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If you’re wondering if you can use an Amazon Fire Stick in Spain then this guide is for you. We’re going to answer that question and show you the beginner-friendly way how it’s possible.

The Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV devices are excellent, however, they’re not officially available in Spain.

Don’t let that stop you though. If you’ve managed to get your hands on a Fire Stick or Fire TV in Spain or you’ve brought one with you from another country then you may notice most of the features don’t work.

If you’re trying to play apps from your home country like BBC from the UK, NBC from the US or Netflix from another country then you’ll find yourself blocked.

The good news is you can unlock most of this Fire Stick content in Spain and below we’ll show you how.

Can I use an Amazon Fire Stick in Spain?

Yes, you can use an Amazon Fire Stick in Spain.

To do this you’re going to need the help of an additional app on your Fire Stick or Fire TV called a VPN.

A VPN works by disguising the location you’re in. Take for example you’re in Spain but you want to watch the BBC from the UK.

The BBC is restricted to watching from within the UK only. If you try to watch in Spain you’re blocked from viewing. A VPN lets you change your online location so it appears as if you are in the UK even though you’re still in Spain.

Due to it now looking like you’re in the UK the BBC will let you watch any of their shows on their Amazon app.

The same goes for Netflix, NBC, Sky, Foxtel and many other apps from around the world.

So how do you go about getting a VPN and what’s the best one to use? Well, let’s find out.

Where to get a VPN for the Fire Stick

There are hundreds of companies that offer VPN services, in fact, thousands. Not all are suitable for the Fire Stick unfortunately so it can be a bit of a minefield searching for a suitable option.

After some research we’ve found three VPN services that offer dedicated Amazon apps making using on your Fire Stick effortless.

Our three recommended VPN providers are:

  1. ExpressVPN – Reader’s Favourite with 30-day money back guarantee
  2. IPVanish
  3. CyberGhost VPN

All you have to do is choose one of the three providers above. We recommend ExpressVPN because we found them the easiest to use and their Amazon app is simple to navigate.

Click on one of the provider’s names above to visit their website and sign-up to their service.

A VPN will set you back a couple of US dollars per month and the longer you subscribe for the cheaper it becomes. If you’re planning on being in Spain for a while then it’s definitely worthwhile signing up for a longer period and making a bigger saving.

How to use the VPN with the Fire Stick

Once you’ve signed up head over to your Fire Stick or Fire TV and go to the Amazon app store.

Search for the name of the VPN service you signed up for, for example, use the search option to search ExpressVPN.

Install the app on your Fire Stick or Fire TV and then click on it to launch the app.

Login with the account details you created when you signed up to the VPN provider. Next, choose the country of your home country or of the services you wish to access.

For example, if you’re trying to watch the BBC* from the UK then you would select United Kingdom on the ExpressVPN app. Then press the Connect button.

It takes between 15 – 30 seconds for the app to connect. Once it’s connected you can use any of the apps as if you were in the country you connected to.

*To watch BBC iPlayer you will need to use the Internet (Silk Browser) app and visit the iPlayer website directly. You can not use the app. All other apps work directly.

Recap: Can I use an Amazon Fire Stick in Spain

It’s possible to use many of the Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV services in Spain but to do so you’ll need an additional app called a VPN.

You can get a VPN from our recommended provider by clicking the button below. Install the app on your device and then connect to the country of your Amazon account. You can then use the Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV as if you are in the country you connected to.

You may find some features still don’t work but the majority should.


32 Responses

  1. Raj says:

    Hi Chris

    My partner has a Movistar+ subscription and we can see the satellite box tv fine in the UK. Unfortunately, the app is no longer accessible from our tv (assume due to brexit).

    To get the Movistar+ app on our upstairs tv in the UK could you advise on best approach (or something better please):

    1. Buy Spanish firestick. Whilst in Spain I download Movistar+ app and VPN and point vpn to Spanish Server. Bring firestick to UK and it should pick up the movistar+ ok?

    2. Buy Spanish firestick and wait until i get to UK, then get VPN app, point to Spanish server. Download Movistar+ app and log on

    3. Buy UK firestick, download VPN app, point to Spanish server. Download Movistar+ app and log on.

    Assuming #1 would be the best approach?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Raj,

      Much depends where you are now and what would be easier for you. All three options you list would work.

      The least messy would be, number 1. You buy the Spanish firestick, download the app in Spain, bring it to the UK, buy a VPN, point to Spanish server and watch.

      Number 3 _should_ also be fine. But you would need to change your Amazon content region to download the app on your Amazon account, see this article for more details on that:

      The only caveat on any option is if the VPN will unblock Movistar. ExpressVPN should work but I would subscribe in the UK and take advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee just on the off-chance they don’t. You would then be able to try a few of the other providers and hopefully find one that works.

      Let me know how you get on or if you have any other questions.

