlayer app watcher from the UK, a SonyLiv watcher from India or any other kind of Fire TV device user then read on.

Can I use the Amazon Fire TV Stick in France?

Yes, yes and yes. However, if you turn up in France with a Fire TV, Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Cube from another country or you order one online and have it sent to you in France then it won’t work out of the box.

Almost all the apps you’ll want to use are blocked.

To use your Fire TV Stick, Fire TV or Fire Cube in France you’ll need the help of a VPN app.

A VPN app lets you disguise your real location and make it look like you’re somewhere else.

So if you’ve got a UK Fire TV Stick for example and you’re trying to watch BBC iPlayer you’ll find its blocked in France. However, when you use a VPN app you can pretend you’re still in the UK which unblocks BBC iPlayer.

This works for almost all apps on the Fire TV devices and for any country. So it doesn’t matter if you’ve got an American, British, Indian Fire TV device or one from any other country, they all work in France when using a VPN.

So where can you get a VPN app?

Where do I get a VPN for the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

VPN apps are really popular for unblocking TV content these days. This means there are many available these days.

It’s really important to know that not all VPN apps work with the Fire TV, Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Cube. In fact, 90% don’t work.

There are however a couple of great services that have dedicated VPN apps for the Fire TV devices and after some careful testing, we found the following three worked the best.

Our three recommended VPN apps for the Fire TV in France are:

  1. ExpressVPN – Other readers recommend this + 30 day money back guarantee
  2. NordVPN
  3. IPVanish

Now all you need to do is choose one of the three above. You can’t make a mistake because they all work well, so just choose the one you like the sound of the most.

I found ExpressVPN to be a little easier to use and really liked their app so that would be my recommendation.

A VPN service will cost you a few dollars per month. If you’re going to be in France for more than a couple of weeks it’s worth signing up for 12-months because most services are a lot cheaper when doing so.

For example, ExpressVPN is 49% cheaper when you take their 12-month package than if you pay per month.

How do I use the VPN with my Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Now you’ve signed up for one of the three VPN services above you’ll need to download their app.

Switch on your Amazon Fire TV Stick (or Fire TV / Fire TV Cube) and on the top menu locate the ‘Search‘ button (it’s the magnifying glass icon).

In the search box start typing ‘ExpressVPN‘ or the name of the service you signed up for until you see it appear.

Then scroll down and click on the name.

Click on ‘Download‘, ‘Get‘ or ‘Install‘ depending on what it says to download and install the app.

The app will start to download and when installed, alert you. Press the ‘Home‘ button on your Fire TV device’s remote control.

ExpressVPN Firestick

Now press on the new ‘ExpressVPN‘ icon you see on your main screen.

When the app opens you’ll need to login or activate it if it’s your first time using it. These are the same details you used when signing up.

Then press on ‘Choose Location‘. You should now select your home country, the country you purchased your Fire TV device in or the country of the app you’re trying to watch.

The app will take a few seconds to connect. Once it’s connected press the ‘Home‘ button. You can now use all your favourite apps in France like normal.

What apps can I use in France?

Almost all apps will work once you’re connected to the VPN service.

For example, you can watch different regions of Netflix with your regular Netflix account. The best is the American Netflix site because it has the most content. Simply connect to America on the ExpressVPN app.

You can also use other apps like NBC Sports, ITV Hub, TV Player, SonyLiv and others.

Some such as BBC iPlayer will require you to visit their direct website using a Fire TV web-browser. For this using the built-in Silk Browser (also known as ‘Internet’) or FireFox is the best.

It’s unfortunately impossible to unblock different regions of Amazon Prime.

In Summary: Can I use the Amazon Fire TV Stick in France

You can use the Amazon Fire TV Stick in France but for this, you’ll need to get an additional app called a ‘VPN‘.

You can get our recommended VPN app for doing this by clicking the button below.

Sign up for their service and then download their app on to your Fire TV, Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube. Then connect to the country your Fire TV device is from.

You’ll now be able to unblock the majority of apps and services.

We would love to hear what your favourite app is on the Fire TV Stick, so why not let us know in the comments below?

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