      • Alberto says:

        Hi Chris,
        When I have problems getting an app that does not appear in another country I just google the original APK file and I install it. You can do that with the downloader app on your TV or Fire TV. Then you can get search for Movistar App APK and then install it. My problem now is the other way around, we moved to Spain and my Fire TV is recognized as I am in England although I have changed country in my amazon account, so I cannot watch the new HBO Max because it thinks I am in England. When I reset the Fire TV stick, I always have to activate it through the Amazon UK website. I am not being able to get the Spanish TV channels either although I have configured the TV as if it was bought in Spain. It is a nightmare when you change countries.

        • Chris says:

          Hi Alberto,

          In your situation that does sound like a bit of hassle.

          Have you had a look in the “Manage Your Content and Devices” and “Preferences” where you can change your region. Sometimes it differs from where your actual account is registered.

  2. Jill says:

    Hi Chris,
    Yes I have Dowloaded Express VPN onto the system, I downloaded app on tv whilst on Firestick and connected that way.
    No we are not remote, we are small community with satellite dish which is behind our apartment. We get a good signal (fibre optica 600M) I connected to the 5G one, haven’t tried other.
    The WiFi box and router is next to the tv.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Jill,

      Hmm. Everything sounds as it should. 5Ghz is the best one if the router is near, which as you say, it is.

      Two things to try:

      1) Try the 2.4ghz Wi-fi network then connect to ExpressVPN and see (this is unlikely to change anything, but worth testing)
      2) Have you tried using different cities in the UK? They offer Docklands, East London, London and Wembley. It’s worth testing each as one is likely to perform better than the others for you.

      When you say “WiFi box” and “router”, are these two separate devices? Or just one box.

      • Jill says:

        I tried the 2g and kept dropping signal so back to 5G. The 5G signal on the route flashes constantly is that right?
        The other box is ONT. The tv we bought is LG Nano75. The picture quality is not as good when watching live either.. should be HDR.
        Bear with me not being very technical… I’m 64 and trying hard to understand as I’m determined to try and fix with your help ?

        • Chris says:

          Hi Jill,

          No problem about not being very technical. We’ll try our best to get to the bottom of this 🙂

          I think the first thing to make clear is the TV (and its apps) are separate from the Firestick and its apps. So if you connect by Wire to the TV, this doesn’t change anything on the Firestick, that is still connected by WiFi and the wire doesn’t help in that sense.

          Is the TV an Android TV that you know?

          I think the first place to start is the ExpressVPN app. If you go down to “Selected Location” and click on it, it will open a new menu with countries. Find the UK and you should be able to click right to an “>”. Click this and you should see those different UK locations.

          Try connecting to one, try the live TV and see how it is. Then disconnect and try the next, repeat the process and see if any work better for you.

          I do find live TV when streaming from the internet isn’t as good quality as catch-up. However, this is probably more down to the issue you’re suffering. Somehow a poor speed is leading to a lower quality playback.

      • Jill says:

        It is router and ONT box. I have connected with the Ethernet cable directly, should I change the WiFi settings on my tv to Ethernet now?
        It is still on 5G, 2g didn’t work at all.

        Also I’m unable to change my location on Express vpn to anything other than London Docklands… should I contact Express vpn?

  3. Pauline says:

    Hi there
    I have a fire stick in Great Britain. Which iv brought over to Spain with me . Thinking once connected to my smart tv. I would put my email address in and ready to go . But just a blank screen . I do have and pay for VPN one click. Could u tell me how to get it working thank you . Pauline

    • Chris says:

      Hi Pauline,

      When you say you get a blank screen, you get nothing? No menu or anything else? If that’s the case then there could be an issue with the HDMI port on the TV.

  4. Jill Millen says:

    Hi Chris,
    We are planning to buy a Spanish smart tv next week and I have already bought an Amazon firestick 4k ultra HD model, so do I just need to download a VPN to enable me to find UK channels? Also I have read that Samsung TVs are not compatible and I need an Android tv… is this correct?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Jill,

      If you have the Amazon Firestick, you just need any TV with a HDMI socket, so your Smart TV will be fine.

      Have you bought the Firestick in the UK? If so you’ll be able to install all the UK apps in the UK and then take it with you to Spain.

      Yes, you’ll then need the VPN app on the Firestick so that you can watch those channels/apps in Spain. Let me know if you get stuck.

      • Jill says:

        Thankyou so much.., I wasn’t sure whether to download UK apps first.. glad I asked you as I have just half a day to sort..
        I also been told not to get a Samsung tv (something to do with Google play?) and to look for Android one, do this make any difference ? We not want to watch BBC, ITV channels and our grown up kids when they stay will watch Netflix etc.
        I’m hoping this is going to be a solution…will let you know!

        • Chris says:


          Yes, downloading them in the UK will be easier.

          It doesn’t really matter which TV you get because the Firestick will handle everything. The Firestick apps and the TV apps are two separate things. It would be beneficial to get an Android TV because then you should be able to use the VPN on that also.

          However, it’s not critical because the Firestick works on any TV, lets you use the VPN to unlock the channels and has apps for the channels you want to watch.

          • Jill says:

            Hi Chris,
            Problem has occurred when watching live tv… the streaming buffers but is fine on catch up tv.
            We used to have a satellite lead connect via an old Amstrad sky box although didn’t pay any subscription, this was connected via start to the old tv.
            The new smart tv doesn’t have a scarf socket only a satellite lead one, but inserting this make no difference to the tv.
            I have contacted a local tv company who says we need a free sat and new vpn router which will cost us additional 149 euros without fitting cost and will have to be renewed every 3 years… what do you think?
            Is this the right route to be going down?

          • Chris says:

            Hi Jill,

            Putting the other details aside first, are you using the Firestick with a VPN app?

            How is your internet connection generally? Do you live somewhere remote?

            Are you connecting via Wi-Fi to the Firestick? Is it possible to move closer to the router?

            Also, do you happen to know if you’re connected via 2.4ghz or 5ghz on the Wi-Fi connection?

            I think firstly, there are a few things to try to see if we can sort this out before you spend any further cash.


    If I used Express VPN with an Amazon Firestick, would I be able to access Sky from the UK whilst in SPAIN? I have a Sky account in the UK. I am a novice to this, is it easy to set up. Thanks Ken

    • Chris says:

      Hi Kenneth,

      Unfortunately there is no Sky Go app for the Amazon Firestick.

      You can get one for Android devices, iPads, laptops, computers etc and using ExpressVPN would let you access Sky in Spain on those types of devices.

  6. Paul Murphy says:

    Can I use an Amazon Firestick on my laptop and then “project” on to the tv screen

    • Chris says:

      Hi Paul,

      Unfortunately I’m not 100% sure on that.

      Is there a particular reason as most modern TVs have a HDMI port which would allow the Firestick to plug straight in.

  7. Carla Seaton says:

    Hi Chris, I’m in the UK using firestick and Mobdro recently has stopped streaming saying error data, check connection, when all is fine. I’ve downloaded a few more apps for Spanish TV but none seem to be streaming. Is there an issue with Spanish TV at the moment? Thank you

    • Chris says:

      Hi Carla,

      Do you have a VPN app? If the Spanish apps aren’t streaming it’s most likely they’re restricted for use in Spain only, in which case you would need a VPN app.

      If you do have a VPN app which one are you using and which Spanish TV networks are you trying to watch?

    • Chris says:

      Also as an update, Mobdro has stopped working for all users. The suspicion is, it has gone forever, unless it’s just having problems currently.

  8. Ben Awcock says:

    Hi Chris, a friend of mine bought a Firestick from Media Markt and asked me to set it up for her, as I have helped a few friends with this. I am not having much luck and the layout on the screen is completely different to the UK bought Firesticks I have helped with in the past. Nord VPN is loaded and connected but it is not wanting to play ball. Is the Spain version so different that it will not allow BBC iPlayer to work. I have loaded it using Filelinked, but it really is not liking it and I cannot get the App to appear on the home screen. Any advice – including, throw it in the bin – would be appreciated. Thanks, Ben

    • Chris says:

      Hi Ben,

      That’s odd as it sounds like you’ve done everything correct and know what you’re doing.

      One thing to try is on the Amazon account linked to that Firestick, on a laptop/desktop go to the “Manage Your Content and Devices” section and under “Country/Region Settings” change it to the United Kingdom.

      You _should_ be able to install the iPlayer app directly then, or at the very least the one you installed should work (if you can find it in the apps section).

      Let us know how you get on.

  9. Bernie O'Donovan says:

    Hi Chris, just read your article. I am in Spain and want to buy a Fire TV Stick and get a VPN so I can watch BBC iPlayer etc. Is there any difference between buying a Fire Stick from and Amazon UK (which won’t ship to my Spanish address), ie are they tied to territory or anything? Or am I just being very stupid…?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Bernie,

      There is a slight difference. There’s a possibility you’ll only be able to download Spanish apps. However, by adding a UK address and changing your Amazon region you’ll be able to install UK apps. However, the iPlayer app can be a little hit and miss, so you’ll be able to watch it using a web-browser on the Fire TV Stick, such as Firefox by going to the iPlayer website directly.

      Anything else, let us know.

  10. Scott saul says:

    Hi I also cannot get anything from england also showing rock lands I’m in spain also how I switch it to East London? Thanks

    • Chris says:

      Hi Scott,

      You just need to click on the “Selected Location” button below the connect button. Here you can navigated to the United Kingdom and then to East London. Many of the other UK locations should work too, so just selecting United Kingdom should be suitable.

  11. James McKeown says:

    Hi – I brought a Fire TV stick 2nd generation from the uk. I tried Cyberghost vpn which didn’t fully load. Then tried Expressvpn which loaded and connected to London Docklands. But I could not stream Bbc, Itv or Channel 4 or access Iplayer or itv hub. I did everything according to directions but only Sky news would stream. Is a lock placed on my unit?

    • Chris says:

      Hi James,

      Strange. ITV and Channel 4 should work without a VPN in Spain due to new EU roaming laws. Have you tried them directly without the VPN? For iPlayer you’ll need to use either the ‘Internet’ web browser or download ‘FireFox’ app and navigate to the BBC iPlayer website directly (after connecting to the UK on the VPN). Try choose a different location other than ‘Docklands’ such as their regular ‘London’ one and let us know how you get on.

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